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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
Click On This Photo To View Photos From My Birthday Party & At This Beautiful Paradise On Earth

March 23, 2014

Egor Efiok And NY Keppy Ekpenyong (Authentic Surulere)

Myself and NY are childhood friends. When she posted this photo three years ago on Facebook, I covered my face in 'shame' while planning the perfect revenge! Lol! Well, it has now come in handy, as it gives us the perfect opportunity to jump on the Surulere train. #FollowFollowTinz #VictoriaInyamaOur3rdMusketeerWhereYouAt

This our Surulere photo was actually taken in 1993 at the rave of the time studio in Surulere, Le Fayts (*spell check), and the same year Kepy and NY's first daughter, Inyang, was born.

Two decades later, here we all are still standing strong! That's myself, NY and Inyang with Ibinabo at my birthday party hosted by Dollhouse Lagos in November 2013. #ThankYouLordForLife

Above is Keppy Ekpenyong too, with his wife and daughter. 

This is a nostalgic and 'proud momma' moment for me...we all go back a long way and I babysat this pretty chicka in the middle righ' 'ere! #OriginalSurulere
#GbajumoCrescentAlumnis #BestiesRock #SarewagbaSareSamba

Finally, I must also use this opportunity to commend Keppy, one of Nollywood's originals, for still being able to make an impact after over two decades in the industry. Keppy's fluency in spoken and written English is effortless and that's the first thing about him that stands out. Read Nollywood legend, Uncle Pete Edochie's remarks regarding Kepy's eloquency here. That is a very powerful endorsement and I hope it encourages others to follow suit. Please click here as well to read Keppy's recent interview with Konnect Africa.#KeppyEkpenyongEloquentSpeaker #YemiBlaqEloquentSpeaker #NseCliffordSuleEloquentSpeaker #NollywoodRocks

Happy Sunday!!!

March 08, 2014

Feminine Hygiene: Extensive Tips...The Whole Hog!!! (MUST READ)

Hi guys,

This is the first time I am blogging this year. I have been crazy busy for the past 9 months writing a very important project, and I try not to get distracted when I am in this mode. I am composing a 'Highlights Of 2013' post next in which I will fill you in as much as I can on a few things that I had no time to blog about. I have hardly had time for blogs also, but occasionally glance through some of my favourite ones when I can. I just stumbled across a video that Toke Makinwa made (below) about keeping the vagina healthy and I have mad respect for her for broaching the 'taboo' subject, albeit in a tongue in cheek manner.

This is a very serious topic, so I have decided to take time off my very busy schedule to continue from where Toke stopped and tackle it. I absolutely cannot stand dirty or unhygienic people and never forget my 'encounters' with such people. As embarrassing as this may seem, ladies, this cannot be ignored, so please pay careful attention to my hygiene tips below; I will try to be as detailed as I can. 

(1). The vagina is not supposed to have an offensive odour. If it does, please visit your gynaecologist, for you most likely have an infection. 

(2). Please do not wash your vagina with perfumed soaps, Femme Fresh etc and do not douche; or else you will get Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and although it is not sexually transmitted, it stinks like rotten fish. When using soap to wash your backside and around the vagina etc, be careful not to allow soap into the vagina. Rinse the soap off first, then use water and Aqueous cream to wash your vagina. Aqueous cream is very cheap and can be found in all pharmacies in London...pharmacies in Nigeria should have them too.

(3). First of all, try and form the habit of doing a number two before you have your shower and in your own environment/comfort zone. NEVER EVER do a number two and use dry tissue to wipe and pull your knickers back up and feel like it's all good! Gosh! Wash your bottom very well with soap and water EVERY TIME you do a number two. I don't trust wipes to do the same job; they should only be used in emergency situations and if you're not at home, you shouldn't be comfortable until you go home and wash. If you are in a hurry and don't have time to undress, then sit across your bathtub and use your shower nozzle to wash...the same way you sat on the toilet to do your business...so it shouldn't be that hard.

(4). After peeing, please don't just wipe with dry tissue. After wiping yourself, please wet some tissue with water and wipe again. 

(5). When you're on your period, try and wash every time you change your sanitary pads or at least three times a day...you no need angry craw craw to add to the already annoying 'bloody' discomfort...abi? Ehen!

(6). Shave shave shave...as in korede (gorimakpa)! At least once a month...maybe after your period. Please I beg you, shave! Okay, for people that don't really want to be too clean shaven, trim down very well. Don't mind those freaky men that get turned on by all sorts of unhygienic ish...if he tells you to keep a bush and you smell of stale urine, he will be the same one to poke jibes at you. Sex isn't meant to be dirty IMO, so he can find a villager to fulfil his unhygienic desires.

Now for underarm odours...or as my friend puts it...those that smell dimkpa dimkpa (whatever that means, lol):

(1). The first rule is to always keep your underarms clean shaven.

(2). After you shower, use a good deodorant...I recommend Sure and if you are extra sweaty, use Sure roll on first and when it dries, use Sure spray again. It is very unattractive to have underarm sweat patches and I believe following this particular advice can prevent them.

Finally, to prevent mouth odours:

(1). If you have closed teeth like myself, then you MUST floss everyday or ban meat from your diet if you don't want your mouth to smell like SHIT. Floss before you brush and pass water through your teeth to ensure that no food particles are left.

(2). Scrape your tongue very well until you can even see how clean it looks.

(3). Brush teeth and tongue very well with a good fluoride toothpaste and keep passing water through your teeth as you do so and gargle.

(4). Gargle with a good mouthwash and pass through your teeth.

Don't forget your hair too. Keep it nice, clean and sweet smelling.

If you practice all these hygiene tips and any part of your body emits an offensive odour, conk me ten times wherever you see me! Ehen...now you can go off and buy the most expensive Gucci bags and you will not be yabbed by me...(okay that was a Pinocchio)...erm...NOT! Lol.

Have a nice hygienic weekend all!!! ;) 

May7ven On The Cover Of Chizy's Spysware's 3rd Edition

The latest edition of Chizy's Spyware Magazine has been published, please see details below and share with your readers. Photos of our cover girl as well as the full interview could easily be downloaded from this linkhttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/y8lritpeja360i7/yOWJYaLUAD


UK/ Nigerian Afrobeat artist, May7ven is the cover star on the latest edition of Chizy's Spyware Magazine which was unveiled at an event which took place at Cokobar, London last week. In this edition, May7ven opened up about her personal life, her career, and her experience working with UK Xfactor winner, Alexandra Burke.

Photography: David Olsan
Photo Coordinator: Obiora Ichiebuka 
Dresses: ROOOI
Grey Coat: Reiss
Makeup: Mayowa
Location: Sanderson Hotel

March 02, 2014

Rita Ora 'hooks herself up to a vitamin drip' Ahead Of Making New Music Video

She’s busy making new music videos and has been filming a Hollywood movie.
So it’s unsurprising that Rita Ora was in need of an energy boost.
The star shared an Instagram snap of herself hooked up to a drip with a glum pout and the caption: ‘Getting ready #musicvideotime #oooohhhhhhhyeaaaaaahhhhh’
Preparations: Rita Ora shared a snap of herself connected to a drip with the caption 'Getting ready #musicvideotime #oooohhhhhhhyeaaaaaahhhhh'

Preparations: Rita Ora shared a snap of herself connected to a drip with the caption 'Getting ready #musicvideotime #oooohhhhhhhyeaaaaaahhhhh'
The singer had stepped out in a black and white Opening Ceremony top and black leggings, DKNY hat and also a Moschino cow print backpack as she ran errands in West Hollywood.
Later on, the 23-year-old star later looked glamorous and radiant as she attended the The 1Oak Pre-Oscar Party in LA wearing a long, sheer lace gown with silver stiletto heels.
Rita may have been indulging in the celebrity trend of vitamin drips, which are believed to boost energy levels and give a youthful glow.
Energy boost: Rita shared a snap on Twitter seemingly connected to a vitamin drip
Energy boost: Rita shared a snap on Twitter seemingly connected to a vitamin drip
Last year, the star posted a photo of herself having Vitamin B12 injected into her bottom.
The treatment first hit the headlines a few years ago when Simon Cowell admitted that, following Dannii Minogue’s tip, he has a blend of vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin C and ‘something for your liver’ pumped into his body each week.
He described it as giving him ‘an incredibly warm feeling . . . indescribable but very calming, and then it gives you energy for a good few days afterwards.’
Ethereal: Rita looked stunning in a lace gown as she attended the 1 Oak pre-Oscars party

Ethereal: Rita looked stunning in a lace gown as she attended the 1Oak pre-Oscar party 

Miley Cyrus Shares Lesbian Kisses With TWO Blondes

Brooke Candy, Miley Cyrus, kiss, lesbian

After locking lips with Miss Perry at her gig last week, Little Miss Provocative Miley seems to have acquired a taste for cherry chapstick.
The 21-year-old has puckered up for not one, but TWO lesbian smooches in the past three days.
Following in the footsteps of Madonna and Britney, who also grabbed headlines by leaning in for a same-sex clinch, Miley kissed a friend as well as a fan – all while on camera, natch.
On Friday night, the We Can't Stop singer teamed up for a very raunchy snog with scandalous star Brooke Candy.
Miley Cyrus, Brooke Candy, lesbian kissPROVOCATIVE: Miley and Brooke teamed up for some girl-on-girl smooching [INSTAGRAM]
The outrageous rapper, who has gained notoriety for her foul-mouthed lyrics and hyper-sexual image, attended one of the stops of Miley's Bangerz tour after joining the same label, RCA, as the former Disney star.
And Miley took it upon herself to welcome Brooke to the label the only way she knows how – getting her tongue out.
Tattooed blonde Brooke posted a picture of herself enjoying a very steamy clinch with her doppelganger, simply captioning the raunchy snap with the word "Yum".
Attention-seeker Miley then shared the pic with her 17 million followers, writing: "Regram @BR00KECANDY AYYY KAYY AYYY my new label sista! Welcome to @RCA bishhhy! Happy 2 have you apart of da fam bam!"
We're sure Brooke feels warmly welcomed.
Miley Cyrus, fan, kiss
But her lady-kissing shenanigans were not over yet, as Miley plucked another blonde from her audience in Las Vegas for some big-screen action.
During her performances of Adore You, the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has been turning a kiss cam on same-sex couples in the audience, but last night mixed it up by joining in for the fun.
Miley leaned off the stage to plant a smacker on a pretty fan, with the moment being screened to the entire arena.
And the twerkaholic wanted all those not in Vegas to hear about her latest 'shocking' stunt, tweeting : I wasn't wiping of your kiss pretty girl just your dark lipstick that was all over my face thanks for coming to the show mystery babe x".
Who's betting on Miley indulging in girl-on-girl action รก la Jasmine and Luisa by the end of the month?
Miley Cyrus, kiss

Beyonce And Jay Z Party Until Early Hours At Mason House Nightclub In London In Matching Black Attire

Beyonce emerged from a London nightclub in the wee hours on Saturday night looking slightly more worn out than husband Jay-Z.
The 32-year-old Drunk In Love singer had one eye half closed as she left the Mason House nightclub with her 44-year-old husband at her side.
Beyonce was covered up in a black jacket that she wore over black ripped skinny jeans.
Late night: Beyonce and Jay-Z left a nightclub on Saturday night in London at 3:15 am in matching black outfits
Late night: Beyonce and Jay-Z left a nightclub on Saturday night in London at 3:15 am in matching black outfits
The star had her long blonde locks down, wore open-toed heels and added a pop of colour with bright red lipstick.
Jay-Z wore a buttoned-up black shirt with grey pattern with a star medallion hanging from a thick chain.

He completed his look with black trousers and a black coat.
On tour: Beyonce recently started the European leg of her tour and her husband Jay-Z has joined her on stage
On tour: Beyonce recently started the European leg of her tour and her husband Jay-Z has joined her on stage
Club scene: Beyonce and Jaz-Z checked out the Mason House nightclub
Club scene: Beyonce and Jaz-Z checked out the Mason House nightclub


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