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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
Click On This Photo To View Photos From My Birthday Party & At This Beautiful Paradise On Earth

October 31, 2013

Cross River State Movie Awards 2013: Unge's War Wins FOUR! Ibok Ekpenyong, Ini Edo & Many More Among Winners! Egor Efiok Gets Special Merit Awards (See Full List)


1. New Discovery Female (Indigenous\English)
Charity Ofem (Save the Children)

2. New Discovery Male (Indigenous\English)
Umo Edet (Ofin Ekedi Eyen)

3. Best Supporting Act Female (Indigenous)
Affiong Effiom (Ofin Ekedi Eyen)

4. Best Supporting Act Male (Indigenous)
Thomas Edet (Ofin Ekedi Eyen)

5. Best Act Female (Indigenous) By James & Sharon
Eme Eyamba (Ofin Ekedi Eyen)

6. Best Act Male (Indigenous)
Ibok Ekpenyong (Ofin Ekedi Eyen)

7. Best Supporting Act Female (English)
Belinda Effah (Princess Ekanem)

8. Best Supporting Act Male (English)
Henshaw Emmanuel (Karma)

9. Best Act Female (English)
Ini Edo (Behind the Melody)

10. Best Act Male (English)
Frank Artus (Princess Ekanem)


11. Best Director
Magnus Edet (Save the Children)

12. Best Producer
Bernard Kawaja & Co (Unge’s War)

13. Best Cinematographer
Austin Nwaolie & Co (The Advocate)

14. Best Picture
Unge's War

15. Best Special Effects
Dennis Onyemeluonu (Unge’s War)

16. Best Editor
Adeniji Kayode (The Advocate)

17. Best Sound Technician
Michael Ojong (Methu)

18. Best Light Technician
Utibe Bassey (Methu)

19. Best Costuming By Margaret
Okoro Fidelis (Unge’s War)

20. Best Make-Up-Artist
Prince Inibehe (The Advocate)


1. Senator Liyel Imoke (Leadership Award)

2. Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio (Movie Friendly Governor Of The Year)

3. Mr Donald Duke (Honorary Award)

4. Moses Amstrong (Most Sought After Actor In Akwacross)

5. Egor Efiok (Special Merit For Producer In Diaspora Movie)

October 30, 2013

Shameful Deceit Triumph at the BEFFTA's

Pauline Long's BEFFTA Awards opened with a great promise. There was glitz, there was glamour. Beautiful dance performances and some incredible voices.

In the midst of all this, Shameful Deceit's Producer, PR Guru, Actress and beauty Pageant Organiser, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, was awarded BEFFTA's Rising Star Special Award. In her thank you speech she paid homage to Obi Emelonye and, dedicated the award to her husband, Ayo Oyebade.

The night was not yet over for Shameful Deceit, Libeks Beauty Consultants were named Best Make-up Artists. Ikenna Obi beamed with joy as he collected the Best Actor gong; Yvonne Hays was overcome with emotion as her name was called as Best Actress. The brilliant Nelson Spyk picked up the Best Cinematographer award.

Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade picked up her second gong of the evening as Best Producer. She summoned her husband, Ayo, to receive the award with her, crediting him as her Co-Producer. She looked beautiful as always.

Her make-up was done by the award winning MUA Libeks Beauty Consultant.
It was a memorable night.

Photography by Music Nest & Riyike Alayande

Cross River State Entertainers Honour Our African Oscar Award Winning Son Igoni Archibong, With Surprise Party Spree - By Obaji Akpet

In case you missed the first post about Cross River State's surprise event to honour Igoni Archibong, click here to read all about it. Below are photos from the event and Obaji Akpet describes in detail, what went down. Enjoy!
L-R: Movie Director, Joe Esse; Senior Staff of Cross River Department of Project Monitoring; Cross River House of Assembly member, Hon. Joseph Bassey; Igoni Archibong; ace comedian, Professor Aboki; alongside other entertainers in group photo.

Igoni Archibong in group photo with models and upcoming actresses at the event

Calabar South LGA Chairman, Hon Ekeng Henshaw; Black Oscar award winning actor, Igoni Archibong(3rd Left);  Businessman and CEO of H20 Event Center and founder of Olmoni Richgang Production, Slim Samphill (4th Left); and a cross section of entertainment attendees in group photo

Entertainers in Cross River State, in what could be described as a spillover of celebration from the African Oscar Awards at The Warner Center in Washington DC, recently hosted the Cross River State born world’s most celebrated actor, Igoni Archibong, to a surprise party spree to celebrate his award as Best Actor Of The Year in the African race.

The Award Winning Igoni was pleasantly surprised when what initially was an invitation by entertainers in the state to discuss the way forward for the film industry, turned out to be a surprise bumper party organized to celebrate his achievements. 

The celebration event held at H20 Event Center, Calabar, and was organized by DreamLine Entertainment. The epoch making event comes up to celebrate the Nigerian born actor after he broke records by clinching the most coveted Best Actor of the Year In Diaspora at the African Oscars which held in Washington DC few weeks ago in his very first outing in the sphere the role he plays in block buster flicker titled ‘Turning Point’ as directed by Niyi Towolawi and currently blazing the cinemas.

Expressing his surprise, Igoni who was full of smiles all through the event, said he never expected the award, being his first time acting; and while thanking the organizers of the event for honouring him, averred that the event has done more to spur him on to take his acting career seriously. 

Igoni assured his teaming fans never to let their expectations down in investing more skillfulness in his acting.

Speaking earlier at the opening of the event, the CEO of DreamLine Entertainment, organizers of the event, Emem Udominyang, said that the event was a put together ensemble with his friends who share similar childhood experiences with Igoni, bearing in mind the event’s importance to encouraging him in more active representation of the Nigerian Film Industry in the diaspora. 

Highpoints of the event featured interviews on red carpet, free speeches, song rendition and group photograph sections. 

The event was graced by attendance from highly placed personalities and Businessmen in the state including Cross River House of Assembly member, Hon. Joseph Bassey; Chairman, Calabar South Local Government Council, Hon Ekeng Henshaw; CEO, H20 and Olmoni Richgang Production, Slim Samphill; and founder of Calabar Boy Association, Koko Henshaw. 

The crème de la crème of entertainers who graced the occasion include Cross River chapter P-MAN, Effiom Trombone; music crooner, Jave Chem; outgoing Actors Guild Chairman, Eric Anderson, Joe Omini, Magnus Edet, Immaobong Maurice, Lucy Inyang; alongside on-air personality, Ukpai Ukpai Uti; ace film director, Joe Esse; popular comedian MC Mbakara; while comic emcee Professor Aboki anchored the event.

Meanwhile, Igoni who is also aspiring model, has since returned to his oil rig work with a multi-national oil firm based in Port Harcourt and expected to turn out for more awards including the Best of Nollywood awards where he has been nominated in two categories. Also unconfirmed rumours have it that the Cross River State government may be making arrangements to host to host him.

Thanks to Obaji for filling us in and thank you Cross River State for recognizing and honouring your own. I'd like to further confirm that the 'rumours' are true. 

The Chairman Calabar South LGC, Hon Ekeng Nsa Henshaw, said that himself and his executive council were so impressed at Igoni's achievements that they have deliberated on how to honour him alongside some other Cross River State indigenes who have made positive impacts with their work; and have come up with bestowing on Igoni, the"Ambassador Of Youth In Calabar South". The formal ceremony for this, he said, will take place on 30th November, 2013.

The Honourable Chairman further stated that Igoni is also being given this honour "In the hope that through Igoni as a positive role model, Calabar South youth will drop their guns and machetes to engage in more fruitful things".

Wow! Well, as the QUEEN BEE of concepts (although I do say so myself...lol), I have already conjured something up. A photo of Igoni crossed arms holding two of his Awards just flashed across my mind and I'm thinking...Crossed Achievements Not Crossed Swords 


Photos are courtesy of Divine Photos

October 26, 2013

N255M Car Scam: Dino Melaye And The National Assembly Must Shut-up! By Adoyi Ali


The very popular assertion that “he that goes to equity, must go with clean hands" must always be upheld by all genuine citizens of this great country, principally, with regards to the ongoing storm trailing the acquisition of 2 armoured vehicles for the Aviation Minister, by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA.

It's true that certain issues must be questioned, and certain incongruities be addressed on a national scale so we can have sanity restored to our ever flagging corrupt country, but it's equally true that only rational people with clean hands are expected to preside over such issues. It will be out of place to have an armed robber tied to stake for another armed robber to prosecute or have a prostitute as judge over other prostitutes. In as much as such situation will be side-splitting, it further ridicules the presiding robber and the prostitute. This is what Dino and our lawmakers are doing. Today, Dino is 'blabbing'. He is picketing on the Aviation office, he is mobilising and campaigning for the sack of Stella, because he feels the Minister compelled the NCAA to get her the 2 controversial cars, but has forgotten his statement few days ago, when he said he owns similar cars which he acquired at N96M. Additionally, the memory of his ‘cow-boy show’ at the Green Chambers still remains fresh; consequently, his suspension from the National Assembly makes him a total outcast and an ignoble member so to speak.

Relatively, Dino’s bicycle-ride to the AIT’s headquarters, Paduma Hills in Asokoro, Abuja in pretext of his support for the poor masses, downtrodden and the oppressed; when he has two armoured vehicles and other expensive cars parked at the backyard of his house is only but a sham. He should go and bury his head in shame.

 Dino's constituency was deserted completed when he represented them few years ago. He never did anything for his people, and was at the verge of being recalled before another election pushed him away from the said position. It's only in Nigeria that a corrupt officer will rise against another person suspected to be corrupt. The truth is that Dino is fighting a just course, but are his hands clean? How can you have unwashed hands and eat with an elder? Where did he make N96M from in the first place? N96M thrown away just for some bullet-proof cars! Is that not tax payer's money? Dino has a question to answer. He needs to apologise to his people for having impoverished them while representing them. He needs to explain how he got such money to acquire armoured vehicles. His source of wealth must be investigated as soon as possible. Public officers must stop stealing our money-our sweat.

The Honourable members, with due respect must also shut their mouths on this matter as they have already thrown their nobility and credibility to the wind.  Unless the Otedola/ Faroukgate scandal is addressed openly to its logical conclusion, we will continue to disregard some of their positions on national issues. The lawmakers have not only ‘blindfolded’ Nigerians into believing that Farouk/Otedola’s case is currently been handled by a competent court of law, but have quietly killed the case. How powerful is the diminutive Farouk Lawan that he cannot even be suspended by his fellow members pending court decision? Why did the House of Reps members take to their heels when Otedola requested media presence in his testimony on what transpired between him and Farouk? Of course, they couldn’t go to equity, because they have got some stained hands.  What’s so difficult about coming out clean on Farouk’s matter? Surely, there was a give and take. Something was exchange for something; yet, the two principal actors in the case continue to walk head and shoulder-high with no question. Why should Farouk Lawan be allowed to deliberate on corrupt related matters? It can only happen in Nigeria. Today, we are totally swayed by emotion regarding the ongoing Aviation saga, forgetting that the same bullet-proof cars are owned by other Ministers. Have we even asked questions on how other Ministers and Senators got theirs? Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has two of the said vehicles. How much did she buy hers? We are spending more time talking on just N255M when billions are been siphoned every day. We can only blackmail as Nigerians because we have interest in a position, but we can’t really fight a course to a logical conclusion. Too bad for us!  Prices of the vehicles may have been inflated, but it’s really not worth the uproar. Don’t get it wrong; my intention is not to defend the Aviation Minister, but who knows if she was even involved in the actual transaction. The Minister may not have been involved in the negotiation. The issues really is not because the Minister acquired an armoured vehicle, the issue should rather be what we suspect must have been inflated. The X or Y amount must be refunded as soon as possible. From the Minister’s explanation, chains of people were involved in the transaction. We need to investigate the actual price of the vehicle, and request for a refund, instead of wasting time over ‘due process’. If there was due process in Nigeria, we wouldn’t have had some people in government today, because in the first place, due process was not followed before they speedily climbed to the top. If we had follow due process, it would have been very easy for brilliant people to succeed in this country; but the reverse is the case. They are currently walking aimlessly on the streets looking for three square meals.
Nigerians are mostly wired to think meticulously. We like to join the crowd. We tend to disregard our problems when discussing other people's issues on the peripheral. We will talk and make so much initial ‘gragra’ that we all inherited from our Yoruba friends and brothers, then we let that fly with the wave as soon as another subject comes up. Some of us survive on tittle-tattle. It is sad. I still reiterate that, ‘’ he that must go to equity, must go with clean hands.’’

October 22, 2013

Wizkid Abuja Invasion: Rumour Of Show Flop was The Work of Badbelle People- Malam Yankee (Photos)

Adoyi Ali wrote:

Yankee entertainment, the organizers of the recently held wizkid "Abuja Invasion show" has swiftly reacted to media reports that the show which it put together for Abuja show patrons failed.

The renowned event Manager and Ceo, Yankee Entertainment, Malam kehinde Adegbite, AKA Mr. Yankee debunked the rumour in a chat with DailyPost correspondent.

In his reaction, Yankee said that though fans started arriving at the International Conference centre a little late, it was not true that seats were empty as earlier reported. He said almost all the sections of the ICC were filled, and Wizkid was not in any way disappointed as reported.

 Yankee vehemently asserted that the pictures used by some reporters in their stories were actually taken at the earliest part of the show when fans were just arriving, affirming that the report was sponsored by mischief makers, whose interest is to see him disappointing Abuja show lovers.  He said, "I'm sure those journalists did not even stay till the end of the show. The show was "very very" successful. I really don't bother myself about what some people feel or want to say about my event, so long as our business continues to prosper and we keep smiling to the banks. I want to tell you that Wizkid was happy with the turnout, the fans enjoyed the show, they had fun and have confessed to that. They are ever ready to have Wizkid in Abuja again.

Speaking further, Yankee said “those pictures were actually taken by some journalists who had access to the hall before the take-off of the show. I didn't know they were out to blackmail us. I didn't even know how they had access to the conference hall. But I'm not in any way bothered."

He disclosed that over 27 tables were sold at the event, and that a table of 8 was given out between N300, 000 to N500,000. He listed heavy weights who were at the show to include " CEO, Kefiano motors; Timi Frank, PA to Atiku Abubakar; MD, Exclusive Stores, MD, Sungold Estate; Jude Imagwe, SSA to Jonathan on Youths and Students Matters; Mr Jide Asuma, former Director of Silverbird Cinema; Tucano club,club Stormm, FCMB, Mr Danjuma, former local govt of Kuje; Suleiman Ibro, Summerset owner, All clubs in Abuja, Danar Air and a host of others. Yankee said the list is endless, and that he cannot be deterred by those he termed, 'badbelle'.
DailyPost had earlier gotten some reactions from individuals who attended the show and were of the view that the show failed as backed by the photos they took at the event. However, Yankee has said that those individuals were either sponsored or had personal issues with the organizers, affirming that such cannot be settled through blackmail.   

October 16, 2013

MUAA’s Award/ Magazine launch: Prominent Nigerians storm event (Photos)

Splendour and glamour were the summary of the story as Madonna University Alumni Association (MUAA) launched the maiden edition of its magazine, MUAA Magazine at the Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels and Towers Abuja.
 The event which also saw the honouring of some deserving Nigerians and alumni held on October 12, 2013 with guest drawn from every part of the country and beyond.
 The awe inspiring event was co-anchored by Collins Adeyemi and Nollywood actress, Dorothy Njemanze.
Guests at the event include, the Vice Chancellor, Madonna University, Prof Chuks E. Ezedum; Mr Sam Oye, president, Springtime Leadership International Foundation; Abdullahi Majeed, President National Youth Council of Nigeria; and Chief Engr Isaac Iwuoha, Chairman Lobic Group.
Others are Dr. Katch Ononuju; Chief Rex Onyeabor, former PDP National Secretary; Mr Fowore, DG Citizen and Leadership Training Centre; Former Miss Nigeria 2012, Sylvia Edem-Emechete and other beauty queens amongst other guests.

 In a welcome address presented by the Association President, Mr. Chima Achu, he thanked those who despite their tight schedules created time to grace the occasion, explaining that the aim of the Association was to foster Unity and progress amongst members. He said that membership of the Association was only possible if one is a graduate of Madonna University, but however asserted that one can equally be a member by Association.
Speaking on the award ceremony, Mr. Achu affirmed that the Association, after having considered the various roles of its members and other individuals who have contributed exceedingly towards the development of Madonna University and the society, has decided to recognize and honour them.  He stressed that the Alumni body would continue to adhere to its focal objective in all its activities. He also thanked the organizing committee and members of the public for their various roles towards the success of the event.
“Today’s event is an opportunity for us to celebrate some of our members and  members of the Nigerian society who have distinguished themselves. MUAA magazine is a platform that will give the association a voice in the society” Chima added.
 The National President further affirmed that the association as a world-class university alumni body, was driven by shared commitment to excellence, with the mission to promote the career prospects of members and the future development of the Alma Mater.
 In a heart-melting speech by the National Youth Council President, Comrade Abdulahi Majeed, he thanked Madonna University for opening up the educational sector through its establishment as the first private university in Nigeria.
 Abdulmajeed said the emergence of Private Universities in Nigeria has opened up the educational sector and had produced quality graduates for the enhancement of the nation's economy and its workforce. He lamented that out of the 70 million Nigerian youth that he represents, half of them were idling away, as the nation's federal universities are shutdown due to the ongoing ASUU strike. He stressed that students of private universities have continued to enjoy strike-free academic careers, while their counterparts in public Universities continue to lament over incessant strikes. He appealed to ASUU and the Federal Government to call off its lingering strike in order to avoid mass uprising.
 Meanwhile, out of six categories of awards, two alumni, Barr. Tonye Rex Idaminabo and former National President, Prince Victor Imoru were both honoured with MUAA Distinguished Alumni Award and MUAA Leadership Award respectively, while a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice,  Mr Micheal O. Fawole was honoured with MUAA Distinguished Citizens Award.
 Other award recipients include, former governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, CON who received MUAA Lifetime Achievement Award; Nze Chris Obinna Aharanwa,  MUAA Professional Award and Chief Akin Olujinmi, CON,SAN, MUAA Public Service Award.
 Other highlights of the event were the actual launch of MUAA Magazine and a mini-documentary showcasing the beauty and splendour of Madonna University.
See more photos after the cut..

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