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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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July 17, 2014

Kate Henshaw To Run For House Of Reps In Cross River State! (Exclusive Scoop) + SK For Lagos State Governor!

Hi all,

Officer, no vex mbok, I'm too excited to keep this! Deal with me later! Hehehe!

Multi-Award Winning Nollywood screen diva, Offiong Kate Henshaw, is going to declare to run for House Of Reps in Cross River State...on her birthday...which is in 2 days...her campaign.ng account comes alive midnight tomorrow.

While we are on the topic, dare to dream if you think you have what it takes to declare for any office. The good news for women too, is that is free for them. Just go to www.campaign.ng and register.

While we are still on the topic...*big smile*...please join me in supporting Lagos State Governor aspirant, Sola Kuti (aka SK). Check out his profile on the site and follow @campaigndotng on Twitter. To convince you further that SK is the right candidate, read his status update on Facebook below:

In the last few days, many people have talked about the different big name players in the race to become Governor of Lagos across all parties.
And people who have heard that I am contesting are not really convinced I am serious...
All that talk about how Nigeria needs a change in leadership that you all come of facebook to shout and rant about...IS IT FOR REAL???
I am really amused when I see people getting excited when they hear the 'big' names many of who in my view are TOTAL FAILURES...we only hear and see them during election time...after that they disappear into oblivion for another 4 years.
Ironical that these same friends who ask if I AM SERIOUS are the very ones that blurt out one big name or the other excitedly and say things like this person makes the race exciting....I am definitely voting for him.
They even forget they are the same people who send messages and broadcasts about how our over recycled leaders became presidents and ministers in their 20's and 30's.
Then the most interesting ones are those who probably don't know me,
They ask questions like: Who da hell is Sola Kuti??
Some have even said: He is a nobody...he should wait his turn...he is still young....abeg who is he?? We don't know him....etc
I agree that I am a nobody....yes oooo an ordinary son of ordinary parents...my father retired as an ordinary lecturer/chief technologist in Unilag, my late mum retired as an ordinary Catering Manager at Nitel.
They were truly ordinary people....HARD WORKING, SELFLESS, GENEROUS and HONEST PEOPLE.
ORDINARY PEOPLE but most importantly they were GOOD PEOPLE....in my view EXTRAORDINARY.
Some of the big men and women you see today shinning were able to enter Unilag because that ordinary father of mine, used his 'ordinariness' to get them in on his quota and goodwill.
Some of the telecoms giants today got employed into Nitel and were not sidelined for training and development through my very ordinary caterer mum (God bless her Soul).
So it is true I am a nobody
A Nobody who graduated with a 2:1 from Middlesex University Business School in Hendon London.
I am a nobody who rose within a few years of consulting to become Senior Analyst in charge of European Networks with the American Oil Company AMOCO now BP at their London office, at just 29yrs old.
I am a nobody who quit consulting to work from home so I could look after my son and while baby sitting, I built a very successful IT consulting company from my living room (in between picking him up from school and making lunch etc).
A nobody who launched the first e-commerce enabled site in Nigeria in 1999.

A nobody who with my business partners introduced the lower denomination (N500 Econet and N750 MTN) recharge card idea (which was unthinkable to the networks then) to both MTN and Econet Wireless (Now Airtel), and virtual and logical methods of dispensing via POS.

I am a nobody who consulted and built world class systems for the once prestigious NITEL and MTEL, as well as INEC in Nigeria between 2002 and 2005.

I am a nobody who became SA to a Senator from 2003-2007.

I am a nobody who has continuously built successfully SME's here in Nigeria across different business sectors.

A nobody who employs labour and has a great welfare system in place for all those that I come in contact with.

A nobody with GREAT friends who in just a few months have raised::
N2.5m to #SaveBabyKenny, 
N1m to #SaveQueenEjoh and 
N2m to #SaveImran.
amongst others

Can you Imagine how much more we could achieve together if I was SOMEBODY??

Once again...my name is Sola Kuti, you can call me SK. 

I am running for Governor of Lagos.

Come 2015, I intend to be the candidate to beat.

Join me in my quest to free the great people of Lagos from the shackles of deprivation, stagnation and oppression by volunteering at www.campaign.ng/babasola.kuti

May God continue to raise millions of 'nobodies' like me to touch the lives of others and contribute their significant quota to develop Nigeria. AMEN

#MyLagos #YourLagos #OurLagos

#OSFA #GetInvolved #TakeBackNigeria

I urge you to please share this story of NOBODY with EVERYBODY. Thank you.

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