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La Campagne Tropicana Island Beach Resort: Nigeria's Answer To Turks & Caicos...Sheer Bliss!!!
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July 28, 2011

RIP Tola Spiff

Late Tola Spiff
On the 6th of February 2011, Mrs Oyetola Oluwaseun Spiff (Nee Odunlami) who we all simply called 'Tola' a 36yr old mother of two boys and the marketing mnager JKK Komputers Ikorody Road, Lagos, was brought in unconscious brought in unconscious to the Obanleaje Hospital Obanikoro Lagos at about 3pm by her husband Mr George Ikoli-Spiff. When Tola was brought into the hospital, George kept insisting to the hospital staff that Tola took poison after they had a serious quarrel. The hospital staff asked George how he knew it was poison, but he couldn't provide no satisfatory answer.

Tola ultimately passed on the 9th of February 2011 and the autopsy report confirms she was poisoned, since then her father and brothers with the help of the Homicide Team of the Nigerian Police Force have been working day and night to get to the root of what is beginning to look like a murder investigation.

Tola’s older brother Mr. Abiodun Odunlami a UK based solicitor has led the family’s effort so far. Last week Wednesday the Police extended an invitation to Tola’s husband George to come in for questioning in respect of the investigation, the invitation expires on Wednesday 27th July 2011. Since the Police invitation, Abiodun’s life is being harassed consistently by members of George’s family. On the 23rd of July 2011 at about 6PM a certain Mr. Anthony George Ikoli called Abiodun imploring and pressuring him to prevail on the police to withdraw the invitation to George, in a call which could pass as a threat, he informed Abiodun that he is not only the Attorney General of Bayelsa State , but that he was also a SAN and could make one phone call to Abuja to make life uncomfortable for the entire Odunlami family. He also told Abiodun that he belongs to many prestigious socio/political organizations in Lagos insinuating that he could make life further uncomfortable for Abiodun if he doesn’t back off.

For those of us who knew the ever smiling beautiful Tola Odunlami in FGGC Owerri and in UI or who were touched by her absolute warmth during her short career and life, please help circulate this note and implore Mr George Ikoli-Spiff to honour the police invitation before the 27th of July as requested, if he has nothing to hide I don’t see why he should be afraid to go and say what he knows to the police, afterall he was the last person that was with Tola alive. We are also appealing to the “big man” Mr. Anthony George Ikoli to allow the police do their job afterall we are in a democracy. We are also telling Mr. Ikoli that we join hands with the Almighty God to keep an eye on every member of the Odunlami family, we pray for everyone’s sake that nothing happens to anyone of them especially, Abiodun.
Written by Adebayo Ajagunna.


Anonymous said...

She committed suicide,(said she took rat poison) why are the odunlami's trying to cause a racket, her uncle that saw her at the hospital died a day or two b4 her and the nurses that where working there have replaced....if that is not fishy then I don't know what else to say

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that the Odunlamis would cook up stories when they know the TRUTH!. The said hosipital belongs to Tolas uncle,unfortunately the man died few days before Tola did. I am sure the uncle will be very bitter in his grave seeing and hearing all this. The NURSE on duty that very moment she was brought in, and the the UNCLES WIFE (LATE OWNER OF THE HOSPITAL) have gone to the police station to clear the air that Tola actually confessed she took the poison, and that Tola did make a statement in her pains at the the hospital that "THIS IS NOT HOW SHE PLANNED IT" so why try to rubbish this innocent man GEORGE SPIFF. DONT FORGET GOD KNOWS BETTER

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