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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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February 03, 2015

Rivers State Governorship Aspirants Meet Young Entrepreneurs (By Model & Activist Ify Eefy Ike)

 Activist Ify Eefy Ike

Nigerian youths, young entrepreneurs, I know that we are very angry and disappointed with the state of our nation. And there's nothing wrong with our feelings. It is okay to be mad at a negative situation but it is not allowed to dwell on that negative situation. It is okay to fail, as that is an element of growth but it is not allowed to wallow in failure. Failure is not that you made a mistake or that you failed. Failure is wallowing in failure. When you fall you are required to rise and we must do so with dignity and strength. It's not how hard you fall but how well you rise when you do, that defines your strength.

We boast of having the largest young population in the world. Meaning that about 70% of our population are under 30! Is that good or bad? Is that an asset or a liability? Unfortunately right now the statistics tip towards liability, but that can easily change. Already there is a growing trend in entrepreneurship, the fast thinking young people have realized that there are no jobs, or basically not enough to go around. Why? Because we don't have enough industries! So now is the time to create industries of all sizes, industries that create employment.


I cannot over emphasize the glaring fact that Nigeria is a nation blessed with exceeding wealth. We possess, natural resources and human resource and even intelligence but we must cultivate and nurture them to fruition. We must right the wrongs by taking accountability. Our growth is in progress but we must accelerate it, which is why you are here.

Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa, MD/CEO Multimesh group..
Mr. Tonye Ibiama, MD/CEO Grafton Entertainment..
Mr Dozy Mmobuosi, MD/CEO Tingo Mobile

We must stop depending fully on government for our growth. We have the power to change our story. We must realize that government is a small entity created by the people to structure society, thus the people are the head of government. Nonetheless, the people must synergize with government to achieve a national growth. It is ok to embrace western support but do not relegate yourselves to the background by allowing foreign nations to do your work for you. It is akin to bequeathing them with authority and dominion to control you! Do not relinquish your right. Take control of your home so that you do not become slaves.

Activist Ify Eefy Ike & APGA GOVERNORSHIP CANDIDATE- Mr. Alatubo Charles Henry

Sir (Rotarian) Sonny Nsirim Nwarisihali, KSJI, BSP, FCA, Head, Finance (RSSDA),CEO, Songhai Rivers Farms & Holiday Resort..
Ambassador David James Egwu
Ambassador Utchay Udims
Mr Simeon Bilemobuwa
Dr. Bell Ihua, Coo/Director of Research NOI Polls

Power belongs to the people and to build society, people must be responsible for their environment and learn to be creative. 

We believe the youths are in the best position to build this nation because we possess the youthful exuberance, innovative ideas and creative skills required to construct a healthy society.

Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa, MD/CEO Multimesh group..
Mr Dozy Mmobuosi, MD/CEO Tingo Mobile

 Prince Tonye Princewill & 
Ambassador Utchay Odims 

APGA, APC and LP Governorship candidates for Rivers State
Model & Activist Ify Eefy Ike

Ambassador Utchay Odims

So Young entrepreneurs, you are the change vanguards Nigeria needs! You are the change vanguards that will continue to build Nigeria in the right direction. 

All this cannot be achieved if we are not UNITED. Every State and every culture in Nigeria is important and integral to our growth as a nation. We have been amalgamated but we must learn to cc-exist We must attain synergy. 

We must be PATRIOTS. 
How do we become patriotic citizens? By researching and discovering Nigeria and all her glory. In other to love a person or a thing you have to know them enough. 
Let us find out what we have and make them useful. Patriotism is obtained through understanding. We must fall in love with Nigeria.

The need for PEACE in this nation cannot be overemphasized. It's impossible to build in a chaotic environment, thus we must promote peace.

We are struggling with internal division and internal war that are deterrents to our growth as a nation and we must stop! We must come together. It takes a collective effort to resolve a national challenge. Togetherness unleashes the power of light! There is power in synergy. 

Nigerian youths, Nigeria beckons your creative skills, Nigeria beckons your innovative ideas, Nigeria Beckons, your energy, Nigeria Beckons your soul, Nigeria beckons your patriotism. Nigeria Beckons! I love you and I love Nigeria.

Thank you all so much, and Also a big Thank You To -  Barrister Rex Idaminabor for organising this Event.

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