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March 08, 2013

Doctor Stabs Her 7-Year-Old Daughter 31 Times Before Killing Herself

Victoria Vovchik
A doctor has killed herself after stabbing her seven-year-old daughter 31 times - leaving the girl's father to find the grisly scene.

Victoria Vovchik, 45, was found dead in her master bedroom in New City, New York on Thursday afternoon, with her daughter, Ava Sangavaram, lying nearby.

Officials said the young girl had been stabbed 31 times, including across the throat, and was rushed to Westchester Medical Center, where she is listed in critical condition. She has undergone surgery and is expected to survive.

The bloody scene was discovered by Ava's father, Dr. Kristappa Sangavaram, when he visited the home. He called 911 and police arrived at the upscale home just after 1p.m.

Dr Sangavaram, 68, did not live with Vovchik and their daughter, but co-owned the home.

He had been married to a different woman for several decades until her death last year, his son Preeth Sangavaram, told The Journal News.

The elder Sangavaram and Vovchik had never married but remained friends and shared care of Ava.

'It’s a touchy situation because he had a child with her (Vovchik) but wasn't married to her,' Preeth Sangavaram, 29, told The Journal News. 'The child was very important to him, so he always tried to maintain a healthy relationship.'

Sangavaram called police on Thursday to report a possible suicide, police said.

'I believe he came home and discovered them,' Clarkstown Sgt. Jo Anne Fratianni said during a news conference. 'She (Ava) was conscious, I believe.'

Sangavaram was brought in for questioning by Clarkstown police, but was later released. They do not believe he played any role in the tragedy, the Journal News reported.

Police said Vovchik left behind no note explaining why she attacked her daughter or took her own life. She used a knife or other sharp object to kill herself, officers said.

Sangavaram spoke briefly of his daughter when reached by The Journal News on Thursday night.

'She's doing fine,' he said. 'She's OK. I cannot say more.'

Ray Florida, executive director of Rockland Paramedic Services, said Ava was able to speak when she was being treated by medics at the scene.

She has now undergone surgery and has been taken to the Intensive Care Unit. Police said it was unlikely she would be able to speak with them about the incident for several days.

Vovchik was a podiatrist with practices in Fort Lee and Montvale, New Jersey.

Sangavaram, who lives in Englewood Cliffs, is an anesthesiologist educated in India.

But he briefly lost his medical license after pleading no contest to charges of charging excessive fees and improperly treating a patient in 2004, records show. He was also ordered to pay $210,000.

With Vovchik, he bought the home in August 2010 for $810,000. They put down $300,000 and took out a mortgage.

Fratianni added that police had never been called to the home for any type of domestic issue.

Source: Dailymail


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