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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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January 09, 2015

President Goodluck Jonathan's Enugu Campaign - By Charles Novia

President GEJ again at the Enugu Campaign took control of his own narratives and his body language was as good as the Lagos' campaign and his points articulated to his audience. 

I watched Governor Fashola on tv yesterday saying that he saw an angry President yesterday who was blaming past leaders for his problems. I think either Fashola had nothing tangible to say or he and his cohorts must have been shocked to see the vigour in GEJ, which was sustained today. Who would blame Jonathan for being angry, if indeed he was? For three years the opposition took hold of the Media and kept a sustained propaganda against the Man, rubbishing all his programmes and intentions and buying up paid agents on social media to attack the government ( And I know what I'm saying concerning this!). Because of the pacifist nature of the President, he let it ride and realised too late that what he had let ride as ' freedom of the press and information' was actually a calculated ploy to politically destroy him. Most of the newspaper houses and private TV and radio stations are owned by key members of the opposition as well as many social media sites. Go figure. 

I hate bullies. I, Charles Novia, hate bullies. And the convenient narratives of the opposition is the highest level of bullying. And those who are supporting or voting the opposition have bought into that bullying mantra either subconsciously or ideologically. Anyone who speaks for GEJ, they come out after the person anywhere on social media. I have encountered some on my Facebook page but I have warned that I am not GEJ. Come to my wall and talk rubbish and I will yank you off politely. On twitter, since the major blogs carried my tweets about ‪#‎Myvote‬ , all sorts of APC supporters have been tweeting at me, insulting me and some even threatening me. I tell dem say dem jam rock. Mofos don't know the person they are tweeting at!

GEJ fired a salvo today at Buhari. He said he is sure Buhari cannot even remember his telephone number. That got the crowd laughing. It was a veiled jibe at the opponent's age and distance from present realities. 

' Ask him how he will fight corruption and all he will say is ' I will jail. I will jail'. In a democracy? How do you jail? You think it's the military era when you can just jail people 300 years? Are there no courts? No rule of law?' GEJ asked. 

On defence: ' I stand by what I said yesterday that Buhari did not buy one single rifle when in power. There are official records to check out. Let the Defence journalists go and find out. The records are there. Not one. For 30 years, the Nigerian Navy had only one frigate ( the biggest warship) and no one bothered to buy all these years. Under my administration we now have 4! The Nigerian Airforce is now building and experimenting with drones and your son INNOSSON is building such with them and creating thousands of jobs'. 

GEJ read part of the speech General Babanginda gave when he overthrew General Buhari in 1985 and highlighted the reasons why IBB threw him out. ' He was rigid, absolute disdain for the Supreme Military Council ( the highest decision body then) and listened to nobody. Among other things, that's why he was removed. Has he changed in 30 years? And that's the kind of person who wants to come back?' 

My reasons for voting GEJ this time may not resonate with anyone but I re-iterate that it is my right. My stand. The man is a Good Man. He has a good heart. He might be meek in some areas but the orchestrated bullying by those media who have been compromised will do nothing in the long run but to make more people readjust their stand and vote for him in sympathy. And now that GEJ is telling his own story with a new fervour, that is going to happen.

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