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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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September 30, 2013

Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary Gets a Boost as World-class Crèche And Pre-school Opens for children In Abuja On Tuesday

With the fallen standard of education in Nigeria, different private individuals are making relentlessly efforts towards ensuring that the nation’s educational sector is revived and becomes fully operational. This is why a world class Crèche and Preschool centre recently completed in Abuja will be unveiled on the nation’s 53rd independence anniversary.

The school is located in one of the highbrow areas in Abuja, the Federal capital Territory and its completion is the talk of the town.  The comfortable learning atmosphere created and the news its completion had generated in Abuja since the past few weeks prompted some journalists to visit and make a ‘meal’ out of it.  Located in Garki area of the FCT, the school has all the modern facilities that call for people’s attention when driving past.

Speaking to some group of journalists that visited the school upon enquiry whether the school is affordable for average Abuja residents, the administrators  had affirmed that the school was actually meant for hard-working average Nigerians. They affirmed that those who work hard deserve the best, so they can rest later in life.

Speaking on the challenges involved in putting up a school of such standard, the administrators disclosed that it's a difficult task putting up a standard school, considering that most standard school facilities are imported. It was disclosed that the stress as well as the cost of purchase and shipping is even enough to frustrate one's dream of having a standard activities centre/ school.  "We have gone through series of challenges while trying to put this together, but at the end of it all, we have reason to thank God," One of the administrators had divulged.

Speaking about her passion and dream for a world -class school, the proprietress said " I have always dreamt of having something very unique, something that is exceptionally outstanding and can stand the test of time. Ever since I was born, I value cleanliness, and that has informed what you see here today. I know we can equally have the best in this country if we all begin to invest in that direction. This is only a tip of the iceberg."

Placing the commercial value and her passion side by side, she said her passion towards creating the best learning environment for kids outweighs the commercial value, hence it's only a dream accomplished.

Speaking on  security and safety of the kids, she assured thus; " Before you got in here, you must have met some security men at the gate. Besides that, we have CCTV that monitors the entire school, which I also monitor in person. It's wireless and connected to my mobile phone. I can monitor the school activities from anywhere. We are also working on how to connect the CCTV to parents mobile phones, so they can also monitor their kids from their homes or offices. She further clarified that details of parents and guardians shall be kept in the school archives in case of pick-ups.

Adding, the school consultant disclosed that different activities in the school can be played back, using the CCTV, asserting that such gadget makes it easy for even parents to have access to information whenever the need arises.

The administrator had disclosed that for the moment, the school will be accommodating children between 3 months to four years.

Its open house for Crèche and Preschool holds tomorrow, October 1st, 2013 at                                      5b Kabo street, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki II, Abuja. Activities begin at 12:00pm.

American Company, Broadstreet PR and Event Promises to Transform Nigerian Companies

At a point that many analysts are of the opinion that Nigerian companies are folding up due to lack of visible plan and near absence of Managerial skills, an American owned company, Broadstreet PR and Event has come to the rescue with the purpose of training and retraining staff in both private and public sectors.
This was made known by its CEO, Andrea Kamara on Saturday at its first Abuja training program held at Krystal Suite, Wuse 2, Abuja for all Krystal suite staff.
The organization, in partnership with Eden Integrated services limited said it was starting its revival effort in the hospitality industry, after having considered the industry as most critical to foreigners who may want to invest in Nigeria. The CEO had affirmed that in a growing economy such as Nigeria's, the hospitality industry plays a major role, hence the need to begin its advance training program from that sector.
While addressing the press on the mission of the organisation into Nigeria, and its extreme importance to Nigerian economy, the Executive Director, Eden Integrated Services Limited , Ambassador Utchay Odims  affirmed that " things are evolving, especially in the 21st century, hence being a graduate is not enough to meet up with the pace at which things are moving. We need to upgrade and live up to the global best practice. This is why this programme appears to be one of the most laudable in recent times. Our partnership in this humanitarian gesture is imperative in order to encourage these foreigners who have embarked on this mission despite the growing security problem that currently confronts our country " Utchay had affirmed.
He further asserted that the aim was to turn around Nigerian companies so they can compete favourably in the international market. He pointed out several ineffective customer services that have over time resulted to poor customer patronage, especially in the hospitality industry, emphasising that after Broadstreet had finished its business tour of Nigeria, there shall be a bigger turn around in the hospitality industry as well as other critical sectors of the economy.
Utchay asserted that the training was not limited to the hospitality industry, but many other organizations that are currently struggling with HR and customer relations issues as well as the day to day running of their business activities. He urged the general public to capitalize on this wonderful humanitarian opportunity to improve on their service delivery.
Responding to questions from journalists, the CEO, Broadstreet PR and event affirmed that  Nigeria was considered first amongst other African countries, having considered its great business potentials. In her words;
"I have a passion for what I do. I'm happy being in Nigeria to help transform the nation's promising and large market. All we are here to do is to close some loopholes that continue to frustrate the nation's economy. We are also here because, Nigeria's market is very critical to the African economy, hence the need to assiduously put things right.
Andre said, "Nigeria to an extent lacks international appeal even with it's human and material potentials. One big issue we have identified to be responsible for some of the challenges was poor customer services. When you travel out of the country, you will find good customer service which is different from what is obtained down here. An improvement in this area as well as effective communication in the various organizational levels will create a better atmosphere for business to thrive. " She said.
Andre said the training will encompass several areas that the Nigerian market and companies have not fully taken advantage of, such as mobile businesses, online booking and a host of others; assuring that at the end of the project, Nigerians will testify. She further disclosed that her company's mission into Africa was purely motivated by the passion to be part of Nigeria's transformation.
Another colleague of Andrea, Stephanie also opined that the Nigerian market needs some improvement for international appeal, so that what is obtained in developed countries can equally be obtained down here.
Speaking further, she said " We must not always think that the best customer service can only be gotten at big companies, as local organizations in Nigeria, especially hotels can equally compete in this regard. Basically, we are here to give out the trainings different organizations need to be able to compete favourably in the global market"
Also speaking, the CEO of Eden Integrated Services Limited, Ambassador David James Egwu, had opined thus " this is a movement, and it has just begun. We are into this partnership because we are all passionate about our dear country Nigeria, and we believe that the quality of services we get at different companies and organizations can be standardised with the introduction of this trainings."
Appealing to journalists, Ambassador Egwu said "the role of the media in this partnership is invaluable," expressing great optimism that the project will get the necessary media support, as both the media and the project were geared towards nation building.
Over 100 staff of Krystal lounge and suit were trained at the Saturday project take off , obviously positioning them with better customer relations techniques.

The training held at the Krystal suit, Wuse 2, Abuja, a gesture most of the staff said came at the right time, especially when most companies are struggling to survive global economic challenges.
For more information kindly contact eden integrated services limited on BB:25D15266 or 24C902C5 or follow on twitter @davidjamesegwu

Flower Girl Out In UK Cinemas From 4th October. BEST Nigerian Romantic Comedy I Have Seen! MUST WATCH! (Video + Photos From The London Premiere & After Party)

I have hyped this movie so much on Facebook and have received similar reviews under my comments that I am at a loss for more words. To make my endorsement more authentic, I have decided to post some of my original comments on Facebook and that of others...which says it all.

  • Egor Efiok Dj Abass, this is honestly the BEST Nigerian romantic comedy I have seen. So rich, classy and fresh. Chris and Chuks...dapper with good diction. Chris never disappoints and I'm already used to his perfect deliverance, but it was my first time hearing of or seeing Chuks and my first time watching Damilola act...and I kept being WOWED. Anyone that watches the movie will find it hard not to find Damilola adorable and the Chuks dude SMASHED it. Stella too was hilarious. Kudos to Michelle Bello for a job well done as both producer and director and the best casting ever. It was nice meeting them last night. Still waiting for the photos, Abass, so I can blog and circulate. Flower Girl is a MUST WATCH comedy and gets a 10/10 scoring from me. If you don't believe me, watch it and if you're disappointed, I will refund your money!!! 

    • You, Ako BasseyScreen Nation and 6 others like this.
    • Michael Tubes Awesome. if you miss the Premiere then go and watch it at one of the 6 london cinemas from 4th oct. its a movie you shouldn't miss.
      Unlike · Reply · 2 · 18 hours ago
    • Egor Efiok Best Nigerian romantic comedy I have seen, complete with cool cast. MUST WATCH
      Like · Reply · 1 · 18 hours ago
    • Naimat Timson Whoa what to say this is so far the best romantic movie with a hint of comedy I have seen, it was we'll produced and directed the beginning of the movie bring a warm fussy feeling, which to me was a great sign the producer took her time to screen the movie before she put it out, big up to Michelle Bello. All the cast of the movie were great 2 of them are actor am familiar with their work, Chuks Chukwujekwu was excellent it was the first time I will see him in a movie, I know he will be a global household name in a matter of days. This is movie you'd want to put on replay to watch it over and over again that is how. Thumbs up
      Unlike · Reply · 4 · 19 hours ago via mobile
      • Egor Efiok You echoed almost my exact words, honest you are so spot on. I've seen Damilola featured on Bella Naija a few times and have met Eku at a few events, but it was my first time seeing them act and my first time seeing the rest of the actors (except Chris Attoh and Patrick Doyle). Chris Attoh never disappoints and it was refreshing to watch him in a comedy; he made me laugh a lot. Chuks left a lasting impression on me and I have no doubt he'd be a global household name like you've predicted. Damilola too. It is hard not to find her adorable. Stella was also Hilarious. Very very beautiful movie, I even shed a tear at the end and went 'awwwwww'! Michelle Bello has proven that she really knows her onions and it makes me proud that a female producer and director can be this thorough with her work. It may sound like an exaggeration when I say I give it a 100% score, but truth is, I can't think of anything to fault about this film. Perfect acting, perfect cast, perfect production. I'm doing a post on it now on my blog and I will offer to refund the money of anyone that honestly doesn't love this film after watching it. Move over Ugly Betty 
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    • Helen Ayo Sonoiki I've been to a few Nollywood film premieres but this is the first film that I'm actually going to make sure I go and see again! As a paying cinema goer you want to make sure the £7 and 90 mins you've invested won't be a waste: defo not in this case. From the opening credits, it was obvious that attention to detail and production were important to the director/producer. Great script, beautiful scenery, realistic circumstances (NEPA!), talented cast accompanied by great Nigerian music. Although it's a rom com, it's one for both male and female lovers of good films. Highly recommended 
      Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hours ago via mobile
    • Ade Olugbemi Fantastic script, well written, suspense well sustained, cast fitted the characters, setting, costumes and direction is miles of improvement. It was well worth watching. I will recommend this movie to anyone.

      More photos after the cut... 

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