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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
Click On This Photo To View Photos From My Birthday Party & At This Beautiful Paradise On Earth

October 07, 2015

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode Gives Lilian Amah His Blessings As She Declares Bid To Run For President Of Association Of Movie Producers, (AMP) Nigeria. [Photos]

Please click here to view the photos and read Lilian's statement. (*Sorry, photos are refusing to post here on the blog today for some strange reason, but you'd see them all by clicking on "here" in red highlight above. Thanks.*)

Charles Novia (Without 'His Other Half') And His Beautiful Daughter, Nosa.

Click here to see Charles Novia like you have never seen him before. You'd be utterly amazed!

Obama And Jennifer Rollin' Down Da Streets (Not Smokin' Indo) "Sippin' On" Harry Song's Reggae Blues!

Click here to see them in action! ;) :)

Poltergeists In Lekki? Paranormal Activity? Things That Go BUMP In The Night For Real!

Creepy! Click here to watch. 

September 29, 2015

Captive Starring David Oyelowo To Be Premiered At Pastor Paul Adefarasin's House On The Rock In Lagos On 01/10/2015: Best Christian Film Of 2015 (Unseen Photos & Video Clips Exclusive To E4PR)

Please click here to read the complete details about Captive, the Lagos premiere and to view interesting unseen photos and video clips from the real victims, exclusive to E4PR. It also includes 17 pages from the novel that inspired the adaptation of Captive, a film based on true events.

Nyanda - All My Love Directed By Alex Ceausu (New Video)

July 14, 2015

Simon Cowell In Legal Battle Over Glo X Factor Nigeria Copyright Issues & Claims That SA Covers Nigeria

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Please click here to read.

Lilian Amah Attracts More Interest To Nollywood As Fans Storm Amazon Kindle With Their Phones! (See Teaser)

Lonzo Nzekwe Set To Dazzle Nollywood With New Film, Meet The Parents, Inspired By Record In Jay Z's Blueprint. (See Trailer & Get Another Chance To Watch Anchor Baby)

Nollywood Director and Producer of Anchor Baby, Lonzo Nzekwe, returns with new film, Meet The Parents. Click here to read all about it. If you missed Anchor Baby too, you now have the opportunity to watch it again. Click here to watch Anchor Baby and click here to win £50 every week. 

Calabar Man Has Seizure & Goes Into Cardiac Arrest As David Walliams Protégé's Prank Hit The Wrong "Chord"

So sad :( 

Click here to read.

Norbert Young Receives Loving Birthday Message From His Beautiful Nollywood Actress Wife Gloria Anozie Young

Happy (belated) birthday to Nollywood veteran actor and director, Norbert Young. Please click here to read. 

Tinsel & Hotel Majestic Director Tope Oshin Ogun Does Nollywood Proud Again As She Bags 1st African In Film Award

Nollywood Director, Tope Oshin Ogun, adds another feather to her cap with 1st African Woman In Film Award. Please click here to read more. 

June 19, 2015

Dreams Of Yesterday By Lilian Amah Now Available On Amazon & Kindle

Rush Hour: Bus Full Of Passengers Crashes 'Courtesy' Of Evil Fart. AREA!

The talented AREA are back with their new video titled, "Rush Hour". Watch the hilarious video below

Nollywood Actress & Marriage Councillor Maimuna Yahaya, Launches New Seminar "Still Bonding", At Sheraton Hotel

The thrust of the event/seminar is the moral burden for marriage to be successful, enjoyed and not endured..... This brought about the Television talkshow which airs on Nta10 at 2pm on Sundays. It is stated that the measure of a man's character is patience and gentleness while that of a woman is said to be humility and submissiveness. When this needed basic elements for the growth and development of a good marriage are missing; then the channel for discord is opened. Hence the seminar coming up on the 26th of July at the Sheraton hotel Lagos by 3pm.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Families, youths who are eligible for marriage, single parents, separated and divorced. Interested people should call Yetunde on 08180653499, Favour on 08033513800 & Maimuna on 08023224355 for reservations......we have budgeted for 270 persons . Companies are supporting and giving us products for attendees. Interactive sessions, bridal exhibitions, light musical entertainment . 
Thanks a great deal

June 04, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner (fka Bruce) Gets Thumbs Up From Charly Boy (aka Linda aka Nigeria's Answer To Caitlyn) In New Article, "Through LINDA I See"!

Our one and only AreaFada aka Charlie Boy aka Linda has something to say regarding the stir that Caitlyn Jenner has been causing over the fews days. Read her his article below to learn a few things...I mean, who better to understand what’s going on in Caitlyn’s mind than Linda...nah mean? ;) Hehehe CB Linda oh! Na you biko! I love this guy chick! You’re still my dad any day! Carry go jare! Mbok!!!

Through LINDA, I see!

I must ask you this question.

In our pursuit for happiness, do we focus on the dictates of life based on our social environment or on our own personal need of what individually makes us happy?

For the past few days the global social media has been agog with Bruce Jenner's sex change, he now wishes to be called Caitlyn.
Surfing through some of our local blogs, I have read some yahoo yahoo comments from Nigerians who feel that their yeye comments are really of any importance in the decision taken by this great Olympian, now, the gender bender.

Yes, I saw Bruce Jenner Vanity Fair interview. I read it over and over, it sounded so gutsy, sincere, truthful and so free. Bruce had always been married, had kids, and a successful career but for a long time he had  never been happy and content with being a man. Sometimes we find it difficult understanding what prompts one to make those kinds of changes that are physically and emotionally permanent and we start to speculate, Maybe he wanted to rebrand, wanted to put himself back into serious reckoning again. Yes, sometimes it can be about the drama and the almighty dollars, who is to say. However, It just may be devoid of all those and just be a spiritual journey to finding self, purely a pursuit of happiness, about being free, and finding strength to be that which makes one feel complete irrespective of whose ox is gored!

My take

It is not one’s masculinity or femininity alone that defines one’s identity, it is the harmony between the two that determines how comfortable and integrated one’s identity is going to be.  In other words, shocking as this may be to the more macho in our midst, inside some men, lies an unexpressed woman. And even more shocking is the proposition that the object of masculine identity development is not the elimination of this woman, but acknowledging the existence of, and fine-tuning the feminine side with the masculine part of the identity. In other words, blending the two fundamental principles of yin and yang to influence our behavior.

The “masculine woman” has become more socially acceptable than the “feminine man”, who is still an object of derision. And herein lies the root of the gender conflict. Women find it easy to pursue their masculinity; men find it disagreeable to even acknowledge, let alone pursue their femininity.  A few people have been able to find that balance and am I happy that Linda lives here, in me? Yesoooooo!

So to those of you in your personal pursuit for happiness whatever it is, climb every rainbow and follow every star till you find your dream.

Lilian Amah's MUST READ New Novel, Dreams Of Yesterday, Is Making Waves! Wow! See More Below...

Hot on the heels of her last best-selling novel, 'Echoes Of A Heartbeat', which was published in the UK and can still be purchased here and here
, super talented multi-award winning actress and writer, Lilian Amah, returns with 'Dreams Of Yesterday', a thriller/suspense novel set in 1960s Nigeria. I have just finished reading this novel and hope that my verdict below aptly interpretes the euphoria I am still riding high on.

"This fast paced thriller exceeded my high expectations. The author's eloquent accounts of the main characters are skilfully interwoven, providing an interesting contrast between their perspectives and how the Civil war has impacted so drastically on their lives. There is also an interesting twist in events, which I will keep mum about, lest I spoil it for the next reader. The author’s wealth of knowledge, thorough research and engaging writing style come through on every page; and her ability to convey these insightful personal accounts is remarkable. Excellent reading"!


Civil war is devastating because it pits brother against brother. The Nigerian Civil war is particularly complicated because the Country has over 250 ethnic groups closely interwoven due to intermarriage.

In 'Dreams of Yesterday', the lives, loves, triumphs and trials of a bi-ethnic couple come under scrutiny.

Lekan Lawson loves his wife Ronke. Separated from her during the war and suffering amnesia, he meets and falls in love with another woman Ndidi. The war ends, he finds Ronke again and unable to let go of either woman, Lekan starts a love triangle that can only lead to disaster. Can one man love two women at the same time? Can a woman accept and learn to live with the knowledge that her husband loves her but also loves another woman?
It is not all good or bad. It is neither black nor white as shades of grey are everywhere.

'Dreams Of Yesterday' is live on Konga.com now. Please click here to purchase your copy. It will also soon be available for purchase on the websites of Jumia, Amazon and Amazon Kindle, respectively, so be on the lookout for updates.

For more info about the author, click on "Read more" below:


Lilian Amah has a Master of Arts degree in English from the University of Lagos. She is an actor, a producer and the immediate past two term National Vice president of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria.  

After youth service in Shell Petroleum Development Company, Lilian joined the private sector. From ADC airlines PLC to DHL, FedEx to New World Merchant Bank, she eagerly sought knowledge and satisfaction. She gained both and after a five-year stint in Fidelity Bank PLC where she headed Private Banking, Lillian gave in to the creative muse and resigned in 2005.

In Nollywood, Lilian has worked with several notable directors such as Jimi Odumosu, Okey Ogunjiofor, Tunji Bamishigbin, Tade Ogidan, Tope Oshin Ogun, Victor Sanchez, George Sunom Kura, Ben Chiadika, Ehis Ojeseobolo, Oliver Aleoghena and Aquila Njamah.

As an actor, she has worked on hit productions such as “Out Of Bounds”, “Hit and Run”, “The Triangle”, “Cyberia”, “Four Fathers”, “Runs”, “The Maze”, “The Valley Between”, “The Head of State”, MNET’s “Doctors Quarters”, BBC’s “Wetin Dey”, MNET’s “Tinsel”, “Inheritance”, “Rough Edges”, “Bridges”, Afrinolly’s “Deep Ends” and “Husbands and Wives”.

As a Producer she has to her credit “The Triangle”, “She Devil”, “Sweet Revenge”, “Jungle Ride” “Runs”, and the soon to be released “After the I’Dos.” Lilian also produced from inception in 2010 the Zmirage Multimedia Ltd.’s four Country International Cultural Exchange tour “Preemptive Seven”, which metamorphosed into the “Open Door Series Project WS”. This International Cultural Exchange Project in honor of Professor Wole Soyinka is heading into its sixth season. Lilian is also producer of “The Ogun State Culture and Tourism documentary” and “The Health Zone” which premieres on Channels Television in April 2015. “The Health Zone” is an informative and educative television show created by Health Core Ltd.

A well rounded thespian, Lilian’s stage credits include “A queen for Domingos” produced by Aboyowa Ikomi and directed by William Ekpo, “Imaguero” produced by Francis Agu and directed by William Ekpo as well as “Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat” produced by Ike Eseka and directed by William Ekpo.

As a writer, Lilian’s first novel “Echoes of a Heartbeat” was shortlisted for the ANA 2011 prize in women writing. Her second novel “Dreams of Yesterday” will be released by Krafts Books in April 2015.  

Lilian has several nominations and awards to her credit including – 2014 Distinguished Personality in the Arts Award by FEGOCOWOSA old students Association, Lagos Branch, Afro Hollywood’s best cross over actress 2011, The Reel awards – Best New actress-1998 and Thema awards – Best upcoming actress – 1998.  

Lilian is a member of The Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) as well as the immediate past (2 term) Vice President of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMP). A KUTH ambassador and a firm believer in the saying "this too shall pass”, Lilian’s motto is "Life is short so live it to the fullest".

May 22, 2015

Professional Filmmakers Of Nigeria (PFN), Nollywood Veterans & Yoruba Movie Filmmakers Celebrate With Bimbo Thomas As She Opens New Wine Shop

Bimbo Thomas

Congratulations to Yoruba Movie Actress, Bimbo Thomas, who recently opened a wine shop in Ikeja called Bimbally Wine Shop. 

Some of her fellow PFN members which included Nollywood veterans along with her fellow Yoruba movie actors and filmmakers, were there to celebrate with her. See some photos below.

Tinsel Editor, Aaron Ugede.

Aaron Ugede With Veteran Producer/Director Sonny McDon And Egor Efiok (President of PFN)

Aaron Ugede With Sonny McDon, Gloria Ugolee And Egor Efiok

Veteran Filmmaker Lillian Amah With Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson and Eric Aghimien

Nollywood Filmmakers At The Wine Tasting Party

Nollywood filmmakers at the opening of Bimbally Wine shop

 Egor Efiok with Fellow Filmmaker and Wife Of Actor Yemi Blaq, Remi Ibinola

Lillian Amah with Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson

Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson with Eric Aghimien, Director of AMVCA and  AMMA Award Winning Film, A Mile From Home
 The Opening Of Bimbally Wine Shop

Egor Efiok With Remi Ibinola

Aaron Ugede, Gloria Ugolee and Egor Efiok

Nollywood Filmmakers L-R Aaron Ugede, Sonny McDon, Gloria Ugolee, Egor Efiok and Remi Ibinola

Pretty Lilian

Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Sonny McDon

Lilian Amah With Eric Aghimien

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok and Emma Ugolee

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok, Emma and Gloria Ugolee

Egor Efiok With Emma Ugolee

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok, Emma and Gloria Ugolee

Bimbo Thomas & Egor Efiok With Veteran Filmmakers Tade Ogidan And Frank Adekunle Macaulay
Bimbo Thomas With Veteran Director Yomi Fash-Lanso

February 25, 2015

Prince Tonye Princewill 2015 Update (Must Read + More Videos & Photos)

In the spirit of giving you an opportunity to experience what the Rivers people are saying and seeing daily, take a minute and watch the videos below. 


From an explosive interview to very revealing video, understand why men of God say a miracle is coming to Rivers state.

Then watch this:

and see why it is being nominated for the 2015 best political jingle nation wide. Done for free by volunteers!!! Who says our future is not bright? Please pray for them for me.

To access all our digital updates, log on to our site tonyeprincewill.com and register or download the free Tonye Princewill app from your App Store direct to your phone and get your updates in real time.

"Leaders can not give what they do not have" -

Much love, 

Tonye Princewill. 

February 16, 2015

Miley Cyrus Tones Down Her Image As She Performs At The SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Toned down: Miley Cyrus displayed a hitherto unknown conservative side during a surprisingly muted live performance during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday evening

Miley Cyrus displayed a hitherto unknown conservative side during a surprisingly muted live performance during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday evening.

The 22-year-old performed a cover of Paul Simon track 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, a surprise choice that she underscored with her conventional choice of outfit. 
Opting for a demure white trouser suit with floral embellishments woven into its right lapel, sleeve and outer right leg, Miley looked subdued while turning in a powerful cover of Simon’s 1975 hit.

Surprise choice:The singer performed a cover of Paul Simon track 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Kelly Rowland Stands Out In Black Coat And Hat As She Turns Up For A Runway Show In New York

Going for drama: Kelly Rowland hit a fashion high note in her daring fur coat, thigh-high Christian Louboutins, and a classic LBD as she attended the Public School show at Made Fashion Week in New York

Kelly Rowland put on a showstopping appearance at the Public School show on Sunday.

The 34-year-old, who gave birth to her first child just three months ago, looked the height of fashion in a dramatic black fur coat that fell to the floor.

The singer unveiled the results of her steadfast work-outs when she teamed her daring black mini dress with a pair of thigh-high Christian Louboutin leather boots at Made Fashion Week in New York.

Score for fashion: New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz looked sharp in his smart coat

Simply chic: The Say My Name singer was clearly a fan of her look and took to Instagram to share a sultry snap 

Hollywood Weekly Magazine's Nollywood Feature