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Nollywood Veterans & Yoruba Movie Filmmakers Celebrate With Bimbo Thomas As She Opens New Wine Shop

Yoruba Star Movie Actress and CEO Bimbally Wine Shop Bimbo Thomas


 Congratulations to Yoruba Movie Actress, Bimbo Thomas, who recently opened a wine shop in Ikeja called Bimbally Wine Shop. Some Nollywood veterans along with her fellow Yoruba movie actors and filmmakers, were there to celebrate with her. See some photos below.

Veteran Filmmaker Sonny McDon with Gloria Ugolee, Emma Ugolee's Younger Sister

Tinsel Editor Aaron Ugede dancing

Yoruba Star Movie Actresses On The Dance Floor

Egor Efiok and veteran Nollywood producer Sonny McDon on the dance floor

Filmmakers Aaron Ugede, Sonny McDon and Gloria Ugolee

Bimbo Thomas at her Wine Tasting Party and Opening of her Wine Shop

Aaron Ugede With Sonny McDon And Egor Efiok

Aaron Ugede With Sonny McDon, Gloria Ugolee And Egor Efiok

Veteran Filmmaker Lillian Amah With Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson and Eric Aghimien

Nollywood Filmmakers At The Wine Tasting Party

Nollywood filmmakers at the opening of Bimbally Wine shop

 Egor Efiok with Fellow Filmmaker and Wife Of Actor Yemi Blaq, Remi Ibinola

Lillian Amah with Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson

Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson with Eric Aghimien, Director of AMVCA and  AMMA Award Winning Film, A Mile From Home
 The Opening Of Bimbally Wine Shop

Egor Efiok With Remi Ibinola

Aaron Ugede, Gloria Ugolee and Egor Efiok

Nollywood Filmmakers L-R Aaron Ugede, Sonny McDon, Gloria Ugolee, Egor Efiok and Remi Ibinola

Pretty Lillian

Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Sonny McDon

Lillian With Eric Aghimien

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok and Emma Ugolee

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok, Emma and Gloria Ugolee

Egor Efiok With Emma Ugolee

 Kweku Elenitoba-Johnson With Egor Efiok, Emma and Gloria Ugolee

Bimbo Thomas & Egor Efiok With Veteran Filmmakers Tade Ogidan & Frank Adekunle Macaulay

Bimbo Thomas With Veteran Director Yomi Fash-Lanso

Prince Tonye Princewill 2015 Update (Must Read + More Videos & Photos)

In the spirit of giving you an opportunity to experience what the Rivers people are saying and seeing daily, take a minute and watch the videos below. 


From an explosive interview to very revealing video, understand why men of God say a miracle is coming to Rivers state.

Then watch this:

and see why it is being nominated for the 2015 best political jingle nation wide. Done for free by volunteers!!! Who says our future is not bright? Please pray for them for me.

To access all our digital updates, log on to our site tonyeprincewill.com and register or download the free Tonye Princewill app from your App Store direct to your phone and get your updates in real time.

"Leaders can not give what they do not have" -

Much love, 

Tonye Princewill. 

Miley Cyrus Tones Down Her Image As She Performs At The SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Toned down: Miley Cyrus displayed a hitherto unknown conservative side during a surprisingly muted live performance during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday evening

Miley Cyrus displayed a hitherto unknown conservative side during a surprisingly muted live performance during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on Sunday evening.

The 22-year-old performed a cover of Paul Simon track 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, a surprise choice that she underscored with her conventional choice of outfit. 
Opting for a demure white trouser suit with floral embellishments woven into its right lapel, sleeve and outer right leg, Miley looked subdued while turning in a powerful cover of Simon’s 1975 hit.

Surprise choice:The singer performed a cover of Paul Simon track 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Kelly Rowland Stands Out In Black Coat And Hat As She Turns Up For A Runway Show In New York

Going for drama: Kelly Rowland hit a fashion high note in her daring fur coat, thigh-high Christian Louboutins, and a classic LBD as she attended the Public School show at Made Fashion Week in New York

Kelly Rowland put on a showstopping appearance at the Public School show on Sunday.

The 34-year-old, who gave birth to her first child just three months ago, looked the height of fashion in a dramatic black fur coat that fell to the floor.

The singer unveiled the results of her steadfast work-outs when she teamed her daring black mini dress with a pair of thigh-high Christian Louboutin leather boots at Made Fashion Week in New York.

Score for fashion: New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz looked sharp in his smart coat

Simply chic: The Say My Name singer was clearly a fan of her look and took to Instagram to share a sultry snap 

Prince Tonye Princewill: I Will Sell The State Owned Jet On My First Day In Office.

The Rivers State Labour Party Gubernatorial candidate, Prince Tonye Princewill has restated his intention to sell the Rivers State owned jet once he assumes office as the Governor of the State.

 He resounded this during a radio interview on Saturday morning. According to him; a state governor has no business owning a private jet when pensioners and civil servants haven’t been paid. “The Rivers State Governor is supposed to be here in Rivers State doing the Business of Rivers State” he said. 

He emphasized on the fact that a jet will do the economy no good but motivate excessive travelling and thereby encourage distractions to governance.

Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu
Personal Assistant - Media and Publicity

Churchill Aluyah: How Treated Tuberculosis Turned Into Something Else & Left Me Fighting For My Life (Must Read + Videos)

Dear good people,

This is a request on behalf of Churchill Aluyah who is gravely ill. 

Churchill Aluyah resides in Spokane WA and has been battling Tuberculosis which was treated 10 years ago in his home country, Nigeria.  

The treatment over time has left scars on his trachea and bronchi tissues. These scars reduce oxygen supply to his right lung while his left lung is being over used and because he was in good health, it was able to sustain him until he had Pneumonia in November 2013. 

This condition reduces his oxygen intake and has made him vulnerable to oportunistic illnesses like colds. Right now, the scars on his bronchi needs to be fixed and his trachea and windpipe are currently damaged. 

A total of 9 procedures have been done where the surgeon put stents in his upper trachea to enable some oxygen pass to his right lung which only supplies about 10% of oxygen function while his left lung has 90% function and 2 stents on his right bronchi to give more oxygen to his lungs. The scar is what they are battling with. It is a unique condition that almost took his life. 

Churchill was in coma/incubated for 8 days and nearly died 5 times. His condition is so severe that he cannot bathe himself or sit up right and can only be wheeled in a bed and not on a wheel chair. Currently, Churchill is on an oxygen tank to aid him to breath. He coughs up blood, is constantly weak; he has chest pain and fever every day. 

The Thoracic surgery was done on February 13, 2014 at the University of Washington medical centre, Seattle WA.


UPDATE: It is getting more serious and Churchill's doctors have now informed him that his chances are very slim. Since 1st January 2015, Churchill has done over 20 bronchoscopic and over 20 surgeries. Watch below, the painful suction procedure he also has to go through 6 times every day to clear his airway.

Churchill after a painful suction procedure: "The pain I go through is like a trained boxer hit me for hours".

Additionally, Churchill has to make available, a medical jet for doctors in Spokane to regularly fly him to Seattle for ongoing treatments and the medical jet costs $54,000. Watch the short video below to see what I mean. 

Despite being in constant pain and being recently dealt the devastating blow that his chances are slim, Churchill remains upbeat and brave and you can even see him goofing around with the doctors and nurses through his pain and discomfort, in some of his videos on his YouTube channel. It is very touching and heartbreaking to watch, but Churchill shuns pity and explains to me: "I have seen the gate of death 5 times. I have seen and felt real fear and how it feels to be dying. I have been in a coma for 8 days. I have lived on oxygen through my mouth for weeks. It is what it is. Life is about challenges and the challenges it impacts on oneself".

2 photos of Churchill before he fell ill

Please if this has touched your heart, help us spread this message and if possible, to alert the Delta State Government to help their son, Churchill Aluya. His of pocket expenses are piling up and we are trying to raise whatever we can to help him. We have an ongoing goal, but whatever you can give will be most appreciated. All the funds go to him directly.

His paypal account is: hills20ng@yahoo.com and the name is Churchill Aluya. 

His bank details are:
Churchill Aluyah 
Chase bank acct number 262280328
Bank code CHASUS33
Routing number 325070760
Chase bank
2903 S Grand Blvd
Spokane WA 99203

Please pray for Churchill and assist in whatever way that you can. Your donations can save his life and will be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance and may God bless you.

Egor Efiok.

AREA! Are Back: Check Out The Talented Animators' New Funny Video Titled Igba Nkwu.

AREA!, producers of the popular short animated comedy series, have been working for months behind the scenes to produce a fresh batch of funny videos and are pleased to present to the public, the first in the new series titled Igba Nkwu.

Prince Tonye Princewill Comments On GEJ, GMB & Buhari On Arise TV + British Govt Officials Look For Him!

Watch Prince Tonye Princewill below on #TalkingAfrica on Arise TV and see why the British government sent their officials to look for him yesterday. 

To speak pidgin and Queen's English with the same mouth, no be beans. Observe his comment on Jonathan, Buhari and of course - Amaechi and it will become clear. 


President Obama Forgets To Salute Marine! Watch What Happens Afterwards!

Click Here To See What Happened.

Good example of a true leader. Way to go Obama

Prince Tonye Princewill's Campaign Update: 48 Hours With The Ogonis & Rivers State Guber Debate (Photos & Videos)

MY CAMPAIGN UPDATE (By Tonye Princewill): 

1st February, 2015

The past couple of days have been full of activity. For the benefit of those who cannot be physically present on our campaign trail but still want information on our activities, please log on to www.tonyeprincewill.com and register as a volunteer; regular updates will be circulated. This update is just one of many with many more to come. Here is a summary of this week:

A big week!! 

From the formal dedication of my campaign to our visit to my father, HRM, King Prof T.J.T Princewill, Amanyanabo of Kalabari, on the same day, this visit was symbolic because it was the first formal political engagement with the team and it was with my father. 

After re affirming my intention to contest, I set out my plans for the state after the elections. My father was present with some members of his council of chiefs; and as expected openly declared double portions of support for me. He said his son was "his gift to Rivers people" and urged them to accept me in good faith. 

On Thursday, 29th January, the team started an uninterrupted 48 hour interactive session with the Ogonis. The target of the visit wasn’t the high and mighty, but the common Ogoni man. The 2 day visit took the team through several Ogoni communities. Important stops were made at the palaces of the Beresaakoo XII and HRH Suana Baridam, Gbenemene Bangha. But walking into people’s homes and through the streets, preaching the good news, was the real highlight of the period. Stops were made in markets, salons, schools and even bars. Without any security, without mobile police we walked around Ogoni & even slept there. 

See below: 

The commitment and the love shown by the Ogonis is expected to be displayed in the coming days, as the Ogonis will be having a grand reception for Prince Tonye Princewill and Barrister Ken Sarowinyo at the State School 1 field Bori, on Saturday 7th February 2015. Please click here to see all the photos. 

On return from Ogoni, we have since carried out simultaneous door to door campaigns in the other 32 communities in Kalabari, in the communities of Ogunabali, Elekahia, D-Line and Mile 1, all in the heart of PH and several other communities in Ahoada East and West.

The door to door trail continues today. Target is old PH. Take off point, the campaign office as usual. Time 9am. Feel free to join us. Or contribute in your own way to making history. We all say we want Nigeria to change. Here is a chance to prove it. Tomorrow we hit Oyigbo, Omuma and Etche. 

See photos below also from the just concluded Rivers State Guber debate. 

Prince Tonye Princewill (Labour Party Guber Candidate)  during a debate session organised by the Rivers State NUJ

Alatubo Charles Harry (APGA Guber Candidate), Prince Tonye  Princewill (Labour Party Guber Candidate),
Mrs Tepikor Anastasia (NCP Guber  Candidate) during a debate session organised by the Rivers State NUJ  

Alatubo Charles Harry (APGA Guber Candidate), Prince Tonye  Princewill (Labour Party Guber Candidate), 
Mrs Tepikor Anastasia (NCP Guber  Candidate) during a debate session organised by the Rivers State NUJ

The full video of my UK town hall meeting is now out. See it below.

Thank you to all of you who gave to our campaign and for those who could not - pray for us. For us it's Forward ever. Backward never.

It's the person, not the party.