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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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August 08, 2012

Charly Boy (aka Areafada) Recently Worshipped At This Ranch Church & Shared Constructive Experiences With The Congregation: Read For More Revelations


Charlyboy recently responded to an invitation from Pastor Gbenga Adenuga, the General overseer of This Ranch Church, to visit his church and share some of his life experiences with the congregation. 

Our Areafada, who was in church with his father, Rtd Justice Oputa, his mum, his wife, Lady D, staff of New Wave Productions and Taakra Academy, arrived  amid cheers from the congregation.

After prayer and worship sessions, respectively, Charlyboy took the centre stage and attended to some sensitive questions from Pastor Gbenga Adenuga. The Areafada stated that he was in church to share his experiences with the congregation, who were mostly young people whom he believed needed to be encouraged. In his opening speech, the Areafada said, “I came to pray and to share my experiences with you; most importantly, I came to pray to God to forgive us, Nigerians, our sins, and for all we have done to the country politically".

Responding to the question on whether Charlyboy believes in the hand of God in the life of an individual, the enigmatic social crusader made it clear that God, during creation, had given each and every one of us our various gifts, and that it was left for each individual to get connected to the good things God has provided for them. In the Areafada's own words, "we have been created in the image and likeness of God, and if that be the case, then God created all of us for a purpose, and that purpose can only be realized when one gets connected to it, through his own creative ingenuity".

Encouraging the congregation on how he got to where he is today, Charlyboy said, “it took sheer determination and tremendous focus to stand where I am today”. He went on to narrate how he had spent 7 years in the village just to begin what his parents never really wanted him to do.

Impressively, Charlyboy also revealed that he doesn’t smoke, drink alcohol or womanize. He stated the different personas of Charles Oputa, Charlyboy and Linda, stressing that Charles Oputa is that responsible family man, with eight children and 12 grand children. Referring to Charlyboy as a creation and a character, he further explained that Charlyboy is never allowed into Mr. Charles Oputa’s house. The Areafada went on to introduce Linda, as the woman in him that wears make-up and directs him on how to be compassionate like women. He enthused that Linda is responsible for all the humanitarian work he has been doing over the years. According to him, without Linda, he couldn’t have done all that. 

Speaking on the present reality in the country, Charlyboy asserted that despite the rot, he was confident that things will one day change for the better. He stressed that he lives in Nigeria, but will never let Nigeria to live in him. 

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