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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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June 27, 2012

Joseph Benjamin In Tyler Perry Movie Competition: Awww...Awww...This Is So Touching Guys - Check Out His Audition & Please Vote For Him

Hi guys, please first of all, click on the You Tube link below and you'd understand why this is so touching :(  


Seriously, I am in floods of tears right now; more so, because this was totally unexpected. Joe didn't even tell me that he was doing this. I was awake all night working, when a notification from his Facebook status very early this morning, flashed across my screen, with a message from him asking people to please vote for him. 

I assumed Joe was referring to NEA Awards: Pls Vote 4 Joseph, Kunle, Nse, DJ Abass etc, so didn't give it much thought. It was about 4am and I remembered that it had been almost two weeks since we chatted last on BB and I never had the time to finish that conversation, which was very important, so I seized the moment to call him. I told him how it was a good thing I noticed him when I did and he started talking about the competition and said that he didn't want to bug me, because he knew I'd been very busy writing and working very hard almost non-stop since the beginning of this month, and noticed that my blogging had reduced. He further echoed the words of everyone close to me (which I always ignore anyway :D), advising me to please take it easy and try and get some rest. Btw, you'd all soon understand why my blogging has slowed down, so please bear with me in the meantime, as I have been doing everything alone since last month...after I was hacked. If you notice, you'd no longer find anything to do with the Hollywood Weekly Magazine feature on this blog. I put the cover in this post to remind you of how internationally appealing Joe is. 

Assuming Joe was referring to the NEA Awards, I laughed and said I could never be too busy for my stars and had already published it everywhere almost two weeks ago. That was when he informed me that this was another competition for a role in Tyler Perry's movie which would end in 2 days (29th) and I clicked on the link on his status as we spoke, meaning to check it out after our phone call. By the time I got off the phone, it was almost time for school run and as the day wore on, I continued working, completely forgetting about Joe's competition. I just decided to close some of my numerous open pages, when I saw the link and remembered I was supposed to check it out. 

Now that you have listened to it, you can understand how I feel. It's funny how we forget some talents that people close to us have. A lot of you don't know that Joe used to be a musician before he ventured into acting; in fact I remember he had a band or so. What you heard in that audition was nothing and that was the 'nervous Joe' you saw. Joe sings real powerful ballads that would give you goose bumps...and when I saw powerful, I mean Usher or R.Kelly type. People close to him will testify to this fact...just like London X Factor addicts would tell you that Tiwa Sawage can sing Whitney powerful ballads. Because she now does more of pop songs, you'd only understand if you hear her sing a ballad. I once asked Joe what was happening to his music, and he said he wanted to concentrate on his acting for now, so I forgot about it. 

Joe is one of the most ambitious people I know, yet he is so modest, so humble, so simple...yet, so cool...you'd just keep realising every time, how deeply talented he is. Seeing him sing like that, I could tell how much that audition meant to him. Joe has tried to keep his singing talent under wraps all this while, so it was deeply touching to watch him relent on that decision for the sake of this audition...and he just had soppy old me :(

The competition is going to end in about 36 hours and although Joe knows I would definitely have helped if he had informed me about this earlier, he wasn't going to ask me to help cos he was worried about my already heavy workload. He has been doing this almost everyday for two weeks on his Facebook status and I never noticed until this morning...and forgot about it all day. Please guys, help me spread the word until this message goes VIRAL; he has only had 567 views so far. Fellow bloggers, I am going to bug you tonight, tomorrow...and remember...I have your numbers, so if you don't wanna be stalked...hehehe ;) :)

Many thanks in advance to everyone and God bless you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Egor I just voted for Joseph Benjamin. I wish him all the best.A fan from Trinidad & Tobago.

tang said...

Gud day, how do I vote? D link keeps taking me to a couple of videos

Anonymous said...

Egor!! Joe did not inform you because of your workload? Check that boy well. My dear, he did not want you to know. He thought he could do it by himself but he has suddenly realized that PR is part of what makes a star popular. Think about people's action not what they say to you. If he had told you since, he would have had thousands of hits.

timotew@ nollywood news said...

me too all i see is videos maybe you should check the link. or is there anyway i can vote from other sites

Infinity Chess King said...

Nice post.

E4 PR said...

Thanks a lot for voting guys. Just seeing your comments. God bless.

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