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Jay KariZma - Clarion Call (New Song)


Jay KariZma - "I'm A Critical Lyrical Miracle" (Video)


Nyanda & Ian Thomas - Run Away (New Music Video)


Run Away – Ian Thomas feat Nyanda

WATCH RUN AWAY [Official Music Video]: 

After successfully releasing 5 consecutive #1 iTunes Top Hit Chart Singles (Rain, Walking On Air (ft Snoop Dogg), Another Round , Slow Down and Love x4), Ian Thomas returns with yet another smash song called RUN AWAY from his upcoming album Game Time.
RUN AWAY is a rhythmic pop song that features Jamaican star Nyanda, from the chart topping group Brick & Lace.Nyanda’s current singles include Slippery When Wet, Trouble and I Love Sax.

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, The Kemist, Black Lion, The Wizard)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
P: 786.459.0084 | PIN: 7A419C7C
SKYPE: chezgayle

Nyanda & Blacklion - I LOVE SAX (New Music Video)

Watch the Official Music Video for I LOVE SAX (Nyanda & Blacklion):

I LOVE SAX is Nyanda’s NEW single…A provocative, reggae infused club banger from Jamaica’s hottest female reggae artist.

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, Black Lion, The Wizard, In The Dance)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
P: 786.459.0084 | PIN: 333C9BCD

Nyanda - Habits (Tove Lo Cover)

TITLE: Habits (Tove Lo Cover)
ARTIST: Nyanda


***For More Information on Nyanda***

Chez Gayle
MANAGER (Nyanda, Black Lion, The Wizard, In The Dance)
Thoga Entertainment Inc / Chris Smith Management
P: 786.459.0084 | PIN: 7A419C7C

Prince Tonye Princewill, Rivers State Governor Aspirant, Is Greatly Loved By The Masses! Check This Out & Make It A Date!

Initiated and executed by lovers of @TonyePrincewill (see poster). It is sweet when you are loved by the masses.

Make it a date and come and meet the man of the people, in person. Come with your friends and family. 

Let us praise GOD, the only true LEADER. 

Please share widely!

Palmary Cruise: Network With Celebrities, MDs, CEOs & Business Entrepreneurs Aboard A 7-day Italian-Styled Ship Cruise! Hurry! Check This Out Now!

Dear reader,

The perfect opportunity for business networking that you may have been looking for is right here. Please find below, the full details. 

Palmary Ship Cruise with Pencil & Friends will be taking off from Dubai from the 12th -19th of December 2014. It is 7 nights/8 days of amazing Italian atmosphere, with delicious full board meals (buffet), luxury cabins, entertainment (jokes, musical arts etc) on board, elegantly designed, friendly Costa staff and Wellness and Sport areas. It will be simply unforgetable!

You can get more info about Costa Serena (the Ship) on www.palmary.travel

Palmary Travel Club is a travel, tour and destination management company which has been providing excellent cruises for members since 2009.

Discover, Relax and Connect with MDs, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, business men and high net-worth individuals in this 7-day Italian-Styled Ship Cruise which would feature seasoned comedy, musical acts and special appearances from Nollywood stars - Joseph Benjamin (also of MTN Project fame), Ini Edo, Yemi Blaq and Hollywood Meets Nollywood Film Producer and PR Guru - Egor Efiok.

The 7-day Italian-Styled Cruise will sail aboard the Costa Crociera from Dubai - Oman (Muscat) - Oman (Khasab) - Abu Dhabi - Dubai.

Fee (Nigeria)
$7,000 for single person in a cabin.
$10,000 for couple in a cabin.
$15,000 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 children)
Additional child costs $3,000.

Fee Covers:
1. Mulitiple UAE Visa.
2. Luxury Cabins.
3. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner (Buffet)
4. Entertainment on Board - Pencil & Friends with musical arts, etc.
5. Excursions
6. Economy return ticket. Lagos - Dubai - Lagos.
7. Travel & Health Insurance.

Fee (Outside Nigeria)
$6,000 for single person in a cabin.
$8,000 for couple in a cabin.
$12,000 for a family of four (2 adults, 2 children)
Additional child costs $2,000.

Fee Covers:
1. Mulitiple UAE Visa.
2. Luxury Cabins.
3. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner (Buffet)
4. Entertainment on Board - Pencil & Friends with musical arts, etc.
5. Excursions.
6. Travel & Health Insurance.

We give special discounts to family/groups that are more t5 persons.

All sales and marketing ends by 10th November, 2014, so please call the numbers below now to book you can book via the website.

+19 406045801
+44 7700002219


We look forward to seeing you there and having a great time. 

Bon voyage in advance!

Palmary Cruise In Conjunction With E4 PR Present 7-day Italian-Styled Star Studded Cruise


Okay guys, you can't afford to miss this one. Seriously. 

This is your perfect moment to get you in the Christmas mood...your moment to mingle with celebrities, network with business entrepreneurs and have the most relaxing holiday, whilst being entertained all at the same time. 

Buffet all the way with very cushy accommodation. Think of a Kevin Hart show aboard a cruise ship and you'd get my drift. 

Hurry now and check out the affordable packages suitable for you, as spaces are now limited. 

I look forward to seeing you there. Ahoy! Aye, aye captain! 

Amber Rose And Ex Wiz Khalifa Show How Much They Mean To Each Other In Sweet Tweets

For exes Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, absense seems to have made the heart grow fonder.
The couple proved that in spite of their divorce and the drama surrounding it they still feel love for one another.
Wiz got the urge to wish Amber a happy 31st birthday via Twitter on Tuesday, which obviously touched a soft nerve in the buzz-haired model.

Amber RoseWiz Khalifa
Birthday wish for Amber: The buzz-haired blonde was the recipient of a warm birthday greeting from the rapper and she responded with her own loving message

Kris Jenner Posts Apparently-Altered Pic With Gordon Ramsay


Kris Jenner might have gotten her hand caught in the photoshop piggy bank Monday.
The sexy “Momager” uploaded a soft, glowing image of herself with chefGordon Ramsay at an event in promotion of her new cookbook, In The Kitchen With Kris.

“Thanks so much @gordongram for the shoutout and for your amazing support!!” she wrote, adding, “#Legend #GordonRamsay #InTheKitchenWithKris.”
Just one problem: Ramsay, 47, himself had uploaded the same picture — with both stars looking grittier and more wrinkled without all of the imaging effects Kris, 58, had apparently applied to the shot.
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.54.49 PM

Prince Tonye Princewill: Check This Out! (Video)

Good day all,

If you have ever stumbled across the trailer of this A-list star studded epic film (link below), you must have wondered who produced it...right?

Well, look no further. If you are a Nollywood stakeholder, are into entertainment or want to join our industry, the PRINCE is here to rescue you!

As a fellow film producer (with a difference), Prince Tonye Princewill understands our needs. His charity works are also legendary. Take a look at his various works on his YouTube channel after watching the short teaser of "76 movie".

Please join me on the winning team by voting for the talented and dapper Rivers State Governor aspirant,  Prince Tonye Princewill. You can join as a volunteer via www.tonyeprincewill.com and if you have an android phone, you may find it less tasking to download his app.

Who will bring CHANGE? The Prince Will! Let's go there people!!! #TeamPrinceWill

Lagos State Faces Trans-Border Ebola Virus Threat -Commissioner

                                                      (Image Source-Google Images)

The Lagos State Government on Thursday said the state was still under threat of trans-border transmission of Ebola Virus Disease from the virus ravaged neighboring countries.
State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jidew Idris, made the assertion in Ikeja, Lagos, while receiving some Ebola virus preventive materials donated by Neimeith Pharmaceutical Plc to the state government.
He said though the last case under observation would be discharged later on Thursday, the state had yet to be free from the threats of EVD in spite of its successful containment.

Rihanna Dropped From CBS After Rant On Twitter Over Football Intro

(USA TODAY) Hours after Rihanna criticized CBS Sports for leaving her rendition of the Jay Z song 'Run This Town' out of last week's broadcast, the network announced there would be changes in future broadcasts as well.
"Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open," said CBS senior vice president of communications Jen Sabatelle in a statement. "We will be using our newly created Thursday Night Football theme music to open our game broadcast."
The opening featuring Rihanna was removed last week as the network looked to take a more serious tone before the Ravens-Steelers broadcast to address the issues of domestic violence in the league.
Until Tuesday's announcement, the singer's opener had been scheduled to appear on Thursday Night Football for the rest of the season.

Beyonce Accused Of Photoshopping Her Thighs [See Photo]

Bey's PhotoShop boo boo.

The shot shows Beyonce smiling as she struts down the stairs of the yacht, and while her body isn't obviously doctored, it's the angle of one of the stairs between her legs that gives it away.
Fans flocked to social media to share their outrage at Beyonce's supposed thigh gap shaping.
One wrote, 'Why the hell is Beyonce photoshopping in a thigh gap?' and another tweeted, 'Questionable thigh gap there, Bey. #photoshop #wonkystep #beyonce'.
A less than impressed fan tweeted: '@Beyonce uses photoshop!! Why promote accepting yourself in your videos if you clearly lie about yourself?'.
It's not the first time Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping her images. Just last month she posted a holiday shot to Instagram in which both her wine glass and phone appeared to have rather questionable curves.
And back in April a pair of images showing the star playing golf featured some bizarrely uneven and misshapen inner thighs - not unlike this latest photo.


Ogespanish Talk Show Magazine Features Alexander Masson (Famous Model Recently Featured in Jennifer Lopez Music Video "I Luh Ya Papi" )

Read The Full Interview Here

Nigeriafilms.com Reacts To Alleged Blackmail By One Austin Anieke

Nigeriafilms.com Reacts To Alleged Blackmail By One Austin Anieke

Our attention has been drawn to a story making the rounds as regards one Austin Anieke, who purportedly claimed to be a staff of Nigeriafilms.com and was alleged to have attempted to blackmail an actress named Shirley Igwe, who is a former Delta soap model and Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Principal Prococol Officer.


We wish to categorically state that Austin is not and was never a staff of Nigeriafilms.com. None of our staff goes with that name. It is very disheartening and unbelievable that someone would be planning to drag our reputable and popular media platform in the mud through blackmail. 

Nigeriafilms.com is not known for blackmailing people, not even now that we are working tirelessly to rebrand and restructure the platform in positively promoting Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially through our reportage. Thanks.

Osaremen Ehi James (For Nigeriafilms.com)

Ellen DeGeneres Posts A Sexy Selfie Picture As She Strikes A Pose With Nicki Minaj To Promote Show Comeback .

The things she'll do to get an audience for her show.
Ellen DeGeneres pulled on frayed Daisy Dukes, a white vest, a headband and giant hoop earrings as she appeared to twerk in front of Nicki Minaj in a very silly selfie posted on Wednesday.
The 56-year-old put the image on the Instagram site for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on NBC, with the message: 'This is happening. Five more days until the season premiere. #Anaconda.'

Is this rear-ly a good idea? Ellen Degeneres pulled a wry face as she twerked in front of Nicki Minaj in a sily selfie posted on The Ellen Show's website on Wednesday to promote its return to NBC next Monday

Ogespanish Talk Show Magazine UK Wins IAA (International Achievement & Recognition Award UK) As- BEST DIGITAL MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR 2014

Congratulations Linda Bella

Rihanna Proves All You Need On A Tropical Holiday Is A Sexy Bikini [Photos]

All aboard: Rihanna sure knows how to treat herself - and those around her - with the pop star taking to the high seas in stunning style in Sicily, Italy, on Wednesday
Summer fun: The stunning star started her day aboard her multimillion dollar carter yacht, the Galaxy
Say cheese: Stripping down to a simple but sexy black and grey bikini with gold accents, the hitmaker had her friend play photographer as she posed in an impromptu photo shoot
The finished product: Rihanna looked stunning in her sunset shoot with the picturesque landscape providing the perfect backdrop
Change of pace: After a long day, the pair relaxed as the sun went down

Madonna blasts Lady Gaga in leaked lyrics from new song Two Steps Behind Me

Lady Gaga has always credited Madonna as one of her musical inspirations, but it seems like imitation isn't always the sincerest form of flattery.
Madge has reportedly taken aim at the Pokerface singer in a leaked track from her new album Two Steps Behind Me, in which the 56-year-old singer describes her as a 'copycat'.
'You're a copycat, Where is my royalty? You're a pretty girl, I'll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it's an ugly look,' Madonna sings in the hard-hitting song.

Oh no she didn't: Madonna blasts Lady Gaga as a 'copycat' in new song Two Steps Behind MeOh no she didn't: Madonna blasts Lady Gaga as a 'copycat' in new song Two Steps Behind Me

'Did you study me hard enough? You're never gonna be, you're just a wannabe me. Like a sister all messed-up, who's gonna help you out? In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can't be me.
'You can walk the walk, even talk the talk. But you'll always be two steps behind me.'
A source working closely with Madonna on her upcoming 13th album thinks Gaga, 28 will be 'mortified' when she catches wind of the damning lyrics, although it is yet to be confirmed whether the song has made the cut.
They told The Sun: 'They're very harsh lyrics but Madonna really wants to express herself again. Gaga's going to be mortified.
'I'm hearing Madonna may well drop the first of the tracks as soon as November, much earlier than expected. I can't wait.'

Mortified: No doubt Lady Gaga won't be happy to be the subject of her hero's ire

Guy Ritchie also reportedly gets a battering in his ex-wife's lyrics to another track Heartbreak City in which she describes the memory of their relationship as 'haunting' and accuses him of using her for fame.
She sings: 'Cut me down the middle, f***ed me up a little. You said I was your queen. I tried to give you everything. And now you want your freedom.


Nicki Minaj Gives Drake A Lap Dance In Shocking ‘Anaconda’ Video [Pics]


So steamy. Drake just got — what we would assume is — the best lap dance of his life! Nicki, whom Drake has confessed he loves in his 2010 hit ‘Miss Me,’ released a series of teaser pics from her ‘Anaconda’ music video, which show her gyrating her ample butt against Drake’s lap.


NEW MUSIC** Habits (Tove Lo Cover) - Nyanda

TITLE: Habits (Tove Lo Cover)
ARTIST: Nyanda

***For More Information on Nyanda***

Ebola Cure? Check This Out (Video) + All You Need To Know About The Ripple Effect

Hi all, 

Please do not allow Ebola rule your life by living in fear. Educate yourself and go about your daily business. You have nothing to fear as long as nobody vomits or spits on you and you don't touch anyone's sweat. A person has to be gravely ill for you to get it via handshakes or touching surfaces etc. Maintain good hygiene and wash your hands often with a good antibacterial handwash.
Read the link below‎ to have a better understanding of how Ebola is transmitted. 

Finally, I don't know if this is true about a cure for Ebola, but no harm in checking it out since America has refused to help us. God dey oh. Watch the video below please.

Stay blessed and stay safe.