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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
Click On This Photo To View Photos From My Birthday Party & At This Beautiful Paradise On Earth

July 21, 2014

NYPD Racist Officers Kill 400-Pound Asthmatic Black Man By Grabbing Him In A Chokehold Despite Him Shouting, "I can't breathe"! (Video)

A 400-pound asthmatic man died after NYPD officers placed him in chokehold.

The crime: He broke up a fight between two other men.

"I can't breathe, I can't breathe", Eric Garner, 43, a married father of six children with two grandchildren, repeatedly screamed after at least five NYPD officers took him down in front of a Tompkinsville beauty supply store when he balked at being handcuffed.

July 18, 2014

Malaysia MH17: AIDS Researcher Joep Lange & 107 Other Delegates To Melbourne AID Malaysia MH17: AIDS Researcher Joep Lange & 107 Other Delegates To Melbourne AID

MORE than 100 AIDS activists, researchers and health workers bound for a major conference in Melbourne were on the Malaysia Airlines flight downed in the Ukraine.

It is believed that delegates to the 20th International AIDS Conference, due to begin on Sunday, will be informed today that 108 of their colleagues and family members died on MH17.
Stunned researchers, activists and development workers arriving at Melbourne Airport paid tribute to AIDS researcher Joep Lange and the other attendees believed killed aboard MH17.
Jonathan Quick, head of a not-for–profit medicine supply company working with the Global Fund and the US government in Africa and Latin America, described Professor Lange as a force for change in HIV/AIDS treatment.
“I remember meeting him back in the late 1990s. He was really driven at a time when there was not much going on in the way of treatment,” he said

Read More Here

July 17, 2014

Kate Henshaw To Run For House Of Reps In Cross River State! (Exclusive Scoop) + SK For Lagos State Governor!

Hi all,

Officer, no vex mbok, I'm too excited to keep this! Deal with me later! Hehehe!

Multi-Award Winning Nollywood screen diva, Offiong Kate Henshaw, is going to declare to run for House Of Reps in Cross River State...on her birthday...which is in 2 days...her campaign.ng account comes alive midnight tomorrow.

While we are on the topic, dare to dream if you think you have what it takes to declare for any office. The good news for women too, is that is free for them. Just go to www.campaign.ng and register.

While we are still on the topic...*big smile*...please join me in supporting Lagos State Governor aspirant, Sola Kuti (aka SK). Check out his profile on the site and follow @campaigndotng on Twitter. To convince you further that SK is the right candidate, read his status update on Facebook below:

In the last few days, many people have talked about the different big name players in the race to become Governor of Lagos across all parties.
And people who have heard that I am contesting are not really convinced I am serious...
All that talk about how Nigeria needs a change in leadership that you all come of facebook to shout and rant about...IS IT FOR REAL???
I am really amused when I see people getting excited when they hear the 'big' names many of who in my view are TOTAL FAILURES...we only hear and see them during election time...after that they disappear into oblivion for another 4 years.
Ironical that these same friends who ask if I AM SERIOUS are the very ones that blurt out one big name or the other excitedly and say things like this person makes the race exciting....I am definitely voting for him.
They even forget they are the same people who send messages and broadcasts about how our over recycled leaders became presidents and ministers in their 20's and 30's.
Then the most interesting ones are those who probably don't know me,
They ask questions like: Who da hell is Sola Kuti??
Some have even said: He is a nobody...he should wait his turn...he is still young....abeg who is he?? We don't know him....etc
I agree that I am a nobody....yes oooo an ordinary son of ordinary parents...my father retired as an ordinary lecturer/chief technologist in Unilag, my late mum retired as an ordinary Catering Manager at Nitel.
They were truly ordinary people....HARD WORKING, SELFLESS, GENEROUS and HONEST PEOPLE.
ORDINARY PEOPLE but most importantly they were GOOD PEOPLE....in my view EXTRAORDINARY.
Some of the big men and women you see today shinning were able to enter Unilag because that ordinary father of mine, used his 'ordinariness' to get them in on his quota and goodwill.
Some of the telecoms giants today got employed into Nitel and were not sidelined for training and development through my very ordinary caterer mum (God bless her Soul).
So it is true I am a nobody
A Nobody who graduated with a 2:1 from Middlesex University Business School in Hendon London.
I am a nobody who rose within a few years of consulting to become Senior Analyst in charge of European Networks with the American Oil Company AMOCO now BP at their London office, at just 29yrs old.
I am a nobody who quit consulting to work from home so I could look after my son and while baby sitting, I built a very successful IT consulting company from my living room (in between picking him up from school and making lunch etc).
A nobody who launched the first e-commerce enabled site in Nigeria in 1999.

A nobody who with my business partners introduced the lower denomination (N500 Econet and N750 MTN) recharge card idea (which was unthinkable to the networks then) to both MTN and Econet Wireless (Now Airtel), and virtual and logical methods of dispensing via POS.

I am a nobody who consulted and built world class systems for the once prestigious NITEL and MTEL, as well as INEC in Nigeria between 2002 and 2005.

I am a nobody who became SA to a Senator from 2003-2007.

I am a nobody who has continuously built successfully SME's here in Nigeria across different business sectors.

A nobody who employs labour and has a great welfare system in place for all those that I come in contact with.

A nobody with GREAT friends who in just a few months have raised::
N2.5m to #SaveBabyKenny, 
N1m to #SaveQueenEjoh and 
N2m to #SaveImran.
amongst others

Can you Imagine how much more we could achieve together if I was SOMEBODY??

Once again...my name is Sola Kuti, you can call me SK. 

I am running for Governor of Lagos.

Come 2015, I intend to be the candidate to beat.

Join me in my quest to free the great people of Lagos from the shackles of deprivation, stagnation and oppression by volunteering at www.campaign.ng/babasola.kuti

May God continue to raise millions of 'nobodies' like me to touch the lives of others and contribute their significant quota to develop Nigeria. AMEN

#MyLagos #YourLagos #OurLagos

#OSFA #GetInvolved #TakeBackNigeria

I urge you to please share this story of NOBODY with EVERYBODY. Thank you.

Charlyboy Is The Epitome Of Real And Is One Of My Role Models - Chichi Igbo

Footballer and fitness trainer Chichi Igbo has said she respects men like Charly boy for living his life his own way rather than listening to how people want him to live his life. Chichi took to a Facebook page where she sang his praises and referred to him as her boss. Her words;

Charlie boy is The epitome of real. This man right here is one of my role models. I admire him in so many ways, fearless, lionhearted and takes bullshit from nobody. Being yourself in a world that's constantly trying to change you into who you are not is the greatest achievement. What would our world look like if we all looked and acted alike? BOF**KINGRING.

Let's learn to tolerate and respect each others differences, you were born unique, stay YOUNIQUE. Be who you wanna be and not what society wants you to be, people are loosing their true selves cos they are trying so hard to be someone they are not just to be accepted, if they can't accept you for you then they are not worthy of you.


This country need more people like Charlie boy, People with their own mind and not d*ck riding, brainwashed hypocrites that have imprisoned their souls and true selves trying to belong. Many are living an unhappy life cos they are busy worrying about what others think about them. What's the essence of living if we live in denial? You are not living until you start living for you. stay inspiring big boss.

July 07, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z's 'On the Run' Tour, heading to New Orleans July 20, gets rave Philly review

PHILADELPHIA — For all of Beyonce and Jay Z's up-tempo joint hits — the irresistible and catchy "Crazy In Love," the swagger anthem "Upgrade U" and the beat-driven "Drunk In Love" — it was the performers' emotional solo material that made their presence as a collaborative duo strong and resilient during their On the Run tour.
It was like they were having a conversation through songs in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Beyonce went from a rock-heavy arrangement of "If I Were a Boy" to a cover of Lauryn Hill's grand "Ex-Factor." She sang the latter as a woman scorned and repeated the line, "Why won't you cry for me?" The crowd at the Citizens Bank Park sang along, and cheered her on.
Jay Z's reply: His confessional and emotional 2002 tune, "Song Cry." It opens with the line: "I can't see them coming down my eyes, so I got to make the song cry."
He performed the track holding the microphone closely with both hands as he stood in place, all while a video of the power couple was shown in the background. She was in a wedding dress and they rode a motorcycle and danced.
She also cried, began shooting someone and was hit with a bullet. And then she sang the weighty ballad about a deceitful lover, "Resentment."
Beyonce performed the 2006 song sitting down and wearing a wedding veil. She changed the lyrics to note she's been "riding with you for 12 years," which earned a rousing roar from the crowd. And a video followed, starting with the line, "Love is an act of endless forgiveness."
JAY Z and Beyonc�Jay Z and Beyonce perform on the On The Run Tour at the Great American Ball Park on Saturday, June 28, 2014, in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Robin HarperParkwood Entertainment/AP Images) 
The back-to-back performances full of sentiment and sensation were welcomed since Jayonce is pop's most intimate couple. In concert, they seemed to lay it all out through song.
Beyonce was most passionate when she sang the upbeat number "Why Don't You Love Me." She even grew teary-eyed after she belted some of the lyrics and paused for a minute as the crowd cheered. And cheered. And cheered.
She followed that by singing Justin Timberlake's part on the hit "Holy Grail," staring directly at Jay Z and singing the lyrics as if it were written for her. The transition from "Why Don't You Love Me" to "Holy Grail" was one of many that worked perfectly as the duo performed three dozen songs — some in snippets — for a feverish group of fans at a stadium with 40,000 seats.
They kicked off the nearly three-hour concert with high energy, going from "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" to "Upgrade U" to "Crazy In Love." They changed clothes about 10 times throughout the show, wearing mostly black with touches of leather onstage.
When Jay Z rapped about his "bad chick, H-town" during "Tom Ford," Beyonce crept onstage. And when Jay Z performed the anthemic "Clique," Beyonce was behind him. She nodded her head and then transitioned to "Diva," where her singing style is not far from rapping, and her swag is not far from Jay Z's.
It was also one of many songs where Beyonce danced with skill, enticing and igniting the audience and proving even further that she is contemporary pop's leading performer. She danced with precision on songs like "Run the World (Girls)," ''Flawless" and "Ring the Alarm." Sometimes it was so clean she appeared robotic. And she also did the Nae Nae dance.
Other highlights throughout the night included Jay Z's catalog of hits, such as "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)," ''Dirt Off Your Shoulder" and "Big Pimpin." He went from "H to the Izzo" to "...In Paris," ending it by rapping the Kanye West verse: "She said, "'Ye, can we get married at the mall? I said, "Look, you need to crawl before you ball."
Beyonce's follow-up: "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)."

Jahborne - Ocho Cinco (Watch The Video Teaser)

Directed by Jahborne for Afromatrix Films

July 05, 2014

Phyno ft. P-Square: O Set (New Video)

The “Man of the Year” Phyno keeps churning out great visuals for all his monster hits, first we saw a stunning video for the hit cracker “Parcel“.
Relentless effort from the Sputnet Pent Hauz front man Phyno graced the big screens with yet another dope video “Alobam” which was a huge success.

Phyno is poised in unleashing great videos as the anticipation for the club friendly hit “O Set” in which he features music duo P-Square finally hits the big screens. The video is a masterpiece shot and directed by the man behind P-Square’s success Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye.
watch below;


July 04, 2014

Adebayo Ogunlesi Is The New Owner Of Gatwick Airport

It is a good feeling to see Nigerians dominate the business world. Way to go sir!  Read more below. 

A Nigerian, Adebayo Ogunlesi, has acquired the London Gatwick Airport as the new owner. The Gatwick deal is a £1.455 billion agreement with BAA Airports Limited. Adebayo Ogunlesi, 56, is the chairman and managing partner, Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), an independent investment fund based in New York City with worldwide stake in infrastructure assets,is the new owner of the London Gatwick Airport. Ogunlesi attended the prestigious King’s College, Lagos. He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association. He was a lecturer at Harvard Law School and the Yale School. Ogunlesi, whose father was the first Nigerian-born medical professor, studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford and then earned law and business degrees from Harvard. Ogunlesi has lived in New York for 20 years and is active in volunteer work. But he also cultivates his ties to Africa. He informally advises the Nigerian government on privatisation. And last summer Manute Bol, former NBA center, visited Ogunlesi in his Park Avenue office, seeking donations for a charitable foundation in former basketball star Manute Bol’s homeland, Sudan.

  Ogunlesi walked Bol around the hallways, introducing him to junior staff. It was just another day in the Bayosphere.
Prior to his current role, he was executive vice chairman and chief client officer of Credit Suisse, based in New York. He previously served as a member of Credit Suisse’s Executive Board and Management Council and chaired the Chairman’s Board. Previously, he was the Global Head of Investment Banking at Credit Suisse. Since joining Credit Suisse in 1983, Ogunlesi has advised clients on strategic transactions and financings in a broad range of industries and has worked on transactions in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
In the US, he is known as the Nigerian who clerked for late Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall, who they say was unable to pronounce his name and quickly dubbed him Obeedoogee. Colleagues and friends call him Bayo.

RMD Looking Dapper As He Poses With The Delta100 Team (Photos)

 With Hon Richard Mofe Damijo, the Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism

I am from Delta State and am proud to be part of the talented Delta 100 team.

A cross of Press members at the Delta100 press conference

Dinner with Hon Ben Ibakpa, the honourable commissioner for transportation

Congratulations to Omena Danie‎ls (publisher of now defunct Hints magazine and publisher of Bloke, one of the hottest selling magazines right now) and my good friend, Shirley Alero Aghotse (accountant and ex Miss Tourism Nigeria) for putting together, this fabulous concept. 

Lady E.O. Elue, Wife of the former Deputy Governor of Delta State at the Delta100 Press Pally 

Omena Daniels With Delta State Secretary to the State Government during a courtesy visit

I was with the team in Asaba last month working on this project and feel so proud to see it beginning to manifest. I feel honoured to be part of this fabulous team.

The Team with Dr Newton Jibunor the Dessert Warrior

With Dr Ekiyor, the Honourable Chairman of Patani LGA

If you are from Delta State, it is not too late for you to join. Please go to the website and nominate people from Delta State that you think deserve to be honoured as one of the 100 outstanding Deltans. For instance, I nominated 20-year-old  Merrilyn Akpapuna (pictured below) who recently emerged‎ overall Best Graduating Student of Dillard University, New Orleans, USA. 


                           Merrilyn Akpapuna

With Hon Evelyn Oboro, a member of Federal House of Assembly, and the first Urhobo woman to represent at that level

Read Shirley's piece‎ below to gather more information about The Delta 100. Btw, do you remember my first photoshoot with Lola Maja almost 4 years ago? Shirley is the HOT model wrapped in pink tape with the pink butterfly border decoration. If you missed it, click on the photo on the left hand side of the blog here that has "INCEST" written on the male model's back. (Shirley will kill me) Hehehe! *legs it*

THE DELTA100: Excellence. Innovation. Service

Telling the Inspirational stories of 100 of the Most Distinguished Persons of Delta origin, past and present.

As Nigeria marks a 100years of nationhood, Avenue3 is proud to present The Delta100, a historical and real-time project profiling exceptional Deltans whose life and legacy cut to the heart of who we are as a people. This revolutionary project is anchored on promoting the core values of Excellence, Innovation and Service.

By beaming a huge spotlight and telling the inspirational stories of a hundred distinguished Business and Political leaders, Entertainers, Humanitarians and the ordinary ‘Sons of the Soil’ who have done and are still doing extra ordinary things, we hope to foster unity and progress.

The Delta100 is a celebration of Delta state and everything she means to Nigeria. Although a flamboyant and lavish honor to its recipients, it is more importantly an acknowledgement of how far and how well we have come as a people and our willingness to build a peaceful and more successful Delta State!

The Delta100 team has visited 23 out of the 25 Local Government Area across the 3 Senatorial District in Delta State organising townhall meetings and getting nominations from Traditional rulers and Chairmen of Local Government Council.

The Director of the project is Omena Daniels the publisher of bloke, a prolific writer, a motivational speaker and a former editor of Hints magazine. His Deputy is Miss Shirley Alero Aghotse an accountant, a humanitarian and an ex beauty queen. Some of the acclaimed pen pushers that have been billed to write these inspirational stories are Chude, Toni Kan,
 Egor Efiok, Omena Daniels etc. 

Shirley Alero Aghotse

Kefee To Be Buried Next Friday + Sammy Okposo & Many Celebs Visit Her Family (Photos)

The remains of the late Pop-Gospel singer, Kefee (Irikefe Don-Momoh nee Obareki), would be laid to rest on Friday, July 11, 2014 in her hometown— Okpara-Inland, Ethiope East local government, Delta State.
The family disclosed this to members of the Kefee Memorial Committee (a collection of artists and entertainment personalities) who paid a condolence visit to the late singer’s parents in their Sapele, Delta State home on Wednesday, July 2 2014.
A statement released by her publicist in Lagos on Thursday states that Kefee’s husband, Teddy Don-Momoh, who has been making arrangements to bring her body back from the U.S., would arrive the country first to receive her body before taking her down to Delta State for burial.
Teddy had earlier indicated that his wife’s family had requested that she be buried in their hometown, with a celebratory service in Sapele afterwards and he was comfortable with the arrangement.
The condolence team who travelled to Sapele from Lagos included Sammie Okposo, Nikki Laoye, Annie Ibrahim, Gordons, Princess, Linda Etukudo, Rex Anighoro, Noah Momodu, Covenant and Chika 100%.
Artists visit Kefee's family in Sapele
Artists visit Kefee’s family in Sapele
Sammie, who spoke on behalf of the committee, told Kefee’s family that the delegation was in Sapele to commiserate with them on their loss and harmonise the arrangements of the Kefee Memorial Committee with the preparations of her family.
He expressed his sadness to be visiting on such a mission but that the contributions of their daughter to the entertainment industry meant that entertainers in Nigeria wanted to celebrate and pay their last respects to one of their own.
“We will perform the last respects we owe our sister to the best of our abilities. We will let the world know that a queen was here and she will always be celebrated.
“She brought peace, happiness and love to the world even in her passing and even though we are heartbroken, we will be comforted in the fact that God knows best and we cannot question him”, he said.
Anny, a Gospel artist and close friend to Kefee, spoke of how Kefee introduced her into the entertainment industry and said that she had stopped mourning but was now celebrating Kefee’s life.
Comedian, Princess, said: “Kefee was a huge gift put in a small container for all of us and we didn’t even know how powerful she was. She made such a huge impact in her short life that some men of 50 years have not achieved. You are a lucky man to have had her as your child,” she told Kefee’s father.
Kefee's dad and Sammie Okposo
Kefee’s dad and Sammie Okposo
Nikki Laoye, a Gospel Artist spoke of their friendship and further shared: “Kefee was a fighter and unapologetically passionate about her music and her art. Till her last breath, she spent her time and energy sharing her message of love, strength and peace across the world.”
She promised the family that the entertainment industry would continue to support them and prayed for their continued good health, especially, in times like this.
Other members of the delegation spoke in the same vein and afterwards Kefee’s father, Mr Andrew Obareki thanked them for the visit.
He said the visit had reduced their grief and prayed that God would continue to guide and guard the entertainment industry so there will be no similar occurrences like the untimely death of his daughter.
“I stand on the authority of the word of God and use the key of David to shut the gates of death from the entertainment industry; there shall be no more sudden, tragic, premature and untimely deaths.
Anny Ibrahim
Anny Ibrahim
“I’m glad Kefee touched the lives of many and her memory will continue to live on. Sometimes it’s not easy to give God thanks but we have no choice”, he said.
Kefee was a well-liked Pop-Gospel artist who had been active in the entertainment industry for the past ten years. She was born on Feb. 5, 1980 in Sapele, Delta State and was known as the Branama Queen, in reference to her debut hit track and album, ‘Branama’.
She also scored a hit with the track, ‘Kokoroko’, featuring Timaya and had four albums to her credit— ‘Branama’ (2003), ‘Branama 2’ (2005), ‘A Piece of Me’ (2009) and ‘Chorus Leader’ in 2013.
Kefee passed away on June 13, 2014, in the United States of America.
Kefee's dad speaks while his elder brother and Sammie watch
Kefee’s dad speaks while his elder brother and Sammie watch
Kefee's dad, Mr Andrew Obareki
Kefee’s dad, Mr Andrew Obareki
Rex Anighoro and Kefee's dad
Rex Anighoro and Kefee’s dad
Princess Speaks
Princess Speaks
The mourners
The mourners

Rest In Peace angel and may God give your family the strength to bear your loss IJMN - Amen.

July 03, 2014

Rihanna Poses Naked With Her 'Niece' As She Posts A Number Of Family Snaps On Twitter

Feeling broody: Rihanna poses topless and tenderly holds her tiny niece in a Twitter photo on Wednesday

It looks like Rihanna may be ready to tame her wild ways.
The raunchy pop diva shared some tender and rather broody looking photos cradling her tiny 'niece' on her Twitter account on Wednesday. 
In one particular snap, she poses topless with the little one resting on her bare shoulder and captions: 'Aunty and me'

The Grammy winner, 26, has been spending a lot of time in recent weeks bonding with the newborn, who's reportedly the child of her cousin Noella Alstrom.
The star, assuming she was topless and not naked, looked to be wearing just a pair pearl earrings and some silver necklaces as she turned her back to the camera.
She held on to the little girl, who was perched on her left arm, and looked back over her shoulder gently resting her forehead against the tot.
In another snap she wore a black cropped top as she cradled the baby girl and kissed her gently on the nose whilst closing her eyes.
'Smells brand new' she wrote alongside the heartwarming image.

Can't get enough: Pop diva Rihanna has had some down time in-between tours and seems to be focusing on family

Skeleton Cake...Who Wants A Piece?

Lol! Weird, but kinda funny too. Err...I'll pass on a piece though...

Hollywood Weekly Magazine's Nollywood Feature