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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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May 23, 2012

Question ☺f The Day: Why Do Ghanaians Dislike Nigerians? Please Judge This Case And Let's Discuss. I Need Frank Answers & You Cαη Be As Anonymous As You Like

I really didn't want to do this...but if I narrate details ☺f the events that Ħª√ę occurred over the weekend, you'd be certain I was unveiling a new Nollywood script. FRENEMIES Ħª√ę revealed their talons απϑ all sorts ☺f unbelievable things Ħª√ę come to light. The entire temptation led to my "break in transmission" since Friday απϑ because I am looking for a suitable new assistant to help with my blog workload, I Ħª√ę crazy work backlog, so the last thing I needed was another distraction. I am doing everything alone, so I Ħª√ę to multi-task until I find a new assistant. Please bear with me until then.

№ω, to the new distraction (topic above) which I really must tackle after years ☺f ignoring:

All ☺f us at E4 PR really love Jackie Appiah απϑ welcomed her like a sister, which was why she was included in the Hollywood Weekly Magazine feature. If you look at the intro to the Nollywood feature on the first page ☺f the magazine (above), you will see that ONLY Jackie's photo was used on that page with the heading, "Nollywood's A-List Superstars". Apart from the fact that this is Hollywood Weekly's first time ever featuring Nollywood stars, that is their very first page; so for them to Ħª√ę agreed to use Jackie's photo there when they Ħª√ę people like J'lo in that same issue, John Cussack, Robert Downey JR or even Hollywood's legendary poster girl, Margie Stewart - who Juڪτ died...shows you the level ☺f regard they developed for all the stars. Jackie is our only Ghanaian star απϑ as you know, she is also one ☺f Ghana's biggest female stars, so I was very careful to ensure that her importance wasn't undermined when pairing her with E4 PR's other stars.

Desmond has the biggest profile there as an actor, producer απϑ director, so I could Ħª√ę used his photo on that page if I wanted to go by the real Nollywood status ranking. Monalisa is an actress απϑ producer, so I could Ħª√ę used her photo there too, απϑ as you know, they Ħª√ę been with E4 PR the longest, yet they didn't mind when they saw the feature; this proves how kind-hearted they are. Jackie's photo was specifically used to introduce the feature, to make her stand out more απϑ as our newest addition, the other stars welcomed her in such a way that she never felt new απϑ Juڪτ naturally fitted in. Anybody reading that feature will see how fairly all the stars were ranked. I cαη never disrespect Ghana by undermining the importance ☺f their most-sought-after female actress; yet if they were the ones presenting a similar feature, I cαη bet you that anybody reading their own version would never realise how important the other Nigerian stars are. Des απϑ Joe are so laid back, they don't even mind about things like that απϑ Monalisa likes Jackie so much, she'd even tell me to use 10 ☺f Jackie's photos to give her more publicity. A lot ☺f people don't realise how humble my stars are απϑ this is another main reason we get along so well. They are already very big stars απϑ get mad publicity all the time, so they don't particularly care about where their photos are placed, why I decided to use Jackie's photo first or anything like that. They are not petty απϑ even Jackie knows this. I am pointing out these things №ω (petty ones inclusive), so that you cαη see everything απϑ please help me ask these Ghanaian sites what Nigerians Ħª√ę done to them.

Look at the inside page feature on each star as well. I had to provide all the written  words, since I am the one that knows each star better. Notice how high I particularly profiled Jackie, bearing in mind that everything I said was based on my true knowledge ☺f each star; so this is how much I love απϑ respect Jackie.

I first met Jackie last year when I cast her to play female lead in Turning Point. Jackie's character was the most important, even bigger than the Hollywood stars in the movie. Her character carried the entire story απϑ everyone loved her. Look at what the director, Niyi Towolawi, even said about her in the Bella Naija interview απϑ I quoted his statements in this magazine feature. Monalisa is always congratulating απϑ encouraging me on every little achievement απϑ when she saw that I had cast Jackie as female lead, I remember her saying, "awwww Jackie, I love Jackie, you made a good choice, girl". Απϑ even then, when this so-called Ghana Celebrity website απϑ another Ghanaian guy that owns ameyawdebrah.com wrote about the movie, they only laid emphasis on Jackie απϑ the Hollywood stars απϑ addressed the rest ☺f the Nigerian stars in the movie as "others". Απϑ that Ameyaw guy is a  вв contact, so I give him all my photos απϑ posts ☺f Jackie απϑ then he'd carry my stories απϑ refer to my non-Ghanaian stars as "others"! If the Nigerian stars' names are not worthy enough to be mentioned, then why is the Nigerian story considered worthy enough to be hyped απϑ linked to their stars? I Ħª√ę asked them to show me one Nigerian site that has omitted Jackie's name from this feature απϑ they haven't come up with any.

The Ghana Celebrities Website guy is the WORST case I Ħª√ę ever encountered. You need to go on his website απϑ see the uncouth manner in which he sat on his high horse απϑ directed his audience to go απϑ see how "Jackie Appiah led the 'others' to Hollywood"! The manner in which he bragged about an article that he knows nothing about or tried to find out about, beggars belief. As much as we love Jackie, is it fair for people like these to insult the other stars on that same cover who made it possible for her to be featured in the first place? And what is their crime? They are not Ghanaians. Monalisa specifically requested Jackie to be featured with her απϑ Desmond απϑ Joe gave their thumbs up. Please tell these people to ask Jackie themselves. So №ω it is Jackie that led Desmond, Monalisa απϑ Joe to Hollywood...furthermore, they are to be addressed as "others" because they Ħª√ę no names?

Same thing they did in the Genevieve Magazine feature a few month's ago. They wrote, Chris Attoh απϑ others ("others" are meant to be Joseph Benjamin απϑ Lynxxx), yet not one single Nigerian site omitted Chris Attoh's name from that feature. The only reputable Ghanaian site I know is Modern Ghana. Majority ☺f the rest are suffering from a severe case ☺f inferiority complex!

I had originally intended unveiling the Hollywood Weekly Magazine feature this week, as there is still more to come, but had to put up an emergency Press Release last Friday after I noticed that Hollywood Weekly had already posted the cover story on their site απϑ since they are 8 hours behind, it wasn't a good time to contact them. There are Africans living there, so it would definitely Ħª√ę leaked out, which was why it was appropriate for me to say something then. If you look closely, you'd notice that it wasn't the original cover I used with the press release last Friday; that was Juڪτ the preview. The main cover (which isn't yet up on my sites) was only released on Monday, απϑ as you saw, circulated accordingly on other sites with the inside feature ☺f each star. I still haven't published anything concerning the story since that Press Release, because I want to publish everything together this week when the rest arrive.

Within minutes ☺f putting out my Press Release last Friday, I received a Google alert απϑ to my utmost SHOCK, saw that the owner ☺f Ghana Celebrities website had written about how he keeps saying that you don't Ħª√ę to go looking for Hollywood if you're good because Hollywood will come looking for you απϑ look at how they came looking for Jackie Appiah. Then he culled some ☺f my own words from my press release απϑ presented them as his own, including Hollywood Weekly Magazine's website link απϑ instructed his audience to go there for themselves απϑ see how "Jackie Appiah led the 'others' to Hollywood" if they don't believe απϑ they'd see the photo there, including the iPhone απϑ iPad versions ☺f the magazine. By the end ☺f the weekend, they were having this proper "know it all" discussion under the post, with one person claiming that they were there απϑ witnessed how E4 PR paid απϑ put Jackie on the cover because Jackie was there απϑ Hollywood Weekly Magazine were at the Cannes Film festival selling their covers for $5,000. The Ghana site owner then replied this "witness" (in his badly written English), justifying how it didn't matter bla bla bla...απϑ this "witness" replied again, stressing on how they were there απϑ knew what they are talking about. Abasi mbok! Apart from the fact that these are all LIES from the pit ☺f hell, how do I even begin to rate the level ☺f razzness ☺f these people? Chai!

This "witness" apparently read the inside feature ☺f Calvin Klein's event at the Cannes Film Festival from the Apple iPad απϑ iPhone versions, which almost everyone that has an ipad απϑ iphone would Ħª√ę seen by №ω. Απϑ then to make the story sound "sweet" απϑ "authentic" to her Ghana Celebrity website audience, claimed that she knows when Jackie was put on the cover because Jackie happened to be there. Jackie, who was in Ghana, απϑ who had to rush to take those photos απϑ didn't finish until after midnight? So where did this "witness" see all this happening? I'm trying not to believe that this "witness" does not realise that this wasn't a live photoshoot. Please ask Jackie's photographer, Nii Djarbeng, where himself, Jackie απϑ her MUA were when he took her photos, the day απϑ time the photos were taken απϑ any other details concerning Jackie being on the cover. How cαη people lie like this? Na wa oh! SMH!

This is particularly annoying because Jackie wasn't even aware that she was going to be featured. None ☺f the 4 stars knew about this feature until much later when the magazine needed very large files ☺f their photos απϑ I had to contact them. Monalisa was in Paris at the time απϑ found out about the Magazine feature when she called to enquire how I was. She was pleasantly surprised απϑ when I told her that I was trying to think ☺f another ☺f our female stars to pair with her she said, "what about Jackie? This is so cool it'd be nice to involve Ghana"! Απϑ that was it, the puzzle Juڪτ fitted. Jackie was so touched when I called her to inform her.

Whenever I make statements like, "Monalisa is beautiful inside n' out", some people 
(like you know yourself...this past weekend) gossip behind απϑ say stuff like I'm afraid ☺f her, I worship her, she has paid me to say these things or I generally Juڪτ kiss ar*e. These gossips would be so shocked if people that really know me tell them my stance about such allegations. I wonder how much ANYBODY cαη pay me to lose my dignity απϑ say things that I do not mean. I will only say things like that about people that Ħª√ę EARNED my love απϑ respect. Qualities like that cannot be bought - you either Ħª√ę them in you or you don't. NOBODY cαη pay me enough to say positive things about someone that I haven't witnessed. I would rather sit in my village απϑ sip garri than be subjected to such TORTURE...απϑ yes, believe it or not, it is TORTURE for me to be forced to say good things about people who I really feel otherwise about.

It is so painful that the uncouth actions ☺f these Ghanaian website owners are getting Jackie caught in the middle ☺f all this; she is such a lovely person, it is difficult not to like her. She is innocent in all ☺f this απϑ I know that she will NEVER EVER support what these people are doing. Nigerians love Ghanaians απϑ Emem Isong's movies initiated this whole collaboration trend to unify us; yet you'd see them leave comments on blogs like, "stop calling our stars Nollywood! They are Gollywood and are better than your Nollywood"! *trying so hard not to giggle...the word reminds me ☺f gollywog* Erm...who is competing with you btw? Does it matter who is better? Should we not love and appreciate each other no matter who is better? Okay then...whatever.

Απϑ to the person that called Hollywood Weekly magazine 'low quality' please prove your words by trying to get on their 'low quality' cover. If you cannot work out the concept ☺f the name, Hollywood, why they are located on the iconic Sunset Gower Studios lot in Hollywood, why they Ħª√ę their own TV studio at an equally high brow area, why they are so EXCLUSIVE etc, then I reserve my comments. When you make such statements, at least show some credibility by backing them up with proof. It is a different thing when people leave spiteful comments on some popular sites Juڪτ for the sake ☺f it - this I always ignore, as they are already in enough PAIN; but when people tell blatant lies all in a bid to discredit someone, it is obvious that the EVIL lurking in their hearts will lead to their eventual downfall - it is called karma.

It is not like we are begging anyone to like us...I am only trying to get my head around why at least people that we are nice to don't appreciate us, and instead repay us with contempt. Not one Nigerian site has ever omitted any Ghanaian star's name from any feature involving them, but go round απϑ check Ghanaian sites απϑ you'd see the way they treat Nigerians. Like I said previously, I cαη only conclude that these people are suffering from a severe case ☺f inferiority complex. In their small minds, they envisage a power tussle where there is none απϑ shoot missiles at imaginary enemies. Their actions will not stop us from being close to our good Ghanaian brothers απϑ sisters though; rather it would only expose their foolishness even more. I rest my case.


Update - Please see Jackie Appiah's statement here regarding this feature: Jackie's statement


Anonymous said...

Very well said. I don't know what is wrong with all these Ghanaians. Well I think they are suffering from a case of low self esteem if not y are they always competing and throwing imaginary stones? You would hardly hear a Nigerian bring them now. As a matter of fact I have never read any Nigerian site dissing them even when they deserve it, but Ghanaians never miss the opportunity.

A good example is Chris of Ghana celebrities. That guy is so ill mannered I wonder if he was brought up by a human being. He writes whatever comes to his head. Truth be told his site is a ground for DELIBERATELY bashing people. The funny thing is that he looks like an ape from hell. I guess he knows that is y he is bitter and keeps acting like a Pu**Y.

Unfortunately Nigerian blogger Teffah of that1960chick has joined him. She writes and acts without manners these days (well I guess he is her demi god that is y she is always on his site and wud do anything to be like him).I guess she knows what she is playing with, that is why her identity is hidden. Like Ladun keep it hidden dear.

Ghanaians suffer from low self esteem that is their problem.

Anonymous said...

Please do not generalise..please!!If you have an issue with a couple of Ghanaians, you do not have to insult all Ghanaians that we suffer from low self esteem.
I am a Ghanaian female getting married to my Nigerian man in August and all the ghanaians and nigerians around us, get on so well. No competion, no rivalry, nothing!! I am acknowledged when i am in the midst of his people and vice versa...so PLS PLS PLS...do not generalise!!
.....and i think Egor (i just stumbled on your blog by chance), should not generalise as well. This is a typical case of STEREOTYPING, dnt do that!Lets look at what we have in common and not all these which leads to no where...T

E4 PR said...

@ 2nd Anon, I can understand that you're on cloud 9 right now...I understand all the honeymoon "thingy" n' all...which explains why you did not read my post well before commenting. I NEVER generalised...read my last paragraph. I have a lot of cool Ghanaian friends. I stated that these uncouth people were getting innocent Jackie caught in the middle of all this cos she isn't that kind of person and I stated in my last paragraph that this will not stop us from being cool with our good Ghanaian brothers and sisters. I named n' shamed the main culprits and I have ignored this for over two years. So just because you are in love and getting married to a Ghanaian, I should allow the culprits get away with insulting my kind-hearted stars? I wish you knew how much we all love Jackie. She isn't someone that you can dislike even if you tried hard. She is just an angel. My post is meant to be a wake-up call cos this has been going on for too long. It pained me to write this post, knowing that it will get Jackie caught in the middle cos she is not like these useless people that are using her name to disgrace themselves. I know a lot of good Ghanaians. I love Yvonne Nelson as well, she is a very cool and humble chic; so if I were generalizing, then I wouldn't be pals with these cool people. I have a lot of cool Ghanaian friends who do not support the acts of these uncouth people and this will not affect our relationship. However, my other stars are also humans and it hurts when I think of how Monalisa, Desmond and Joe were really pleased to have Jackie on that cover with them and how Monalisa particularly said it'd be nice to involve Ghana and we welcomed Jackie with open arms, she was so touched. So to see her people diss my stars like this hurts very deeply. Why do they always do that? You need to be fair here and not just be blinded by your honeymoon syndrome. Everything that I have said, I have challenged them to go and ask Jackie. How can that Ghana Celebrity website guy say that Jackie led my other stars to Hollywood? Is that fair? He doesn't even know the details of how Jackie got on that cover and undermined my stars in his stance to profile Jackie more. Desmond has the biggest profile there, yet Jackie was made to stand out more. Is it because Desmond is laid back and doesn't complain? It isn't fair. I will not keep quiet and watch useless uncouth people bring my stars down. Desmond and Joe are so cool, they don't even know how to quarrel and Monalisa is so warm and welcoming. They may not talk much, but they are human. Why would Monalisa suggest that it'd be nice to involve Ghana and then these Ghanaian sites turn around and diss her? Is is fair? Let's be REAL here.

E4 PR said...

@ Anon 1: I don't even know the guy, but remember noticing him the first time he dissed my stars. I can already deduce the kind of person he is from reading his posts. The Ameyaw guy hurts more cos it is not the first time he has done something like this. He once put up a photo of himself and one of our popular actresses on his BB dp and dissed her make-up. I then challenged him and told him that if this actress had refused to take a photo with him, he'd have been telling everyone who cared to listen that she was snobbish. Now that she has gracefully obliged him, look at the way he has put her on blast, just cos he knows that she isn't on his BB list and can't see what he is doing. He immediately took the photo down and apologised; but that was only cos I saw it. Look at how he now takes the posts I give him about Jackie and omits my stars names from the same posts. Real bush people. I don't know the other chic, but I know and like Ladun. I hope they realise that nobody is competing with them or anything of the sort, cos I really don't get it. We are meant to get along like brothers and sisters - so why the dissing and segregation? Na wa oh. God dey.

E4 PR said...

Is it*

kwame said...

Oh shut up ms e4 pr,and get a life,you are trying to get money out of jackie and us,why dont you go use those ugly nigerian actresses and leave us alone,besides why are you not on the cover,wait let me guess?too ugly?too shy?too bony?too fat?or just too afraid to show that ugly face of yours, this is all bullshit,and the cover is crap,magazine is crap,blog about how to change th world and not materialistic things

Anonymous said...

egor why are u allowing these stinking black ghanain kwame and undercover chris and co posts? u stated here that they are uncouth and u are still allowing their ucouth posts! learn from bella naija and linda ikeji they moderate their comments. practice what u preach or else don't preach it! u dey fall my hand biko!

E4 PR said...

@ Anon: If I moderate or delete everyone's comments, then it wouldn't be free opinion like I stated in the mail. Linda posts worse comments about herself, so it isn't about moderating. I don't have to like every comment that is posted. I will only delete vindictive comments where others names are mentioned to implicate them, but I will not delete comments like these. There's nothing that the Kwame has said that is serious enough for me to delete. That i'm ugly? That is their personal opinion and it's no biggie. It is easy to deduce characters through their comments, even when they are too scared to reveal themselves. How can someone that knows what they are talking about ask why I am not on the cover? Why would I put myself on the cover? Am I the star? Abeg make I no fall your hand, mbok, lol. Seriously, it is not that serious. It is just people sitting behind their computers spewing forth venom. I said my mind and it is based on exactly what happened which a lot of people witnessed. It is not a Ghanaian versus Nigerian fight...I only pointed out the truth about what I noticed. This will never stop me from being friends with my good Ghanaian peeps. Leave them for God abeg. It's no biggie.

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