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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
Click On This Photo To View Photos From My Birthday Party & At This Beautiful Paradise On Earth

January 30, 2015

Prince Tonye Princewill Storms Ogoni! Carries Out A Never Been Before Door To Door Exercise! (Photos)

Prince Tonye Princcewill storms Ogoni! carries out a never seen before, door to door exercise. The campaign team sleeps in Khana and interacts with the villagers all night.

Wonderful reception also, from HRH Suana Baridam. Now you have a choice... Choose wisely..

January 29, 2015

Alexandra Burke Flashes Her Toned Tummy In Sexy Peach Suit

Alexandra Burke was dressed to impress  this morning.
The 26-year-old looked stunning as she made her way to the ITV studios in London for a scheduled appearance on Good Morning Britain.
Dressed in a chic peach suit and sexy black crop top.

Dressed to impress: Alexandra Burke looked stunning as she made her way to the ITV studios in London for a scheduled appearance on Good Morning BritainPeek-a-boo: Dressed in a chic peach suit and sexy black crop top, the star flashed her toned tummy to onlookers as she walked by

Amy Childs Looks Absolutely Sexy As She Shows Off Her Perfect Curves While Modeling Her Valentine's Day Fashion Range [Photos]

Amy Childs has unveiled a capsule fashion collection ahead of Valentine's Day - and every single piece is red

Amy, who found fame on TOWIE, has created her pieces to be worn on a date with someone special
Amy shows off a trimmer figure in the campaign images and reveals that she's lost 3in from her waistShe explained: ‘I really believe in healthy eating and I train three times a week with a trainer working on strength and tone'

Looking for the perfect little red dress for this February 14th? Amy Childs is here to help.
The former The Only Way Is Essex star has designed a capsule collection for Valentine's Day - and models it all herself, of course.
Amy, 23, has given FEMAIL a sneak peak of her new figure-hugging range as she tells us her inspiration behind the collection, how she dropped a dress size and why she’s hoping she'll be swept off her feet this year.

Kim Kardashian Reveals Daughter North Flushed Kanye West's Phone Down The Toilet [Lol Kids]

Self-confessed phone addict Kim Kardashian would not be laughing if it was her device that had been flushed down the toilet.
But luckily the mum-of-one could see the funny side when 19-month-old North West deliberately dropped her father's phone into the bowl and flushed it.
Kim, 34, revealed her daughter's naughty moment during a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest this week and explained how she tried to save 37-year-old Kanye's phone using rice.

Cheeky monkey: North West, pictured here with mum Kim Kardashian, flushed her father Kanye West's phone down the toilet

Speaking on Heat radio, Kim said: 'Not last night but the night before I hear North in the bathroom and I hear the toilet flushing and flushing and I run in there.
'I'm like "wait a minute babe" to Kanye, "didn't she have your phone a second ago?" Sure enough the phone was in the toilet. I put it in a bag of rice but nothing worked'

January 28, 2015

Prince Tonye Princewill 2015 Update (Photos & Video)

"Another year, another digit, another drop in our cup. My father and I share the same birthday. As his only child, I often wonder how this our joint 4th of Jan came to be. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe it is just a message".
(Prince Tonye Princewill)

Campaign, Office & Team - all dedicated to God earlier this week. The full door to door work has now begun. It's a campaign of issues, free of violence & it is taking hold. The state knows the difference. They can see the options.

Today INEC published the final list of gladiators on www.inec.org and as was expected the battle is b/w Dakuku, Wike & myself. Just as the American embassy predicted. The other two have the party name, I have my own name. They have "their" money. I need your money. I prefer it. Without you, I struggle. That is the idea of a democracy. 

Yesterday we visited the King, today we did door to door in PH. Tomorrow we will do it in Ogoni Kingdom, sleep there and interact one to one with the people overnight. On Friday - we continue. Operation Termite phase 2 has begun. Stay tuned.

If you are happy with the way the state currently is, don't vote Labour. But if you want a man like me to take the lead and work with you to prove that all hope is not lost and that this state can still be great again, work with us, vote for us and yes please, CONTRIBUTE to us.

Complaining about the bad, yet doing little to help the good, is not progress. Every man or woman can take a stand. We all have feet. Your time or your money is good enough for us. Every little helps. 

If you want to contribute to our campaign, here are the details below:

Bank Name. Zenith Bank Plc Account Name. Tonye Princewill - Campaign Account.   Account Number 1004681237. Sort Code. 057210021

Thank you in advance.

Or you can do it online at:


Just click DONATE

My father was kind enough to show the world what a true royal blessing given in double measure looks like. Highlights below or watch NTA tonight. The eagle has landed.

It's time to make history. Watch me being blessed by My King in the video below:

Because we all, are involved.

Prince Tonye Princewill: Blessings From My King (Watch Campaign & Please Share).

Campaigning with Labour in Rivers is just unbelievable! Never before have I seen such commitment. Today was another good day. Don't just like my comment, watch the trailer.

My team and my campaign, were dedicated to the Lord God Almighty! A simple visit to my father then turned into a carnival! 

The love I received was simply overwhelming! I got DOUBLE blessings from a man I am so proud of! He taught me to be courageous, honest and kind to others; but most importantly, he taught me to be humble.

Join me today! Join the team of the people! Vote the Labour Party! Neither of the others can truly bring you a new and improved Rivers state. Watch out for the debates.

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