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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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June 16, 2014

RMD Credits His Daughter Onome, For New Healthy Lifestyle: Read His Latest Interview With The Sun Newspaper

Tongues have been wagging since Multiple Award Winning Nollywood Actor and Delta State Commissioner For Culture & Tourism, Richard Mofe Damijo (aka RMD), shed his weight from 120kg to 97kg, with false reports claiming that the legend‎ is sick.

I addressed this slander on Facebook last week and even named and shamed the junk journalist that ‎was spreading the false news (see it below RMD's interview). 

RMD has dismissed the reports and in an interview published this morning in Sunday Sun, explained why he is now slimmer. Below is what he told the paper:

“I woke up one morning, to be precise May 9th last year, and I weighed 120kg. I said this cannot go on. Neither of my parents crossed 60kg. I thought it would be sinful for me to keep eating and putting on weight and living an unhealthy life. I decided to just change my lifestyle. I didn’t diet, what I’m doing now is not dieting. I hate to use the word diet because when you say you are dieting you have to stop at one point. What I did was to change my lifestyle.

“What I did was to get somebody who knows about food. A lot of people don’t succeed when they diet because they don’t understand food. They diet, they drink a lot of shakes, tablets and all of that and after a month they become bigger than they were. What I did was very simple. It’s all about knowing the kind of food you eat and what it contains. I have a daughter (Onome) from my late wife, who is obsessed with calories, weight gain and weight loss. She was with me all through Christmas and New Year. She’s 26. I love what I do now; I just eat well and exercise.

“I feel lighter, but there are lots of people who feel I am too slim now. It’s about how I feel inside. I’m at my best physically. I have never felt better. I feel lighter, I don't suffer from indigestion. Now I weigh about 97 kilos".

Honest, I am now convinced that junk journalism in Nigeria is becoming quite 'fashionable'. How else can one explain how a false story about RMD went viral just like that and nothing has been done to put these cowboys where they belong? Someone thought it would be funny to put out a doctored photo of RMD to make him appear ill and not satisfied with doing that, some other nincompoops have been spreading more false rumours alleging terminal illness. One mumu called Emmanuel whose number I have saved as "Emma Junk Journalist" has been spreading false rumours that Stella Damasus confirmed that RMD has a terminal illness. Most annoyingly, any literate person that sees that post supposedly written by Stella, can tell that it is a fake account. What stands out most is the surname, "DAMASCUS" and we all know that Stella's surname is Damasus. It is only semi-literate 'journalists' that keep misspelling her surname. The types that don't know the difference between past and present tenses and write sentences like "something FISHING is going on". Fishing? Okay, back to the matter being discussed. When I saw Emma Junk Journalist's broadcast on WhatsApp, I alerted him to his obvious blunder and the evil meanie has still refused to take down the story from his blog. It's obvious as well that he has done this on purpose, because he spelt Stella's surname rightly on the post title, but posted the message from the fake STELLA DAMASCUS Facebook account as 'proof' of his false story. This is deliberate slander, so please tell me why people like these should be allowed to operate. I can now understand why e247 Magazine sacked you Mr Emmanuel Omene-Johnson (aka Emma Junk Journalist). I weep for our well respected credible journalists like the Shaibu Husseinis and the Victor Akandes. Please don't allow these cowboys give your hard earned craft a bad name. When will this "pull me down syndrome" end? Finally, in the interests of those that keep asking if RMD is sick, please quote me anywhere when I say that he's very fit and healthy and looks NOTHING like those images being circulated. When you meet him in person, you can tell that he keeps fit and watches what he eats. Although he is very busy as a commissioner, RMD is an actor first and will not shy away from public functions supporting his craft. He should be commended for this and for being able to keep his weight healthy when many people his age have pot bellies. Please leave our original Nollywood hunk alone and stop spreading false rumours about him. RMD is NOT SICK. Thank you.
  • Egor Efiok Please join me in naming and shaming the junkies!
  • Akan Eyo Please, have you verified?
  • Egor Efiok Yes I have and it is not true. I was at his house two weeks ago. I don't understand how people can be so evil to cook up such false stories. If he refuses to attend public functions, they will say he is anti-social. When he graciously does, he gets insulted. Na wa oh. All these false news that they are sharing! They should continue! There is God in everything that we are doing! There is God oh!
  • Shaibu Husseini Thank you world publicist for standing up to this. I was taken aback when I saw the piece on social media and like you said "bros' confirmed that he is well but just that he is on a very strict diet routine and I think we should respect his views. I still saw him during the week and bros richard evans damijo is very well. Hopefully I will see him at amaka's interment on friday in Imo and would extract an interview from him on the matter. But bros is fine.
  • Giz Ojiako It's good to know the truth, but I was very concerned when a picture of RMD surfaced, he did look rather gaunt. I guess your an authority,as you get to see these people in the flesh. All the best to RMD, and as for the journalists....less said.
  • Egor Efiok Thanks a lot world journalist Shaibu Husseini. Coming from you, it will at least put the rumour mongers to shame. He is getting older and has to watch his diet. You can even tell that he exercises. He looks very good. I was very shocked to see those images myself Giz Ojiako cos it's obvious they were doctored. People can be wicked oh. God forbid!
  • Giz Ojiako Egor it is well, when people wish you bad, they are only showering more blessings....have a blessed day dear, wish RMD the same.
  • Enya Ivara The mischief makers will go any length to attract interest to their worthless low lives. They don't give a fcuk how much hurt they cause others, because they're blinded by inferiority complex and jealosy. It's also most unfortunate that some of them at the end of the day would run down somebody's image, get away with it, and even end up making fame and fortune out of such diabolical acts, all thanks to modern media hip.
  • Jennifer Oguzie Egor Efiok thank you so much for taking your time to do a detailed write up on my Dear friend and Colleague . For any fool out there who believes the false story is their business . A man at his age who embraces fitness is worth honoring . Even while we where together at the 2014 AMMA AWARDS . I woke him up as early as 6am with his wife to join my early morning workout#MamaBama
  • Egor Efiok Thanks Jennifer Oguzie, please tell them. It's very obvious that he works out. They should continue spreading lies, God will judge them. Imagine the wickedness of wishing someone terminal illness. Back to senders!
  • Ata Ikiddeh Egor Efiok, Thank you for sharing this with us.
  • Pjohn Emeng · Friends with Obioma Liyel-Imoke
    Idleness, unemployment, laziness, fame n quest for money has made some useful nigerians loose dia sense of fairness in journalism... This is a chronic slander, everybody wnt to b noticed as such, postin stories dat r nt true jst to draw people attentn 

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