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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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April 26, 2014

Charlyboy Dishes It Raw - (BBF: Bagger Blogger Fool) Preach It Sir! Yessur!!!

Life is very funny and at the same time ironical. Have you ever taken your time to notice that the ones who don’t know are the ones who usually want to prove they know? The ones who are not rich are the ones who try so hard to prove to others that they are. Those who are deficient in one thing or the other are the ones who always have something to prove. Anyway, isn’t that the fun of life?

I look around most of the time and I just laugh…people amaze me to the point that I don’t need any organized comedy to get my ribs cracked up. They sit idling and the best they can do is to voice their opinion about others on any platform that avails itself.

There are different kinds of people in this life, so is the same way we have different kinds of blog followers. They’ve caught my attention and I decided to put my thoughts down.

You know, generally, there are different kinds of people that access blogs. The first category I see are those people who not only yearn for information but  want to expand, read other peoples opinion and weigh life from different angle. When these ones make comments on a post, you’ll know that first of all they understand what they read, it was well processed and then they drop their own comment, that’s their opinion. These sets of people are not biased whichever way but simply constructive. Now these ones are usually working class or owners of their business and read during spare times.

Another kind of blog followers are the ones that are interested in a particular topic. They fish out what catches their attention or what subject they actually enjoy. These ones leave their candid opinion in what they are interested in but in areas where they are not so caught out for, they always remain passive. This class is a mixture of both semi literates and literates and could either be working class or non- working class.

The third class of blog followers are the ones whose comments exposes their shallowness. If you are very attentive, you would discover that their life simply depends on blogging. All day they are on line passing baseless comment, none that is able to edify or inspire anything positive. And if you get to know this kind of people better, they are the kind that lacks any kind of creativity. Again, they are the loudest, they want to be heard at all cost, not that there’s anything to be heard in the noise that they are bound to make.

It is not their fault, because this set of people usually don’t have job, they are idle, they don’t have anything to do. They come on line to read stuff and pass comments that exposes how little on the inside they are. And sadly, they constitute mostly of the Nigerian youth who are unsure of their future. The same way you see them on blogs is the same way they passing around useless broadcasts on BBM, one that will not put food on their table.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t read stuff on blog, I just think it can become a better avenue where situations can be properly shaped instead of being an avenue for lousy talks. I’m talking to the set of people who are not even mentally matured to understand a situation let alone leave a constructive opinion about it. Why would one think that the know someone because of what they read about him or her on papers. Or because of the way the person looks, or because of something someone else has said about that person. What makes anyone think they can become judgmental over another? What gives anyone the right?

Earnestly, if we are hoping for a better nation, we had better get serious with ourselves first and also to be able to judge our own personal self and be right. End of story…

Check Charlyboy out on his website: www.charlyboy.org

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