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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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January 19, 2013

Oge Okoye Like You've Never Seen Her Before: Check Out Some More Unseen Photos In 12 Different Looks - Produced & Directed By Egor Efiok

CONCEPT OF OGE PHOTO SPEAK FILMED SHOOT: Time! Time! Time! Ticking Away! Time Waits For Noone! This Concept Was Culled From Oge's Name, Ogechi.

Happy New Year everyone. As a New Year gift to you all for your continued love and support, talented actress, Oge Okoye, wants you to be the first to view her filmed photo speak before she writes her book, as the images from this concept depict the life of Oge.

We achieved 12 looks in 3 long days and everything was filmed. Unfortunately, we don't have the video at present, as we are still waiting for E4 PR's photographer, Moussa Moussa, who also did the filming, to finish editing it. We have therefore decided to release the photos first and the video will follow afterwards.

The Story Behind Oge Photo Speak Filmed Shoot

Oge Photo Speak Filmed Shoot begins with a presentation by Ambassador Utchay Odims, intimating the audience about what we are about to do. After this, Oge is filmed relaxing in her hotel until she receives a phone call from myself telling her that I'm at the reception and on my way up to see her. She is meant to travel in 2 hours and her taxi driver is already on his way to collect her. As she sits in her room waiting for me to arrive, her eye catches the clock and she looks confused as she looks at her wristwatch and then back at the clock. She suddenly realises that she forgot to set her wristwatch back to Nigerian time after she returned from London two days before and as London is an hour behind, she is on the verge of missing her flight. She grabs her bags and races out to her car, not realising that her perfume, hairbrush and one glass slipper have fallen out of her hand luggage. We miss each other by a whisker. *unfortunately, the videographer misplaced the disc, hence we can no longer show the film* :(

When Oge approached me to do a photo shoot for her based on time, it was easy for me to conjure up different themes based on some of my past observations of her, although I had no idea at the time that we'd be doing this photo shoot. Others, I just reeled off the top of my head as the euphoria of bringing them to life engulfed me.

I had originally intended doing seven looks for each day of the week, but was multi-tasking at the time Oge pinged me, as I was travelling in two days, so I typed my reply so fast that I inadvertently reeled out 11 looks and as you may have guessed, it wasn't easy to pick 4 looks to drop. The 12th look was a 'pleasant mistake' - will explain later :)

The filmed shoot of Oge almost missing her flight and her items falling out of her bag as she ran to the aircraft is actually a true life incident that happened when we were going to the US to film Turning Point. I missed her by a whisker and we depicted that time lapse in the video.

What Oge is depicting in this filmed photo speak is that she wants to achieve as much as she can in life because time waits for noone. The word, time, is very prominent in this photo speak, which is the reason you see Oge constantly looking at either a clock or her wristwatch. I also came up with the idea of the glass slipper falling out of her hand luggage because just like Cinderella, time waits for noone. When Cinderella had to leave, she fled, leaving her glass slipper behind. As the glass slipper idea came into my head, the Cinderella Gone Bad photo speak theme naturally followed and as I planned Oge's Beauty Shoot make-up, I saw her in my mind's eye exactly the way I wanted her to look.

These photos are meant to speak for themselves, hence the name, Oge Photo Speak. I must admit however, that it wasn't easy bringing my themes to life with a brand new crew. It was my first time doing such a sophisticated shoot without Princess Amayo, who understands me so well that she completes my sentences as I start doling out my requests; so understandably, I was a bit irritable at first. However, after successfully going over the hurdles of the first day, I began to bond with and enjoy my new crew and helped out a lot to get my desired results. I am a perfectionist and am set in my ways about what I want. I always insist on the crew looking casual as well while working, so nobody outshines the star. Oge was the star here and I set a good example by dressing very casual, so that all focus would be on just our star.

See photos of the 12 different looks and the fairytale behind each look, after the cut...

A Brief Description Of The 12 Different Looks Accompanied By Photos

Day 1: Venue - Eko Hotel

1st & 2nd Looks: Theme - Cinderella Gone Bad

This look is a Beauty Shoot where Oge had to be natural and nude, with 'barely there' make-up, unpainted nails and no jewellery. She also had a large clock drawn on her back with the time set at 12 midnight. All the guys had to be 'kicked out' during this particular shoot, except Moussa, who was taking the photos. We however made sure that Oge's dignity was preserved by taping her boobs and she was covered from below. We also did not video this particular shoot.

The shoot started with Oge staring out the window in some shots with a faraway look in her eyes...kind of indicating sadness and loneliness. I told her to picture herself as Cinderella being maltreated by her wicked step-mum and step-sisters and to start by imagining herself washing their dirty clothing and doing strenuous housework while they were out partying; but to remember that just like Cinderella, at 12 midnight, she's going to be relieved of this burden and in her own case, I want her to 'go bad' at 12 midnight and I'll tell her what to do from then on.

Oge really surprised me during this shoot. When I asked her to look sad and picture herself being maltreated by an evil step-mum, she gave me some sad looks and then out of the blue, said, "you want tears"? As I stuttered, "erm...maybe...but it's not that serious", Oge just released her water works so suddenly that she took us all by surprise! I was telling Moussa to quickly snap away before she stops, though I needn't have bothered, as she only stopped after she was sure we had enough shots. Oge was so convincing that she had all the ladies go "awwww" and even my eyes watered.

The crying stint over, Oge's eye caught the clock as planned and realising it was 12 midnight, she exclaimed in horror and began to don her Afro wig, put on her black leather trousers, large earrings, oversized dark trendy sunglasses and ankle boots. Oge also held a lit cuban cigar between her fingers and pouted seductively as she slowly puffed out smoke.

Oge's make-up in this look was dark to depict a good girl gone bad. I had originally wanted to paint her nails black for this look, but realised that it'd have made her look too dark, rather than the sexy 'borderline goth' look I was trying to achieve; so I opted for dark red varnish, which complemented her looks better and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Oge's transformation from that forlorn character to bad girl can only be described as ACE. You'd never have believed that she was the same person who had just moved everyone to tears. Her swift transformation actually galvanised everyone into action, as we quickly started dressing her up for her crazy night out. Her 'top' was just a tiny piece of cloth which the stylist, Sandra Itu, expertly wrapped around her chest. At this point, we let all the guys back in. 

My verdict: It was this particular shoot that made me realise why Oge Okoye is rated one of the best actresses in Nollywood. 

3rd Look: Theme - Dominatrix And Her Slave

Oge started by drumming her fingers impatiently, complete with a no nonsense look, as she sat on her bed, waiting for her client to arrive. Paolo arrived on cue, just as Oge looked at her wristwatch. They both shadowed each other from the doorway and Oge grabbed her whip as Paolo approached her. Woah! It was evident that this teacher was going to give her student the walloping of his life and my oh my, was he well and truly ready!

Paolo didn't need much direction. He even did more than I expected of him. Paolo growled, walked like a robot and contorted his face to so many realistic looking expressions, simulating pain and then anger, as Oge whipped him repeatedly. Oge gave as good as she got and viciously grabbed Paolo's collar as he threw back his head and growled in pain. As I looked over at my open mouthed crew, I realised I had been standing stupefied myself, as surprised as the others, at the perfect performance that played before our eyes. Moussa was so excited, he actually directed this shoot with me.

My verdict: This bondage shoot is my best yet. The male model, Paolo, is someone that I'd used two years ago with his sister in one of my Gothic shoots here: goo.gl/tXP8b

That photo shoot kick started his 'Goth model career' and he has come a long way since then, I'm so proud of him. Paolo surprised everyone so much with his performance, he almost stole the show. He even did his own make-up, saving us a lot of time. Oge also gave as best as she got and they both complimented each other perfectly. Interestingly, this is the photo shoot with the most pictures. Shows you how thoroughly Moussa enjoyed it. Hehehe!

4th Look: Theme - High Fashion Corporate Entrepreneur

This make-up would normally be too fierce for a business look; however, this was done on purpose because I wanted Oge to look like a fashionable Working Girl. As a business woman in the showbiz industry, most of her business associates should look very high fashion and glam, even when they attend board meetings. Think of Anne Summers who loves wearing short skirt suits or even Tyra Banks and her fellow ANTM judges sitting at the table together, in their business mode, judging the models.

I particularly wanted Oge's hair to look understated for this look. One of Oge's most distinctive facial features are her high cheekbones and I wanted to complement them by having her hair tied up into a severe chignon, with her make-up exuding an Ify Jones kind of bold look. The hair has to be freshly relaxed and gelled to achieve the 'severe' look though and because Oge had recently cut her hair, it was difficult to achieve the exact look I wanted, so we had to devise another means of getting something similar. My saviour came in the form of Yinka, our make-up artiste, whom I didn't realise also makes wigs. Yinka did a splendid job with Oge's hair here and I still got my chignon. Well...kinda ;)

My verdict: Melanie Griffith ain't got nothing on this sexy working girl!

5th Look: Theme - African Queen 1

As we all know, Kente designs have been trending on the runway in recent times, so naturally, for one of my African themed shoots, I decided to use Kente. Oge wore a figure hugging dress and she looked so elegant, so beautiful, so regal...one could almost gasp.

My verdict: True African Queen

Day 2: Venue - Crest Marine Services Limited

6th look: Theme - Pretty Woman

If you have watched Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or know about how the rich love polo matches, eating caviar (ewwww btw...lol) and sipping expensive champagne while they lounge in their yachts, etcetera etcetera etcetera...you'd get my drift here. Also, it is Oge Photo Speak and here is our aristocrat inside her yacht and on its deck livin' it up and acting it out aptly! ;)

My verdict: This is one classy aristocrat!

7th look: Theme - Busker Baby

I decided to go from one extreme to the other with this grace to grass look. The classy aristocrat is now an impoverished busker. Buskers are commonly found on ships, railway stations or places where lots of people commute, as they have more chances of making money in these places. We just generally had fun with this shoot as Oge clowned around with her guitar. There were a few builders out and about and it was hilarious as they joined in putting some money into Oge's tray while she busked. They probably assumed we were shooting a movie. Lol!

My verdict: Busker Baby? Yeah baby! Erm...NOT!!! :D

8th look: Theme - African Queen 2

The dress Oge is wearing is made from a black 'G***a-Must-Go' bag (for want of a better word to use). For those that are sensitive, I apologise for using this term, as I think it's derogatory, but can't seem to find an alternative term to use despite scouring the internet. As most people are aware as well, this African look also rocked the runway and Louis Vuitton made bags and shoes from this material. I don't 'follow the maddening crowd' by being typically 'copy-cattyish' and love to stand out even when I am following trends, so Oge carrying the bag the way the models famously do on the runway, was out for me. Because I am also aware that this is a tricky look to pull off, I wanted Oge to look extra pretty here and decided to create a 'colour riot storm' around the dress with jewellery, accessories and make-up. I completed the look with long flowing hair.

My verdict: Rapunzel will be jealous of pretty Princess Oge!

9th look: Theme - African Princess 3

This is the look I called a 'pleasant mistake' in my intro. The look I wanted for this theme is exactly as I described above (8th look), but everything I wanted was substituted. I wanted the black bag because it isn't common, but got the usual red chequered one seen everywhere. I also got silver jewellery instead of the multi coloured ones I ordered. In fact, everything was what I didn't want, so to satisfy my fusspot self, I decided to repeat the look a week later (8th look above). However, when the photos came out, Oge looked so pretty in them that we decided to use it as an extra look made from the same material. What do you think?

My verdict: Oge can pull off any look!

Day 3: Venue - Peninsula Resort

10th look: Theme - Funky Tribal Chick

This is another risky look to pull off, but I like to cross boundaries and I admire the fact that not only does Oge pull it off, but she also looks soft in all her poses and has this tranquil aura about her here. Thumbs up also to Yinka for the make-up.

My verdict: Very alluring

11th look: Theme - Sexy Vampire

This was one of my most challenging looks and even Yinka (the MUA) said she couldn't draw a scorpion until I joined hands to encourage her and we both drew it together. It was also my scariest because it was dark and we were shooting on shaky rocks in water. I was so scared that Oge was going to fall into the water and had the entire crew drop everything to surround her. I had flip flops on and almost lost my footing on the wobbly rocks, yet Oge stood on them in 6 inch heels and did not falter in her steps as she contorted her body to different poses. As my touchstone for this look, I had the image of Janet Jackson 'absorbing' that tarantula on her cheek. In Oge's case, I used a scorpion because her star is scorpio. I also used it to signify strength. You can see the red sting at the tip of the scorpion's tail disappearing into the corner of Oge's mouth and she has it trapped! Oge is a strong woman and cannot be stung!

My verdict: I have worked with a lot of models and to say that Oge is a natural with poses and how to contort her body to different positions, is an understatement. She is also very lithe and flexible and has the perfect height and body. Modelling career in the pipeline? Yessur!!!

12th look: Theme - Tropical Babe

I wanted Oge to look exotic here and crossed boundaries again with the matt make-up. The bright yellow nail varnish and wind blowing her long curly hair gave Oge the exotic touch I was looking for. I loved the end result and as usual, Oge looked beautiful.

My verdict: Turks & Caicos Islands would love this hawt chicka as their new resident.

Extra photos + Photos Of Us Working On Day 3

With my good friend, Arinze, CEO of ZEN Magazine.

It's a wrap! *whew* Without going into much details, that emotional hug between myself and Oge sums it up and our body language conveys the relief felt at last. I have been doing this for 6 years right from England and in the history of my career, this has been my most challenging photoshoot. It was the first time I was doing something this huge without my friend and sister, Princess Amayo, the best MUA and artist that I know. Working with completely new people, I had to show them everything, join in on some of the work and abandon the ones that we couldn't achieve due to time constraints. What would have normally taken me 1 day to achieve took me 3 days and I was close to tears at a point, exhausted from doing almost everything single-handedly.

One of the guys from photographer, Moussa Moussa's crew.
On the plus side though, good people stand tough times and it was a bonding experience. The people you see above with myself, Oge and Arinze of Zen Magazine, are the good workers that stood by us. One frenemy abandoned us to our fate at the last minute on Day 3, but here we are showing that we did it, albeit her betrayal!

With my PA, Olayinka Olubambo, on Day 1 of the shoot at Eko Hotel.

I also ended up making friends with the lovely Yinka, Oge's MUA, who displayed the utmost humility and patience during my shouting tantrums when I was initially frustrated at having to show everyone what to do. Even I had to cool down by Day 2; Yinka exudes real beauty in her demeanour. As you can see (below), we have remained firm friends and she was one of my friends that I took with me to the Lagos premiere of Obi Emelonye's Last Flight To Abuja.


Eko Hotel.

Crest Marine Services Limited.

Peninsula Resort.

Special thanks to Arinze, CEO Of Zen Magazine, who came to lend his support on Day 3 and to Ambassador Uche Odims, who presented Oge Photo Speak Filmed Shoot.


Themes/Production/Direction/PR: Egor Efiok.

Photography/Video: Moussa Moussa and his crew.

Make-up/Body Art: Yinka Make-up Institute.

Stylist: Sandra Itu.

Olayinka Olubambo.

Designers: Grey/Amira.

Hair Retailers: Mane Attraction.

Shoe Vendor: Dehadza.

Accessories: Be Glam Accessories.

Clothes: Rouths Boutique.

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