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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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July 04, 2011


It is with great pain that i write this article. Monalisa Chinda is very depressed right now and has been in tears since the tragic news of Titilayo Oyakhire's inhumane death at the hands of her so-called husband. I am sure that the majority of you reading this know that Monalisa is a Domestic Violence survivor.

Throughout this week i have been writing about Domestic Violence in a desperate bid to WAKE UP those "I must die in this marriage" people. Some even use bible passages like "God does not like divorce" to continue receiving life threatening punches! Like WTF?! If you die, life will go on without you! You have to take a stand and walk out from that situation...if not for your sake, at least the sake of your family and loved ones. In case you missed my previous posts on Titilayo, here are the links:

Say NO To Domestic Violence! 

More details on the guy who stabbed his wife to death

Monalisa RAN FOR HER LIFE and that has saved her life today and possibly that of her innocent daughter as her crazed ex hubby sometimes used to beat both of them together as she tried to shield herself from his vicious blows! Titilayo is dead today because she continued to stay in that abusive relationship. Monalisa has not been herself since this story broke out and wants to do something to prevent other Domestic Violence sufferers from meeting similar fates. Please note that i did not single out a particular gender, as i am well
aware that some men also suffer Domestic abuse. Please refer to my story here for an example: Mrs Molayo stabs Husband to death

As for me, i am OUTRAGED because the society that we live in is partly to blame for these unfortunate incidents. How can i ever forget the horrible letters from ignorant people accusing Monalisa of leaving her matrimonial home and asking her to return to her husband...blah blah blah?! These ignoramuses sit outside and judge without having a clue of what goes on behind closed doors. Monalisa actually started seeing signs of violence from the beginning of her marriage, but stayed and prayed, hoping that her violent hubby will change. To say that she got out just in time is putting it mildly! One particular Dr Adams who claims to reside in the UK (yes, i'm naming and shaming him) somehow got hold of Monalisa's private email address and started his own email assault on her. He sent her so many abusive emails, telling her to go back to her husband, calling her names and even insulted her innocent daughter! Normally such emails are ignored, but this particular bully threated her so much that i had to step in and reply his last email thus:
dateSun, Feb 7, 2010 at 10:56 AM
subjectRe: Your email to our client, Monalisa China.
hide details 2/7/10

Dear Dr Adams,

My name is Egor Efiok, the CEO of E4 PR and Monalisa Chinda's UK Manager. Your emails to my client, Monalisa Chinda, has been brought to my attention, hence my mail to you.

Firstly, if you have not already heard about E4 PR, let me enlighten you that our most important motto is that we will not tolerate abuse of any kind towards our clients and will seek legal action if applicable, against people like yourself.

Secondly, you do not know personally, the circumstances that led to Monalisa's present situation, so you have no right to judge her or to make insinuations about what went on in her marriage.

I find it appalling as well, that you, a learned Dr (I presume), are quick to judge, given that you also portray yourself as being religious by "advising" Monalisa to "Please seek God's way and live a decent life"; yet have conveniently forgotten about the "Judge not so that ye may not be judged" and "Remove the log from your eyes first so that you can see clearly to remove the speck from another person's eyes" rules!

Our celebrities do their best to entertain and please the public, so they do not deserve to be rewarded with insults like you've done. They are human beings like the rest of us and do have feelings, so please cut them some slack.

It does not matter if you do not like Monalisa, as you are entitled to your opinion, but please in future, refrain from contacting her direct to insult her (like you did in your classless comment about her not being beautiful) or referring to her daughter.

Please consider this a WARNING, as failure to heed would result in expensive legal suits and I promise you, WE WILL TAKE YOU TO THE CLEANERS. And in case you think you cannot be traced, please think again, for we will use all the powers within our means to fish you out, including using the press if we have to.

I also reside in the UK where you claim to reside and E4 PR have solicitors both in England and in Nigeria; therefore you will be charged accordingly, whatever city you are in at the time. So please BE WARNED.

Many thanks for your time and hoping NEVER to hear from you again.


Egor Efiok (CEO, E4 PR).

That letter of mine ended Dr Adams' "reign of terror" on Monalisa. To save his face, i have been very kind not to publish his horrible letters to Monalisa and i hope he is reading this. Can he now ask tragic Titi's mutilated body to go back to her husband? No, because it is too late. May her beautiful soul Rest In Peace.



Ademola Olayinka Ogunshe said...

I'm Really Sorry Monalisa...Nobody knows all this all we heard is that U just pack out of Ur Mat. Home...God be with U.

Egor Efiok said...

Don't believe all that you hear bro @ Ademola. Monalisa tried to conform to society's way of thinking and stayed in her marriage for as long as possible. Her beautiful skin was always battered and bruised and she was always wearing shades to hide her injuries. The last time that he beat herself up and her daughter was the day she ran and never looked back. She only had on the clothes on her body and never went back.

Anonymous said...


Junny said...


Apaji Eze said...

chinda pls accept my sympathy. Thank God you came out safe.

Anonymous said...

I thank God that Monalisa Chinda did not end up like Titilayo. How can we loose such an Actress to domestic voilence. Men who beat up their wives are weaklies. Thank God u are out of this alive to tell ur stories for others to learn.

Anonymous said...

Shame to men who beat up their wives.

Egor Efiok said...

Thanks everyone for your love and support. God bless. Xxx

eudora said...

Thank God u came out alive. Many women are still suffering this but are ashamed of what people will say and what will happen to their children. This is really a lesson to them.

Anonymous said...

I know what it feels like... I was battered by my ex-hubby for 2 years. He said I was too arrogant & needed "softening". I suffered intense depression from frequent crying & very low self esteem. I'm also fair in complexion so my skin was in shambles from the beatings. The last straw was in April 2010 when he hit me on the head with a plank & I bled from my eyes & nose then passed out. It was just God... I thank the police & the court too for taking swift actions against him. Its all over now. Today, I'm 100% happy! Better & radiant than ever.

Pj E said...

Its sad 2 know dat men n women alike still subject demselves 2 primitive ideologies such as bin abusive verbally or otherwise. Men u don't have 2 beat ur wives 2 get em 2 bend 2 ur evry need n Women don't need 2 tongue lash their husbands in2 beta men, der r more subtle means 2 archievin d said goal.
Heartfelt condolences 2 Titilayo's family, may her soul rest in blissful peace. Shoutouts, respect n kudos 2 Ms Chinda, u made it cuz u r a survivor, a strong willed woman thumbs up.
2 all em people sufferin frm domestic violence get out yl u stil can, take a cue frm titi n don't miSs out on lyf N 4 all dose who live 4 domestic violence, quit yl u stil got a chance cuz u neva kno if he or she's jes bidin tym 2 retaliate wit intent 2 kill or u evn put an end 2 d best fin dat mite av eva happened 2 u, den it'll b 2 lil 2 l8. Tnx 4 d awareness fam, I like a lot I fink d peaople shld kno wat domestic violence is about. Cheers

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Ms Effiok. While I commend your willful power and stance to protect your clients against all sorts of abuse that relates to DV, and against the abusive comments that u claim people submit to insult their characters on blogs, without apologies, I must point that you are not methodical nor professional in your bid to 'silence' these so called oppressors. By default I was directed to this site from your open letter post on Ladun's blog, regarding Monalissa and her new man. Altogether, that letter and this post here are the most unprofessional, most lame, most unintelligent, and the most incoherent rejoinder I have read in recent time. In addition, I will also say that you are doing the exact thing you 'preach' against. 'Cyber Bullying'. Like the other post, the mail here is just full of bluffs, bolony, and threats to the Dr you address. If you must operate on a legal platform, then do so absolutely. No publicist sends threats to the general public because they attack their client's personalities. Who are you?

Am not sure that u have a job description, because you are NOT representing your 'clients' respectfully. Matter of fact you are causing them more havoc with your 'super woman wannabe' nonsensical spew. Which publicist tells a client's so called 'enemy' that 'she'll find them at all cost'? It is obvious that you do not have the mental capacity to articulate your entreaty in public against your 'opponents'. Hence you resort to cheap threats...its so absurd! If you must tow this line of yours, then get more informed on the logistics. Being fearless or vocal doesn't suffice it. You need to educate yourself. Who cares if you operate from the UK? Does that validate your position? or does it give you an edge over everyone? You are trying to 'front' for your clients..yet you divulge your personal info to stay afloat relevance. My lady, you need to brush up on your public relations affair...it is so poorly! Didn't even know that you exist until reading your lousy mail on Ladun's blog. A letter filled with too many shallow irrelevance... and too much info that doesn't concern the public. However, I align with your school of thoughts on the issue. DV must be stopped absolutely! Even if u don't post it am sure you'll read it.

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