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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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March 17, 2012

Kunle Afolayan's Phone Swap Premieres On March 17 In Lagos. E4 PR Special Shout Out: You Cannot Afford To Miss This Star Studded Premiere. Watch Out For An Impressive Performance From British Actor, Wale Ojo, Who Plays Male Lead. Secret Revelation Also About One Of The Stars. More Details Below...

Nse Ikpe-Etim & Wale Ojo 

This Premiere will be one of the most talked about in nigeria
Come this Saturday, March 17th 2012, as The Expo hall of the Eko Hotels and Suites will play host to the grand premiere of the much awaited block buster film titled Phone Swap, from Kunle Afolayan.

The film, which parades award winning stars like Joke Silva, Chika Okpala (aka Chief Zebrudaya), NSE Ikpe-Etim, Wale Ojo, Lydia Forson, Ada Grace Ameh among others, is expected to hit the big screen to over 2000 audience from the world of Business and Entertainment. Like other Afolayan projects, Phone Swap will not immediately be available for home entertainment; instead, it will show across cinemas around the world before eventually being released on DVD.

It is the first time a movie premiere will hold at the extra-luxurious Expo hall of Eko Hotel and Suites, and it's no surprise Afolayan is breaking the jinx: Phone Swap is heavily supported by Globacom (the telecoms company which has Kunle Afolayan as one of its brand ambassadors) and Blackberry.

The Film from the stables of Golden Effects Pictures and produced by Afolayan details the story of two individuals from two different backgrounds who began a new phase in their lives after having their phones swapped.

Kunle Afolayan's earlier self-directed projects are the critically-acclaimed Irapada and Figurine.
In the words of Chaste Inegbedion, the movie's associate producer, Phone Swap, which is the Company's third feature film, has been positioned to surpass the success of the last two produced by the outfit and possibly would win an Oscar.


Akin and Mary meet for the first time at an airport where they accidentally bump into each other and mistakenly swap their identical Blackberry phones. 

This leads to a destination mix up after they receive one another's text regarding a travel destination. 

Consequently, Akin ends up traveling to where Mary is supposed to go and vice versa. 

Neither knows about the swap until they have reached their opposite destinations and "the phone" stops ringing (In Mary's case) and "Won't stop ringing" (In Akins's case) . 

As a result of the phone swap, they agree to help carry out each other's missions, armed with the information and data on each other's phone. 

But it's not as easy as they both think as new obstacles and complications rise at every turn as they both struggle to adapt to their alien environment and situation.

Mary has to walk in Akin's shoes and represent him in a company meeting while Akin has to represent Mary in her family meeting. This they do with hilarious results! (See 3 video trailers below)


UK based Wale Ojo's career spans over two decades. He started out as a child actor and has many theatre, television and film credits under his belt, mostly in the UK. His most recent television credits include "The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency" with Jill Scott, "The Bill" and playing a Niger Delta militant in the new NBC series "The Philantropist" with James Purefoy. Wale has worked alongside greats such as Norman Beaton and Wole Soyinka. You will also see him among Hollywood legends in upcoming films, "The Guard" with Don Cheadle and "Johnny English" with Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean).

Okay...you may be wondering what all my hype is about Wale Ojo. Well, it's certainly not much ado about nothing. My reasons are simple: There are so many talented Nigerians who are successful international acts and we need them back home, so we should show them some love and encouragement. Nigeria may not yet have the sort of resources that they are used to overseas, but we are certainly getting there. And erm...I feel a bit jealous when I see other countries *gremlin alert on* 'basking in the reflected glory of our Nigerian stars'...and I want to scream,"they are ours ours ours...mine mine mine...they don't really belong to you"! *gremlin alert off* (only joking oh abeg) Lol!!! 

Please join me in acknowledging and appreciating our international acts. Special thanks as well to the producer and director, Kunle Afoloyan, for this wonderful hook up, as Phone Swap is actually Wale's first Nollywood movie. This is so reassuring. Who's next? Chiwetel Ejiofor? Yessur!!! Watch this space y'all cos Nollywood is going places!!!

Wale is also doing some more exciting projects in Nigeria...all will be revealed in due course... ;) (see a few photos taken in Calabar last December, after the cut below)


Back to Phone Swap...just think...Nse Ikpe-Etim and Wale Ojo...Joke Silva...and CHIEF ZEBRUDAYA (longest time sir...we can't wait to laugh). We have already been informed that the film has comedy in it, so Chika Okpala's (aka Chief Zebrudaya) presence is quite apt. We are also aware that Wale Ojo has acted with Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean), so he obviously has some comedy background. We know as well, that as an icon, Aunty Joke has virtually pulled off everything.

But, what about Nse Ikpe-Etim? A lot of you wouldn't link this eloquent, very good actress with comedy...well maybe a bit, if you've seen Kiss n' Tell...but not seriously...right? I mean, proper raw comedy...Bishop Umo or Giringory (of blessed memory) style? You'd probably feel, nah, she's too posh to speak that way...right? Well, here is a SHOCKER (she'd kill me for this...but i'll cross that bridge later...this is fun for now...lol) - Nse is a COMEDIAN!!! And I mean that in the true sense of the word- in fact you have to be quite close to her to discover the extent- I can't even explain it. You need to see her CLOWNING!!! Get Nse to play a character like a very local housegirl in the strongest Akwa Ibom accent ever, and you may need a doctor to resuscitate you from laughter induced coma! The way she can switch from so posh to so razz and vice versa...you'd be so confused...you'd laugh...you'd cry...you'd marvel...until you conclude, "split personality Noni"! Lmao! I swear, that chicka is an ACTRESS!!! A lot of you have ROTFL at some side splitting BB voicenotes without realising who your sneaky "entertainer" is...you think say na only Chigurl? Lol! Clue to one of these jokes- think of the word, chocolate. Oops! I have to zip it now! Gosh, i'm laughing so hard and i'm in so much trouble already, I must leg it soon!!!

So, does E4 PR endorse Phone Swap? Well, here is your answer...if you miss this premiere ehn...you're on a looooooooooong ting!!! Hehehe!!!

*Um...btw...I am unreachable...but if you insist on finding me...come to Iraq* ;) :D

click to see some PHOTOS AFTER THE CUT:
From left: Frank Adekunle Macaulay (International Movie Producer/Director), Lynne  Ukpai, Wale Ojo (International Actor & Male Lead Star Of Phone Swap), Only me.
Same as above
From left: Frank Adekunle Macaulay (International Movie Producer/Director, Lynne Ukpai, Egor Efiok, Wale Ojo (International Actor).
Same as above
From left: Egor Efiok, Frank Adekunle Macaulay, Lynne Ukpai.

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