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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!

La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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July 15, 2012

Charly Boy Slanderous Gay/Illuminati Story: Groups Embark On Solidarity March For Our Area Fada, Threaten To Boycott Newspaper! (Read CB's Inspiring Words Of Wisdom As Well)

Gay/ Illuminati story: Groups Embark on Solidarity March for Charlyboy, threaten to boycott NewspaperDifferent groups in the Federal capital territory have embarked on a solidarity march in support of Charlyboy in the ongoing lawsuit against National Mirror, over the gay and Illuminati false allegations being leveled against the General of the People’s Army.
Speaking with our correspondent in Abuja, the Public Relations Officer to the Abuja Vendor’s Association, Mr. Karl Max, in a statement issued on behalf of its members, vowed that if the indicted newspapers failed to address the issue amicably with the Areafada, it would get involved by removing such newspapers from news stands in the Federal Capital territory. Karl Max stated this while on a solidarity visit to the JOF building, the Areafada’s office in Gwarinpaa Abuja. Marx declared that Charlyboy had contributed positively to the expansion of their business in the Capital city of Abuja, and will not allow him to be rubbished by junk journalism. He said that the Abuja Vendors Association cannot beat their chest today without making reference to the contribution of Charlyboy towards their progress as an Association.

Relatively, a group under the auspices of Abuja Barbers Association, stormed the Areafada’s office on Tuesday in a solidarity march to protest about the ongoing gay/illuminati rumours which have gone viral on the internet and in different newspapers.

The group that stormed the Abuja office of the Areafada with placards inscribed with solidarity messages, have promised to mobilize all other branches across the country to embark on a nationwide protest against some Nigerian newspapers that are out to destroy the good image of the Areafada.

The group that met the Areafada’s absence, however, left a message for him through his press secretary. Responding on behalf of the Areafada, his Press Secretary, Adoyi Abah Ali, commended them for making out time for the solidarity visit, stating that the Areafada would not disappoint them in following up the case. Adoyi assured the group that they would be briefed on steps that would be taken towards resolving the faceoff between National Mirror and Charlyboy, even as he assured that the case would be pursued to a conclusive end.

Charlyboy has recently dragged National Mirror to court (on his birthday) for a false story reported on its entertainment page, alleging that the Areafada had confessed to being gay and Head of Illuminati in Nigeria. Charlyboy has filed a one billion naira lawsuit against National Mirror for what he called unconfirmed and unprofessional news reporting. 

Nice one!!! I am really pleased that Charlyboy is getting all the support he deserves. People should start respecting and appreciating talent. A lot of what Charlyboy does is gimmick. He is an entertainer and his on stage persona is 'shock rock'. I can't understand the way people reason sometimes. If Charlyboy wasn't his maverick self, would so many people be rushing to tune in to watch the next crazy antic he'd pull on Nigerian Idol? Everybody knows that Charlyboy was the reason to watch the show and a lot of people making up these false stories, also tuned in regardless, just because of the interest he garners. How many people can sustain their careers for over 3 decades? Especially in a country like ours? How many celebrities with his A-List status would mingle with people on the streets and bike with okada riders and genuinely make them feel like he is part of them. 

Long before Nigerian Idol, I have always known Charlyboy to be charitable towards people on the streets and I recall when he used his own money to fund his operation Empty The Streets project and get some of these people into school. CB has always had a heart of gold, so please give honour to whom honour is due. Look at the way he also used his position as judge on Nigerian Idol to ride and search for talent on the streets. 

CB is very soft spoken and laid back; he hardly acknowledges a lot of falsehood printed about him; so for him to have sued this Newspaper on his birthday (read story here on his website), shows how much this hurt him. Enough is enough please. He has feelings and I feel bad to see him go through so much hurt. He has bestowed so much good on people and won the respect and admiration of many. 

It's okay if you don't understand his shock rock persona or that it is part of his entertainment package that makes his brand so unique...that is actually the idea of his gimmicks...so your confusion is okay...it is the lies that are not okay, so please stop the lies and junk journalism. As you can see, the streets and all the people you would usually ignore, have got CB's back. Stop printing lies about our Areafada! Nuff said...

Inspiring Words From Charly (aka Areafada):
"When I set out on this journey some 36yrs ago, no one gave me a chance, people criticized me, my parents felt scandalized by my image. I started from my village, even after my return from the US with my Masters Degree in Communication. I was the only one who believed in myself. Today I thank God for having come this far. Hold tight to your dream, believe in yourself, change your world, let no one define you, for you will define yourself, defeat will never be our creed. Find your passion and doggedly follow it. Feel free to share my official BB pin to those on your contact list so we could share our various challenging experiences. Thank you for reading this. Pin 327D47EA. This message is from CharlyBoy aka Areafada".

For more information about Charlyboy, please check his website: www.charlyboy.org

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