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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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September 29, 2013

Emmy Collins: Nigeria's Answer To Joan Rivers Or Simon Cowell? He Also Has Some Cool Aces Up His Sleeves Fashion Wise! (Btw, What's The Meaning Of Mgborie? Lmao!)


I know this post is long over-due, but I still want these beatiful photos on my blog, so no vex mbok :) Truth is, I only noticed last night, that it hadn't been posted when I saw something on Emmy Collins' site that I wanted to blog and link to this post, so people don't miss any of his posts here. Since May, I haven't personally blogged because of something serious that I'm writing which will take at least 6 months to complete, so my dear assistants help me keep the flow and I haven't had the time to check. Never mind, I'll soon be back with a big BANG! E4 PR also now has an eccentric ghost writer who goes by the alias of  NaijaBriticoRudeBuoy. You will soon meet him and I hope he manages to keep you entertained while I'm away.


Okay...back to the topic of this post. If you want to cry with laughter or even rant and rave at Emmy Collins for his razor-sharp comments, visit his blog. I'm not sure whether to call him Naija's answer to Joan Rivers or Simon Cowell...his mouth surpasses theirs big time. This and this is just a tip of the iceberg of what I mean. I wonder how he comes up with his punch lines (OUCH) and the way he throws in his Igbo expressions when taking digs at celebs, will make you pass out with laughter, even if you don't understand Igbo. For instance, one of his acid jibes... "Mgborie/Mgbeke feeling funky". Wth does Mgborie mean? I've only heard of Mgbeke...but Mgborie? Gosh! Lmao!!! Two weeks later, I still haven't been able to stop laughing over that comment. Btw...bia Emma, why did you call my small friends, Lilian and Vivian, 'Ratchet Square'? Mind yaself oh! Lol!!!


It is easy to get carried away by the new comedy Emmy doles us, so it is good that he doesn't get carried away along with his readers and will constantly do something unique to remind us of the reason he stands out and has made his mark internationally. For instance, check out this photo shoot of his with Adorah Oleh wearing some boyfriend shirts from his fashion range. The photos are so beautiful, I almost gasped. Adorah has strikingly beautiful facial features. I noticed her for the first time here, yet can feel the positive vibe about her that Emmy pointed out. Her aura is endearing and she kind of looks like a black version of Linda Evangelista. I love EVERYTHING about this photo shoot. So chique. Read below what Emmy had to say about the photo shoot:


I bumped into Adorah Oleh at a party organised at Ikoyi, Lagos  by fellow designer Kinabuti sometimes early last year and right away it struck me that she fitted the profile of the muse I was hoping to source from Nigeria for a photo shoot. I love androgynous women because you don’t usually  find them hanging around the street corner. She totally fits into my list of pretty androgynous looking women. In other words, I can define her look as a rarity in the fashion world.


She oozed out this positive vibe that drew me towards her and the very moment I said hi, she smiled and complemented my outfit. Now, only confident women complement men on their outfit simply because they felt you look great, nothing more nothing less, just a compliment. Being someone who is used to such compliments from women I didn't read any meanings into it at all. Well, I sincerely returned the compliment and we chatted for a few moments but while we were bantering I realised I wanted to work with her but I wasn't really sure in what capacity and then suddenly I realised that I have these boyfriend shirts I have always wanted to dress women up in but have been unable to find the right model for them in Nigeria until that moment so I broached the idea of a photo shoot and she loved it. Besides shooting the boyfriends shirts we shot her in a long silk gown, skirt suit, wide leg hipster trousers,tank top etc. The vibes in the room was so positive that I was cajoled into modelling some of the pieces not that it was necessary. Well, I never let any good opportunity to strike a pose pass me by with the exception of striking poses on Nigeria red carpet events. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a dig at red carpets events in Nigeria. Everyone knows how I feel about them. In my honest opinion, most of them are ABSOLUTELY distasteful.


Now, the next step was to find the right photographer and the only photographer of repute I have collaborated with while in Nigeria is Kelechi Amadi because he is a top photographer and we work perfectly together. Besides we are both Umuahians. Only a few people will understand the word Umuahian.


We eventually held the shoot at Greenwich cafe on Saka Tinubu and I must say I was thrilled with the outcome.


I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Adorah, my stylist Cornell McEssein of Passionistahub.com, Kelechi Amadi and his crew for their professionalism.
Your objective cricticism will be appreciated
I hope you guys love the images.


Emmy is one of the rare fashion icons who don’t strictly adhere to the ‘expected fashion rules' all the time. He is not afraid to cross boundaries and it’s weird, but he somehow manages to get away with it. He made me notice these 2 brothers who also cross 'dangerous boundaries' when he spotted the cool in them and made this comment: "These two can get away with ABSOLUTE murder. I have never seen how anyone can make draping of a scarf around one’s neck in such a razz manner look so COOOOOOL. Keep putting that smile on my face, boys. I need to do a compilation on these chaps seriously". 

Incidentally, just yesterday I saw another Naija guy on another site looking hip with a similar scarf draped around his neck in the same manner and remembered Emmy's post. These guys have inadvertently started a fashion trend and thanks to Emmy's endorsement...erm...hippie is beginning to look cool to me. Lol. This shows how far being yourself can carry you. Linda Evangelista similarly crossed boundaries and cut her hair short at the peak of her successful modelling career. She was subsequently dropped from fashion shows as a result. Soon after, many other models started requesting the same short hairstyle and Linda was re-hired. She too started a fashion trend and today, Androgynous models are even more of a hit with top designers than the conventional ones. 

Well...what can I say? If you're a 'boundary crosser'...then hey go for it. However, no go do follow follow oh. You have to be a natural rebel to pull off stunts like these. #NoCopyEmmyIfYouNoGetLiver

Check out http://diarybyemmy.com/ for your daily Emmy Collins dose.

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