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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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July 19, 2011

Charly Boy (aka Charles Oputa): The King Of Punk Defines Himself Frankly In This Article, MY GAME, MY GIMMICKS.


In regular societal context, perceptions and misconceptions obviously overshadow veracity. People tend to lean towards shallow assumptions instead of basing their conclusions on in-depth thoughtfulness. I have heard stuffs about myself. Some say I belong to some nefarious secret society which makes its members bizarre. I have also heard some people call me “the voice of disenfranchised youths”; “the masses’ advocate” a “respected entertainer”. However, there is no way ‘logic’ as defined by modern society, would associate positivity with presumed negativity because society absolutely neglects the motives behind people’s actions and focus only on the actions.
“Wow! Charly Boy kissed Derenle! How do you relate to this?” Societal ‘logic’ simply deduces conclusions from observed
events. For instance, since I kissed Derenle, and we are both men, then I must be gay. I laugh at this conclusion, because I neither subscribe to homosexuality nor any form of disturbing behavior. However, I understand that most people who are not from the Western world do not see any reason why a man should kiss a man. Nigerians especially, consider this kind of act inexcusable therefore, condemnable. This is simply because the consideration of what is ‘logical’, in third world society, is limited to actions, and not motives.

Obviously, from society’s understanding of what is logical, I am totally condemned. However, I’ll prefer to relate to a deeper exposition of logic which derives facts from asking relative questions. Am I not married? Are these not the kind of pranks I pull? Have I not been married to Pastor Tyna by ‘society’s church’? Was I not engaged to an Indian lady? One key ingredient of efficiency in showbiz is attraction, and everybody has his way of achieving this. Shock is my method. To decipher my antics, you must look at the big picture, think outside the box; else you may end up experiencing just the alternative. You are aware of the media attention that comes with the headlines such as “caught red-handed”. Am I not married to an Indian lady again? How about the expected society wedding that I have been planning for more than a year now? Am I not a member of the church of Satan? I just wonder why we have never met in our church.
The word 'secret' in 'secret cult' already identifies the intention of such groups to ensure their activities are kept away from the public. If I belong to a secret society, will my sleeping in a coffin be public? Why is it then called a 'secret' society? And how do we know sleeping in a coffin is an activity of a 'secret' society? As a matter of fact, if it is called a group, it then means I am not the only member; how come I am the only one who repeatedly appears in the media and tabloids regarding this issue? A simple consideration of relative questions, as these will expose people to the understanding of my antics.

You have spoken so loud about my weird self; that character that you have considered a non-conformist, a departure from the societal norms. How can a responsible son of a Justice pierce his entire body with pins? How can a responsible father of eight be so artistically inclined that he goes half nude on the pages of newspapers and magazines? Why should a grandfather be keeping a dreadlock instead of living responsibly? The many mind bugging questions that you have asked with no clue of answers. But I will always ask, have you assessed the contradictions? Have you looked at the other side of my life aside the superficial judgment of my superficial appearance? Have you tried to find out from me or anybody close to me how I have been able to run my family since I became Charlyboy? Maybe you need to ask why you can easily identify Charlyboy on the streets of Abuja, yet difficult to tell who my sons or daughters are as you walk past them on the same streets. Maybe they are responsible, maybe they are from a responsible home, and if my children are from a responsible home as you will rightly agree with me, then; they must have a responsible father and if they have a responsible father, then you still need to see beyond what you can see.
I cannot dispute your total belief that I’m a rebel. Yes, a rebel has a target; he has a focal objective in his approach. That is why it is imperative to note that contradictions in analysis and evaluation are often seen expedient in a case such as mine. Have you identified the importance of my rebel behavior? Have you asked why I’m always the only rebel in the frontline just to fight for pensioners and the Okada riders? Have you asked yourself why a rebel like me could just be championing the course of dying Nigerians? Why didn’t I leave Tyna Onwudiwe to her fate while she was on her sick bed? If the country can be as weird as I’m in appearance and internally organized like my character, we won’t be complaining today, but the fact remains that we are all subsumed in the physical instead of the internal self, we are grossly involved in just the artificiality instead of naturalness, and you see just me on this side. You are completely lost in your analysis of me on the other side, maybe due to some form of ineptitude and shallow research; I don’t know.

I like to establish the contrast instead of being straight, and I also like to be analytical if doubt becomes the case. The simple analogy of my life can be garnered from my basic understanding of the vision and mission of my father. My character is simply a definition of a Justice who administers the law through the non conventional ways. My character imbibes the philosophy that truth and orderliness can emerge from chaos, design, ugliness, and all other aesthetics of the arts; so instead of being the Chief Judge on wig, I have got dreadlocks, instead of being that lawyer on suit, I advocate with my jeans and singlet. Am I not supposed to be the contradiction with a lot of renditions? What you should equally examine at the moment is this- what if I was not charly boy? What if the character does not exist? Do you think that the selfless work of the character would have been done by whatever I choose to be? Between Charles Oputa and Charlyboy; I know that the former has achieved more than the later; those achievements are all part of the benefits we reap today; so why do I have to kill myself for myself?
My strategic philosophy is like a sword. It is what can create that great moment of your reflection. I dress past you and your mouth is left ajar with many questions running through your mind. I talk on the pages of newspapers and you stress your brain to grab. I laugh before the Camera and you wonder. I frown and you squeeze your face in confusion. Who really is Charly Boy? What am I up to? Why do I prefer controversy to being the normal and everyday celebrity like others? Why don’t I like peace? Why don’t I give up in a fight like others? Why the unconventional way? Why am I always running from the path taken by many? Why have I created a niche for just me and me alone? It is just simple…If they say … half bread is better than none, and none is better than God. Does it then mean that "half-bread is better than God?" Can ‘societal logic’ be tuned to suit mine? …Because I am certainly not turning mine to suit yours… Figure all of this out if you can. Like I will always say, “you can never see me unless you can see past me”



This is one of your greatest posts in recent times. Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

i love ur work. thanks a lot

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