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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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April 10, 2011

Desmond Elliott

Desmond Elliot is an actor. Desmond Elliot is a graduate of Economics from Lagos State University, Lagos State, Nigeria. Desmond Elliot started acting in 1999; he believed that someday he would be counted among the top players in the country. Desmond Elliot moved all out to play extra roles in movies such as The Rebel in 1999 and 2000. In 2001 Desmond Elliot moved to T.V soap opera and T.V series where he featured in productions such as Everyday People, Super Story and Saints and Sinners. Desmond's involvement in soap opera sharpened his acting skills, and increased his love for more time to get into character and build up. Desmond Elliot also attended acting courses that were organised by private and co-operate bodies, such as Independent Institute and Association of Producers (ITPAN). With the little experience Desmond gathered from soap opera and training, Desmond Elliot thought it was time to move into movies again and his dream of making it. As he grew from playing minor role in movies such as (The Challages 2001, Madness) to play major roles in movies such as In the Name of Love and Without Love (2002).

By late 2002 Desmond Elliot started taking lead roles in movies such as Missing Angel 2003 which brought him to lime light and ever since then he never looked back. He has featured in blockbuster movies such as Games Women Play, Behind Closed Doors, Men Do Cry, and Unfinished Business. Desmond Elliot has featured in over 50 movies and has received awards like FAN recognized for change in Nollywood in U.S.A 2004; City People award Best Actor in 2006. His endorsements so far include Close-up 2002, Guinness Extra 2008. Desmond Elliot considers the movie Behind Closed Doors to be his most challenging movie. In 2007 he ventured into movie production because he realized that there was a need for better content, quality and spice in Nollywood movie production. So he teamed up with the veteran movie producer Emem Isong to produce quite interesting, entertaining, and educative productions such as "Reloaded" 2008, "Before the Light” 2008, "Guilty Pleasures" 2009, and “Edikan" 2009. Also adding to his acting and producing career, Desmond Elliot tried his hands in directing and has co-directed and directed in movies such as Guilty Pleasures, Bursting Out, and Tall Dream. 

Desmond Elliot has a foundation called The Desmond Elliott Foundation which focuses on the provision of clean and safe water to people in rural areas and urban poor areas. The foundation which was established in 2008 has done charity work in Gwarandok, Longwa and Wase areas of Jos Plateau State, Nigeria. Desmond Elliot also worked in Liberia where donations of gifts, money and food stuff were given to the motherless babies homes and old people’s home. Desmond Elliot believes in being the best at what you do and never giving up until you achieve it he loves playing basketball and watching movies. Desmond Elliot is married with four children. Follow Desmond Elliot on Twitter (@DesElliot) and Facebook.

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