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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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March 02, 2013

Doris Simeon's Inspiring Interview

On growing up: It was fun. It was just the typical Nigerian child growing up. We were told not to watch TV but read our books. During my time, parents wanted their children to be doctors and lawyers and engineers. But fortunately, my parents were free minded. I told them I wanted to be a news caster or a radio presenter. I used to watch TV a lot. There was a day my mother beat me black and blue. She sent me on an errand and I went and got the wrong thing because I was watching Indian movie in my neighbour’s place.

My parents gave me their blessings. They supported me. One woman was so angry with my mother and asked her how she could allow me to become an actress. She told my mother that actresses sleep around and all that. But it was that same woman that came back years later and was begging my mother that her niece wanted to be an actress and my mum should help her talk to me to help her.

On Yoruba movie actors being paid peanuts: That is what most people will always come up with. But this industry is not about fixed prize. We have our different ways of negotiating. It all depends on the way you carry yourself. If you want to do for me and I do for you, nobody will query you. If you want to do a job and collect your money, that is also fine. This is not a salaried job that anybody will sack you or tell you he won’t pay you at the end of the month. If they pay them so fantastically well in the English movie industry, most of them wouldn’t have gone into producing movies as well. It is about choice.

On scripts: At this point in my career, there are some scripts you would read and try to advice the producer especially when it has the potential of tarnishing the image of the actors. If you can’t go with my advice, I reject the script. I have been building my career for a long time. I wouldn’t want to do a movie and I tarnish this image I have been trying to build in a good way. So if the script to me is not what people would wish to see me in, I reject it.

On Being Arrogant: I thank God that I am not. I had parents that brought me up in a great manner. My mum was a very beautiful woman and sometimes, I asked her how she got married to my father. I would ask her why she didn’t marry somebody like Dangote. She would tell me that if you have a fine face and you don’t have a good character, nobody will come after you. I don’t take life so hard. When you die, it will all be vanity. It is better you are humble and be yourself. Your lifestyle has to be decent.

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