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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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March 13, 2013

Alan Poza Movie Premiere In Lagos - Check Out The Red Carpet Photos And Read Charles Novia's Honest Account Of His Own Movie (Photography By Daniel Sync Paparazzi)

Charles Novia, producer & director of Alan Poza.
Desmond Elliott
The premiere of Alan Poza, Charles Novia's latest movie, took place this past weekend. Daniel Sync paparazzi was there to cover the event on behalf of E4 PR and took all the photos that you are about to view.

The premiere was very well attended and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. I cannot wait to watch the movie. Some notable celebrities at the premiere included Desmond Eliott, Segun Arinze, Chico Ejiro, Saint Obi, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Sonny Macdon, Emeka Ossai, Norbert Young, Fred Amata and his throb Mor Okonkwo, Victoria Pepple of Silverbird Today, Omoye Uzamere of Rhythm Fm, Vivian Ejike, Anthony Monjaro, O.C. Ukeje, Belinda Effah, Chelsea Eze and more talented and respected celebrities, too many to mention.

Below are some photos from the event and Charles Novia's write-up, so eloquently delivered as usual. I will be adding more photos to this post later, so please keep checking. It is nice seeing Saint Obi again too, after a long hiatus. I love the mix of stars that attended. Check out the photos below. 

Fred Amata
Saint Obi
Segun Arinze
Bob Manuel Udokwu
Emeka Ossai
Anthony Monjaro
Chico Ejiro
Grace Amah
Adaora Ukoh
Ibinabo Fiberesima
Sonny Macdon
Sylvya Oluchi
Tope Ogun
O.C. Ukeje, lead star of Alan Poza.
Charles Novia and Uzor Osimkpa
Charles Novia, Lala Akindoju & OC Ukeje.

As you all know, Charles Novia is a WRITER who is never afraid to yab Omotola bare his mind, so who better to spill all about the premiere? Read his eloquently written piece after the cut...


'Charles, I hope you will write about your premiere?. You are hard in your criticism of other people, I wonder if you will be unbiased in criticising your own event'. It was Lydia Subogun speaking, my event planner and consultant as well as my very good friend. We were at the foyer of the Filmhouse Cinema, the venue of my premiere in Surulere and it was about three hours to the scheduled red-carpet.
I looked at Lydia and giggled, then ended with a huge Chesire Cat grin. 'I'm hard on myself, Lydia'. I replied. 'Then prove it by writing and critiquing your own event.' The gauntlet had been thrown by Lydia. I picked it up. So, here I am reviewing my own event!
Let me first correct or co-relate (depending on where you stand) the impression that I am hard-hitting and sometimes too blunt when I write reviews and articles. I am a Man who speaks from the heart as those who know me will attest and as long as I feel what I'm saying or writing about has a measure of objective facts and unbiased opinions, I would voice my opinion. I'm not flippant; I'm still the cool-headed and quiet-spoken chap many people know but perhaps a lot of people are getting to see that side of me which is vocal and maybe 'ruthless in opinions'. So, should I withdraw into my shell because I am deemed too hard in my critiques? I think I would; when fowls grow teeth! And last time I checked my vocal poultry, I didn't need to buy any teething powder for the birds in my cage. So, there!
The attendance for the premiere was heart-lifting. Just about two hundred guests attended. A mix of the Nollywood legends and the new, up and coming stars gave the evening a lovely glow. To me, it was as if we had succeeded in generating a new bond and blend between both schools. They all came for the premiere and I'm quite grateful for their presence and honoured too. The electronic and print media as well as notable online blogs were in attendance too and the flash bulbs kept the red carpet alive!
We made sure the movie started at exactly the time it was advertised after a brief introduction by the Managing Director of FilmHouse Cinema, Mr Kene Mkparu. I came out after him to talk briefly about 'Alan Poza'. 
'You are welcome!' I said. 'Thanks for coming this evening. This movie is a bit of an experimental movie by me and the cast. We are trying to redefine the comedy genre in Nollywood and I do hope you all will enjoy yourselves.'

I did an early curtain call by calling out the actors in the movie ; OC, Okey, Beverly, Norbert Young, Lala, Sylvya and a couple of the crew members present. The large crowd filled two cinema halls. Thereafter, the movie started. 

Now I must confess something to you all reading this. I was a bit in trepidation before the movie started. I didn't know how the premiere audience would find the film, even though earlier sneak previews by a few people had rated the movie high. This was a motley crowd this night, full of critics and industry professionals. If they agreed in unison that the movie was drab, then I was done for. It would mean my experiment had failed.

The laughter peals from the audience kept on and on with each comic points. They loved it! I kept moving from Hall One to Hall Two to gauge the reactions and it was the same. Majority found the movie very funny. Some were even tweeting live about it from the hall. I was gratified. 

I'm not going to review my own movie as that would be unprofessional. I would leave that for the critics and audience when it hits the screens later. But I'm honest enough to say that the movie might not be perfect but we gave our all. And all that we gave was appreciated by the premiere crowd. My goal was to show to the world that the comedy genre, as hitherto exploited by Nollywood, can be done in the real sense of it without the buffoonery and slapstick cliche of the usual suspects. I cast vibrant and talented young actors who had the verve and played their characters naturally; without any overt attempt to be comical. The dialogue and situations were treated to bring out the humour rather than the actions of the characters.

When the movie ended, the cast took another curtain call to appreciable applause. There was much backslapping and hugs all around. The beaming faces of the guests told us we had pulled it off somewhat. There were pockets of discussions going on at foyers about the movie and the great quality of the acting. 

So, what didn't I like about the premiere? That not everyone got popcorn and soda to aid their enjoyment of the movie. For that, I apologise. Lydia, my event planner, insists I must put that in my review and I have. Apart from that, it went well for me. 

Here are some comments from the guests who came; sent to me by texts or expressed verbally and some on twitter. 

Vivian Ejike: the movie was very hilarious and fun to watch. A huge congrats on that.

Grace Amah: it is a wonderful movie!
Segun Arinze: So lovely! This movie will start a trend in Nollywood!
Sammie Okposo: Quite a movie!
Kingsley Ogoro: I am proud of Nollywood just watching this movie
Emeka Ossai: fantastic!
Ibinabo Fiberisima (AGN President): it was a breath of fresh air! Innovative!
Omoye Uzamere OAP, Rhythm: 'Alan Poza is HILARIOUS!'
Victoria Pepple, STV Today: it was so nice!
Terry tha rapman: awesome! Groundbreaking!
BLESSING EGBE: Congrats @charlesnovia on your Alan Poza premiere yesterday starring Africa's fine actor @OCtheGreatUkeje. I'm hearing good tins. Can't wait
Omoni Oboli: Congrats @charlesnovia! ALAN POZA starring @OCtheGreatUkeje promises to be another big hit! #SupportNollywood guys, watch out for it!

I went to bed that night with thankful Prayers to God for making it all happen.

Some notable names in attendance were: Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Saint Obi, Zack Orji, Segun Arinze, Fred Amata, Sammie Okposo, Chico Ejiro, Sonny Macdon, Fidelis Duker, Vivian Ejike, Chidi Nwokobia, Hakeem Rahman, Ibinabo Fiberisima, Norbert Young, Gloria Young, Kingsley Ogoro, Ralph Nwadike, Francis Onwuchie, Desmond Elliott, Adaora Ukoh, Grace Amah, Eyitemi Taire of Airtel, Kene Mkparu, Zaki Adzay, Emeka Ossai, Uzodinma Okpechi,
OC Ukeje, Beverly Naya, Okey Uzoeshi, Lala Akindoju, Terry tha Rapman, Evaezi, Chelsea Eze, Belinda Effah, Sylvya Oluchy, Victoria Pepple, Omoye Uzamere, Wole Ojo, Tinsel's 'Ene and Chuks' the real-life married Mr and Mrs Ikechukwu, Aderonke of Smooth FM, Bee Azubuike, Uzo Osimkpa.

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