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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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June 19, 2013

Charlyboy Turns 63 Today: Read Justice Oputa, Lady D and others' Tributes To The Great Legend

It is no longer news that Charlyboy, aka areafada will be turning 63 tomorrow, 19th June. However, the news is the buzz that his 63rd birthday has been generating in the media as both old and the young keep talking about the man who even at 63 never act and look his age. Some analysts have however questioned his official age, speculating that the acceptance of 63 as an official age could be one of his numerous gimmicks as an enigmatic artist whose ways are totally different and inexplicable.

Our correspondent, while interacting with Charlyboy’s media organization was briefed about the concerns shown by different individuals, including friends and well-wishers regarding his 63 unquenchable years of struggle. Speaking with Adoyi Ali, Charlyboy’s Press Secretary, he said, “we have received different messages for Charlyboy’s 63rd birthday anniversary, and we are very happy that people think in that direction. At 63, areafada has outlived his contemporaries and who knows what else would be coming from him. He has not only kept his brand above board but has also succeeded in affecting lives in a rotten and corrupt society where sincerity, originality, creativity and kindness are often buried in infertile soil. Charlyboy represents a new Nigeria. He represents the change and originality we all beseech. May God keep him alive,” Adoyi said.

Affirmatively, Ann Abu, Charlyboy’s media assistant had stated that “at 63 Charlyboy has convinced me that age is merely about number. CB represents all generations of our society. Despite his age, his persona cuts across all segments of the society as he has contributed to the lives of both the young and the old. He is a man to celebrate at this age.”
Expectantly, Charlyboy’s father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa has sent a heartwarming message, congratulating his son for a 63 fruitful effort. In his letter to Charlyboy, captioned ‘ letter to my beloved son’, Justice Oputa says,

“Time does fly
I never want this to go unsaid
There are no words to express how much you mean to us
A son like you, I thought could never be.

God sent us a blessing, and that was you
A true definition of a son in every way.
You have shown us a new sense of being,
Out of everything we did, you are one of the things we did right.
Always remember that we know how much you care, we can tell by the relationship we share
May your children do the same for you.
A very happy Birthday to a loving son.”
Justice &Mrs C A. Oputa.

Relatively, and in what could be termed an extreme manifestation of love, Lady Diane in her own letter tagged, “my dear Charles” wrote, “You have been in our lives for many- many seasons, and I have chosen to lay my heart out for that reason. This is for the best Husband, Father and Son that I know. The one who is dedicated to his family and works hard for us. My Husband and Friend, our love shall never end, even when it goes through the fire, because you and only you are my true heart desire.
The children and I will always pray for you, the man who has inspired millions because you never gave up on your dream. I will always provide a home of love and emotional purity, and when life places pain in your heart, may I always fill it with love. Thanks for being there for us, thanks for loving me and for all the beautiful memories you have given me so far.
To my soul mate, lover and best friend… Happy Birthday.” The letter concluded.
In their message to the areafada, staff of the New Wave Productions, his media organization, have expressed their gratitude for the love their CEO, Charles Oputa had shown towards them over time.

 In a statement made available to news men by the Executive Director , New Wave Productions, Yvonne Oputa, she said “ at 63, we are happy to celebrate that part of you that is so accommodating, loving, and passionate. It is with your passion and love that we have collectively sustained our company till this very moment. Your love towards your hardworking staff cannot be quantified. This has in no small amount encouraged your staff who have continued to live up to our company’s vision. To our CEO, Charles Oputa (CB), we say Happy Birthday.”
Charlyboy officially turns 63 on June 19th. 

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