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Beyonce And Jay Z Lose Bidding War For Beverly Hill Mansion

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Beyonce and Jay Z have lost a bidding war on a sprawling and equally breathtaking Beverly Hills mansion

Beyoncé and Jay Z had their eyes set on a lavish Beverly Hills compound and were reportedly 'on the verge of closing a deal' earlier this month after visiting the home six times.
But according to TMZ, Swedish billionaire Markus Persson - who created the video game Minecraft - managed to outbid the music super couple and secured the estate for himself for a record $70 million.
The 35-year-old - who previously sold his company Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 billion - now has the distinction of having paid the highest price ever for a home in the 90210.

Bad news: The couple, who had looked at the home on more than one occasion, were outbid for the estate by Swedish billionaire Markus Persson

Impressive: Views of the city's landscape are visible from one of the giant floor-to-ceiling windows from the extensive living area
Splash: No doubt Queen Bey would have definitely enjoyed taking a relaxing dip in the home's incredibly large and luxurious infinity pool


Prince Tonye Princewill's Radio Interview :Democracy In Action [ Listen To It Here]

The PRINCE WILL. The radio interview went well. All the questions and comments were apt. If you missed it, worry not The Link is here. Conversations like this, not only propagate my ideas, they also educate me as an individual. I will be doing a lot more of this; so do your research and make your contributions whenever the opportunity arises again. I'm back!!! Now you have an option!

Prince Tonye Princewill : Mountains Were Made For Climbers

Labour Party candidate for Governor in Rivers state. They thought they buried us. Didn't know we were seeds. Now even Hollywood is talking. Play video below and see why. Mountains were made for climbers.


British Council and First Bank Nigeria is partnering with GenVoices, through its GenTalks Platform to grow the Nigerian Creative Economy. 
The approach here is to get Nigerians within the creative industries to make recommendations on how to move the industry forward and having done that, to use the ideas generated to drive conversation and advocate for much needed changes within Nigeria's policy-making space.
To bring us closer to that objective, we will be having 3 face-to-face events in Lagos, Abuja and Calabar on the 15th, 17th and 19th respectively. These events will involve a capacity building session and a panel discussion featuring sector experts. 
This is to invite you to the Calabar event coming up on the 19th of December at the 520Kolanut Conference Centre at #5 Barracks Road Calabar, at 9:30am. 
If you work with, manage or run a creative business or related services and live in Calabar, kindly make plans to attend. We honestly can't do this without you. The sectors include: Advertising, Architecture, Art and antiques, Crafts, Design, Designer fashion, Video, film and photography, Music, Visual arts, Performing Arts, Publishing, Software, computer games and electronic publishing, Radio and television.
Reginald Bassey

Ola Rotimi's "Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again" Stage Play In Calabar on 21/12/2014 (Directed By Bassey Ekpo Bassey Jnr & Produced By Archie Sam)

Nollywood goes to the Theatre in Calabar.‎ 
Please join us and our Nollywood special guests of honour
 in Calabar next Sunday (21st December) to watch this 
legendary stage play.

Bassey Ekpo Bassey Jnr (Director) and Archie Sam (Producer) present a political satire, Ola Rotimi's OUR HUSBAND HAS GONE MAD AGAIN. 

It follows the life of a retired Army man who decides to go into politics and is saddled with the responsibility of navigating 3 acidic wives. It is hilarious and revealing. 

The play also mirrors the present political climate in Nigeria. 

Date: Sunday 21 December 2014. 

Venue: Transcorp Hotel, Calabar. 

Time: 3pm   And 8pm‎ (*showing twice)

Hollywood Are Also Talking About Prince Tonye Princewill (Watch Video)

‎Just in case you missed it before, please see the link below.


Prince Tonye Princewill: Man Mentor Maverick (Watch Celebrity Endorsements + Many More)

He might have a degree in jumpology, as some clowns may say. But also do Magnus Abe, Amaechi, Dakuku and many others who have switched parties during their political life. The difference is, unlike others, Tonye Princewill also has so many other degrees; both in academics and performance. 

A man's political loyalty should be with the people and not Political parties. I see no difference between the PDP and APC in Rivers State. The only difference is the difference between Amaechi's interest and Wike's interest. 

Without holding a political office, Prince Tonye Princewill has touched more lives than some state governors. What else can you seek from a man? He has the character, capacity and grace to move this state forward. That is what you need. 

Do your research, watch his documentaries and you'd know the truth about this man. Watch Man Mentor Maverick Pt 2 (link below) and hear what people have to say. Listen to testimonials from a few people who have encountered Prince Tonye Princewill. He truly is The Man, The Mentor and The Maverick. 

Watch "Man Mentor Maverick Pt 2"

#WeDonPortOh #TeamPrincewillAllTheWay #Yessur

Prince Tonye Princewill Secures Labour Party Ticket: Read His Full Statement


After extensive consultation on the next steps to follow, I and my team have decided that we no longer have a future in PDP and that win or loose, going forward, we will now be building our future here in the Labour party. Just as we refused to return to APC having since left it's parent organisation in 2010, our departure from PDP is also final. It was not an easy decision to make, I made many friends there and I still have a lot of respect for many men and women within the party, just as I do within the APC, but this is not the reason I entered politics. I came to change the politics, not to maintain the status quo or make friends. I no longer feel I have enough allies or a willing platform to achieve this goal and so I must move on. The struggle continues.

Some have asked that I maintain a dignified silence and remain within the PDP or that I should quit politics altogether. But I need to be able to look my children in the eye. This is not the Nigeria, I can defend, because this politics and its conduct are the very foundations on which this nation are built. I refuse to give up on Nigeria and so I can not give up on its politics. Politics as I say time and time again is too too important to be left to politicians. I only wish more of us appreciate this and join me where I think we really can make a difference. This pattern truly is not sustainable, the status quo will no longer hold. I have to do this for the sake of our children.
I would like to thank the Labour Party and its national leadership for giving me a reception fit for a King and the warm way the state leadership have embraced our arrival. I always complain that our political parties lack ideology and do not have an identity of their own but that position can not be levelled at Labour. With a social democratic ideology, a detailed manifesto and policies that closely mirror mine, I feel most at home here. Politics does not always have to be about just winning. It can be about doing the right thing as well. Finally, unlike previous political decisions that I took with only my political family, this consultation cut across all walks of my life. I want to thank you all for your contributions. From social media to private communications and the political equivalent of smoke filled rooms, you took the time to lend us your voice. I want to thank you for all your contributions. Even when we disagreed.

With the help of the BOT Chairman, our able Chairmen at national and state levels and the executive of the party here in Rivers state, I want to use this opportunity to reach out to all aggrieved PDP and APC aspirants who have their people's interests above their own, potential aspirants who never thought politics would give them a chance and opinion leaders who are left everyday to pick up the pieces of bad governance to come and join the next government of Rivers state. The Bible says, "When the righteous rule, the people will rejoice." I make bold to say, the right people have arrived. Stop wasting your time on politics as usual, and come and rejoice here with us. Rivers state needs choice, not imposition. We choose to be free.


Tonye Princewill
(For Rivers state)

"Digital politician tired of the old school analog politics but unlike most people prepared to do something about it. 

Find out more at "


Prince Tonye Princewill Picks Labour Party Ticket For Rivers State Governor & Forms Coalition With Two Other Parties

FYI: "Prince Tonye Princewill picks Labour Party ticket for Rivers state Governor. Forms coalition with two other parties; responds to people's will for an Ijaw/Ogoni ticket and promises to win for the masses come 2015." 

Full statement would be released soon.

Good morning :)

Prince Tonye Princewill Is Not Giving Up (MUST READ)


It is no longer news that the PDP gubernatorial primaries held in Rivers state were designed to tell myself and other aspirathat the Ogoni and Ijaw aspirations were not just misplaced, they were irrelevant. It was designed to show us that the agenda for Wike was bigger than that for the rest of us and that in their scheme of things we do not matter. The former Honourable Minister may have won the battle without us, but let us see how he intends to win the war. The role of the party leadership in this ugly incident will never be forgotten and rightly so. From national to state level, Rivers people were let down again and again and again. Each and everyone of them who were behind it will pay for this. In this life or the next. My prayer is that God's judgement will never escape them. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Prince Tonye Princewill

As for my supporters and I, we will announce our next decision very very shortly. Having seen the writing on the wall far far back, we received calls from several political parties to pursue the option of running under the banner of one of the more viable ones with a high quality Kalabari/Ogoni ticket so as not to deny the people of the state, the real choice they deserve. Wike and Dakuku, two Amaechi boys, are not a choice, they are a smart imposition and Rivers people should be given the real option to reject them. I have no reason to waste my valuable time appealing the primary, as the father of a gorilla is still a gorilla. PDP deserves Wike and I believe they should have him. If my judgement is right, Rivers people are more interested in the person, than the party. In 2015, they will show the world how fed up they are of the big political parties. My question is do I give them a different choice? What do I do? Since my mission is not for my benefit, let me ask those who I want to serve. Your wish is my command.

To run or not to run? That is the question. 

After a close examination, here are the options before us:

1. Join the Labour Party, APGA or the PDM.

2. Accept the imposition and stay quiet in the party.


3. Quit politics altogether.

I have consulted my political associates and option 1 is their overwhelmfavourite. They have even gone as far as mentioning the party I should join. But I am not just a politician, I am a mentor and an inspiration to many, so my consultations will have to go far far wider. I need to hear from friends, family and others as well. Besides it comes with huge financial and personal sacrifice. Not just from me, but from my supporters. I am ready if required, but are you? 

Once again let me remind all those who contributed financially to my politics, that if we go for option 3 and quit politics, all your contributions will be returned in full. I have not been given the opportunity of doing any real politicking yet, so I have not spent any money from the campaign account.

Once again I thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement. Do not despair. This outcome was inevitable. I saw it coming. But I still prefer to be here than where either Wike or Dakuku are. It is better to be on the right side of the wrong than on the wrong side of right.

God knows best. He works in very mious ways. 

For the sake of our children

Dr. Dre Tops Beyoncé On Forbes's 2014 Highest-Paid Musicians List

While she hangs out with royaltyin her spare time and is often referred to as Queen Bey,Beyoncé didn't reign supreme onForbes's annual World's Highest Paid Musicians list. 

That honor goes to rapper, producer and Beats founder Dr. Dre

According to the magazine, Dr. Dre, 49, earned $620 million before taxes in 2014, mostly due to a deal with Apple in which he sold his Beats company for $3 billion. The sale added nicely to the $40 million he earned last year.     

Knowles, 33, who topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in June, came in just behind Dr. Dre, landing the second spot. She made $115 million in 2014, credited largely to her world tour, a surprise album and numerous endorsement deals. 


Prince Tonye Princewill's Supporters Barricade His Residence & Restrict Him From Attending The Sham Rivers State PDP Primaries

It was pandemonium this morning at the residence of Prince Tonye Princewill, as his supporters barricaded his residence, restricting him from attending the Rivers State PDP primaries. They decried the disrespectful nature of the PDP towards their principal and other guber aspirants.

We will keep you updated!

Prince Tonye Princewill And Charles Novia: A Meeting Of Two Great Minds

Prince Tonye Princewill And Charles Novia


I spent a couple of hours last week Thursday with Tonye Princewill, a PDP Gubernatorial aspirant from Rivers State. It was quite an impromptu meeting preceded by a personal phone conversation he had with me at the instance of Egor Efiok, his media consultant and listening to him speak over the phone, my curiousity got the better of me and I requested to see him that night in Maitama, Abuja.

I drove to his house in Maitama and was ushered in to his living room, where he stood up to shake my hands. He was casually dressed in a Manchester United T-shirt and near knee-length shorts and his grip was warm backed with a warm smile.


Now, to put things in perspective, I have met lots of celebrities and political figures in the course of my career as a filmmaker and social commentator and I try my utmost best to be apolitical when it comes to meeting politicians. That is primarily because I always do not want my decisions influenced by a linear fear that meeting a politician would mean that I was seeking for favors of any kind. So, I meet with those I chose to meet and more-often-than-not, I study them and draw my silent conclusions through their body language and conversations. And I have met quite a number of obtuse politicians too who have no idea of what they would do when they are elected or selected into public office but just wish to get there at all costs. That is a sad reality we face in Nigeria today.

And so, with Tonye Princewill, I wanted to find out more about the person, primarily because I had read more about him through his financial interventions in my constituency, the entertainment industry. Let me be candid and a bit selfish. I tend to applaud any one , irrespective of political leanings and financial background, who takes his or her hard-earned money to invest in the entertainment business. Knowing how entertainers get the rough end of the deal where talent begs for material support all the time, I am always pleased when someone from outside the sector puts his time and money into the business. That gesture does a lot to prop up the lives of many within that sector and most importantly builds on people’s self-beliefs and will to achieve.

I knew Tonye Princewill had invested in two huge movies in the recent past. The first I knew of was the sci-fi ‘Kajola’which had an arrested run in the cinemas in 2009. And the other is the yet-to-be-released ‘Lions of  ’76’ by the talented Izu Ojukwu.

‘Why has that Izu’s film not been released three years after it was shot?’I asked him as we settled down to some pieces of the popular Yahuza chicken suya which indeed is the best in Abuja and was Tonye’s first time of tasting it at my recommendation, with an endorsement too by Egor.

‘Now, is not the time’ Tonye replied. He speaks in a soft-spoken manner which belies his royal roots as a Prince of the Kalabari kingdom. You would have noticed that I have shied away from adding his royal titles to his name as I write because from the moment we met, he impressed me as the prototype ‘Boy Next Door’ and I want to keep it that way in the tone of my review.

He continued ‘ The ’76’ movie, I daresay, will be a classic whenever it is released and everyone would be completely blown away when it hits the screen. Charles, I invest in talent. I don’t mind where that talent lies, be it in movies, music, information technology, artisans, education or medicine. I believe talent is a hidden gift which privileged people who have the funds should aid in exposing such to the world. I believe in the entertainment industry. I don’t like to talk much about what I have done as an individual for the industry in my own little way but a few of your colleagues can attest to how I have been a pillar for their dreams to stand on’

Tonye told me that he has so far sponsored four Nollywood movies and that he never really cares whether they make money or not. ‘To me, I have helped nurture a dream and that is that. I understand the pains of the practitioners and I can promise that when I reach the Government House in Rivers State, I will unfold a huge plan for larger Nollywood within a few days after my swearing-in. I do not boast. I don’t even talk much. My actions speak louder’

‘You sound very sure of winning the Primaries’ I said as I weighed his quiet self-assuredness.

Tonye smiled. ‘I have won the Gubernatorial ticket before but forces truncated my winning the General election that year. I still stand by the belief that I won that election but that is in the past. The truth is that my antecedents and my being a Homeboy in Rivers State  have positive spiral effects in my state. Everyone knows me. I interact with everyone irrespective of who that person is. I don’t have airs around me. I will not change who I am because of political office. My aim is to be the servant always because it is all about service as far as I am concerned’

‘So, what will be your agenda then for the people if you are voted in?’

His reply to that question really impressed me.

He looked me in the eye and said ‘I intend to implement only ONE agenda. My agenda is JOBS. Creating millions of jobs is my agenda and I will do it. When jobs are created, it spills over to all other sectors which are usually itemized  as agenda by other politicians. Education, Health, Youth Empowerment and even Transformation will be appendages of my ONE agenda through JOBS! That is how it works. My people need jobs; gainful employment. They will get it’

We talked a bit more about his plans and programmes, his family and his background. By the time I stood up to leave, he walked me to my car and shook my hands.

‘I just came for a visit to satisfy my curiosity about you, ‘ I said ‘And I must let you know that I intend to blog about this meeting and also to warn you a bit that I write from my heart, the way I feel, the way it is. I am not a political writer or journalist. I am just a social commentator and what impresses me or doesn’t get mentioned’

He smiled. ‘I respect that. I have read about you and heard about you. I read your articles at times and before today wondered about how different you are among other writers I read in Nigeria’

I waved goodbye and drove off that night pondering a lot of things about our political system in Nigeria. There is no doubt that I was quite impressed by Tonye. Apart from being down-to-earth, he is intelligent. He came across as one who is ready to change lives if given the larger platform. He did say he is rich enough and does not seek wealth when he gets into office. His only obsession is to change lives.

I do not know much about politics in Rivers State  and I expressed my opinion that I thought it would be a battle for him to win the ticket but I remembered his answer. ‘I will win if THEY allow a level-playing field. And all candidates have pushed for a level playing field in the primaries. I am not scared. I have what it takes’

Indeed, my gut instincts tells me Tonye has what it takes. But my guts are already in a fight with my nagging feelings about that level playing field he asks for. Will he get his wish in a few days?

Read more here:

Jay KariZma - Clarion Call (New Song)


Jay KariZma - "I'm A Critical Lyrical Miracle" (Video)


Nyanda & Ian Thomas - Run Away (New Music Video)


Run Away – Ian Thomas feat Nyanda

WATCH RUN AWAY [Official Music Video]: 

After successfully releasing 5 consecutive #1 iTunes Top Hit Chart Singles (Rain, Walking On Air (ft Snoop Dogg), Another Round , Slow Down and Love x4), Ian Thomas returns with yet another smash song called RUN AWAY from his upcoming album Game Time.
RUN AWAY is a rhythmic pop song that features Jamaican star Nyanda, from the chart topping group Brick & Lace.Nyanda’s current singles include Slippery When Wet, Trouble and I Love Sax.

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, The Kemist, Black Lion, The Wizard)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
P: 786.459.0084 | PIN: 7A419C7C
SKYPE: chezgayle

Nyanda & Blacklion - I LOVE SAX (New Music Video)

Watch the Official Music Video for I LOVE SAX (Nyanda & Blacklion):

I LOVE SAX is Nyanda’s NEW single…A provocative, reggae infused club banger from Jamaica’s hottest female reggae artist.

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, Black Lion, The Wizard, In The Dance)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
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Nyanda - Habits (Tove Lo Cover)

TITLE: Habits (Tove Lo Cover)
ARTIST: Nyanda


***For More Information on Nyanda***

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, Black Lion, The Wizard, In The Dance)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
P: 786.459.0084 | PIN: 7A419C7C

Prince Tonye Princewill, Rivers State Governor Aspirant, Is Greatly Loved By The Masses! Check This Out & Make It A Date!

Initiated and executed by lovers of @TonyePrincewill (see poster). It is sweet when you are loved by the masses.

Make it a date and come and meet the man of the people, in person. Come with your friends and family. 

Let us praise GOD, the only true LEADER. 

Please share widely!

Palmary Cruise: Network With Celebrities, MDs, CEOs & Business Entrepreneurs Aboard A 7-day Italian-Styled Ship Cruise! Hurry! Check This Out Now!

Dear reader,

The perfect opportunity for business networking that you may have been looking for is right here. Please find below, the full details. 

Palmary Ship Cruise with Pencil & Friends will be taking off from Dubai from the 12th -19th of December 2014. It is 7 nights/8 days of amazing Italian atmosphere, with delicious full board meals (buffet), luxury cabins, entertainment (jokes, musical arts etc) on board, elegantly designed, friendly Costa staff and Wellness and Sport areas. It will be simply unforgetable!

You can get more info about Costa Serena (the Ship) on www.palmary.travel

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Discover, Relax and Connect with MDs, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, business men and high net-worth individuals in this 7-day Italian-Styled Ship Cruise which would feature seasoned comedy, musical acts and special appearances from Nollywood stars - Joseph Benjamin (also of MTN Project fame), Ini Edo, Yemi Blaq and Hollywood Meets Nollywood Film Producer and PR Guru - Egor Efiok.

The 7-day Italian-Styled Cruise will sail aboard the Costa Crociera from Dubai - Oman (Muscat) - Oman (Khasab) - Abu Dhabi - Dubai.

Fee (Nigeria)
$7,000 for single person in a cabin.
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$6,000 for single person in a cabin.
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