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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort:
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November 18, 2011

RAPEX, New Anti Rape Device.

A South African lady, Sonette Ehlers, has invented a new device that is called RAPEX. Its an anti rape device trap with rows of razor sharp hooks, its designed to be worn internally by women. It latches to the penis during penetration and can only be removed by a doctor.

Erm...what do you think guys? Is this a safe method? I'm thinking...razor sharp hooks...what if it injures the rapist and he bleeds? Risk of HIV n' all? *confused*


Rihanna... No personal life is no fun for my cooch... said...

This ought to be very interesting, alas rape is a crime of power, not sex... So all this would get a woman a sever beating on top of being raped...

Anonymous said...

You really think the rapist would be able to finish the act with that thing stuck on his penis? Also, why would blood be worse that semen for transmission of HIV?

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