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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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December 20, 2012

Turning Point Movie Premiere Marks the Turning Point of Nollywood and it's New Leading Man, Igoni Archibong

Turning Point Premieres Triumphant at London's O2 Arena - 
Starring Igoni Archibong and Jackie Appiah
Esther Ademosu for E4 PR

The stars were out in all their splendour on Wednesday evening, December 12th 2012, at the Indigo O2, London, to mark the Nollywood movie Premiere of Turning Point.

UK and African broadcast media were out in strong number, capturing what is to become the legacy of the Turning Point premiere.

No more apt a title could have been given to the movie, as celebrities and a near capacity audience watch with great determination the turning point so long desired of the Nollywood film industry.  

The top notch cast delivered an unforgettable and polished performance, whilst the technical direction and vision of producers Niyi Towolawi's and E4 PR’s very own Egor Efiok guaranteed that the overall standard of the production oozed genius and quality!

If you missed it, what on earth were you thinking (you better have a pretty strong excuse... like your chihuahua broke its legs – and yes I mean ALL four of them!)?!!!

Turning Point movie preview:

At one of the biggest Nollywood movie premieres seen in the UK, Jackie Appiah dazzled on screen and in person, whilst her on screen husband, Ade (actor, Igoni Archibong had many’a ladies within the crowd pretty weak at the knees with some of the more torso-laden scenes. Making his Nollywood debut in Turning Point, we forecast big things ahead for this amazing talent – just remember where you heard it first y’all ;D. Jackie Appiah as ever, did an amazing job in bringing her character, Grace, to life  and further kudos to Ghanaian actress Appiah for  seriously ‘owning’ the Nigerian accent she sported all so persuasively throughout the movie.

It was also great to see the American members of the cast shoulder to shoulder with actors from across the Atlantic as credible peers. Todd Bridges, Ernie Hudson et. al. all displayed such charisma and conviction in Turning Point which peppered the movie premiere with a certain edge.

During the Q&A with the cast and director a question was thrown out by one audience member:
“What was the Turning Point...?”
As well as Niyi’s more pragmatic response, I believe the Turning Point in the wider context refers to a complete recalibration of what is deemed quality within Nollywood productions. Based on the quality of the production it was easy to forget that this was not an American effort but very much homemade.

I can’t tell you how refreshing, enjoyable and downright impressive it is to watch a Nollywod production, from start to finish, without the irritating unwelcome cameo appearance of a fuzzy boom-mic, a crew member’s mobile phone ringing on set, or the undesirable shadow of  probably the same crew member (doubly annoying!! L), who ought to have had an invisible presence... The list goes on...!

Yet all of these distractions to the storytelling are nowhere to be found here. If for that reason only, I’d say it was well worth the watch. But it isn’t the only reason! Watch it at a cinema near you because you’ll be thoroughly entertained – by good storytelling, incomparable acting, attention to detail and by a solid, sobering after thought.  

Please go out and support the movie, guys n dolls! See it on the big screen to get the bigger picture ;)

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