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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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April 08, 2013

Rachael Miles, A British Social Worker, Has Been Relieved Of Her Job For Lying About The Deaths Of Her Father, Mother, Aunt, Uncle, Brother & Ex Husband To Go AWOL With Full Pay!

A social worker who lied that six of her relatives had died in two years to get paid time off has been struck off. Rachael Miles claimed that her father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother and ex-husband had all died while working at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, getting her 66 days off work.

The Health and Care Professions Council heard that just two weeks after starting in February 2010, Miles claimed that her father had been involved in a car accident, and she went home.

A few days later she reported he had died, getting her a week’s compassionate leave.

Then she told the council that her mother had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act to get the day off.

She then had two days' leave when she said her mother had attempted to harm herself, followed by 10 days when she lied that her mother had died during surgery.

Then in February 2011, she received five days for the 'death' of her brother.

A few months later in Ma,y she feigned a telephone call at work telling her that ex-husband had hanged himself and claimed that she was asked to identify the body.

On November 15, she was given six days in lieu because her uncle had apparently died, and a week later her aunt also died.

By August 2012 a disciplinary hearing decided she should move to a suitable alternative position, but she resigned instead.

She did not attend today's hearing but she wrote in to say that she has no recollection of telling the council about her six bereavements.

The hearing found that she had provided 'misleading information' for a number of absences and that she retained her payments for compassionate leave.

Panel chairman Alexander Yule said that she had shown 'little remorse'. He said her fraud was particularly damaging because as a social worker she was supposed to be helping 'vulnerable individuals'.

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