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September 30, 2013

Flower Girl Out In UK Cinemas From 4th October. BEST Nigerian Romantic Comedy I Have Seen! MUST WATCH! (Video + Photos From The London Premiere & After Party)

I have hyped this movie so much on Facebook and have received similar reviews under my comments that I am at a loss for more words. To make my endorsement more authentic, I have decided to post some of my original comments on Facebook and that of others...which says it all.

  • Egor Efiok Dj Abass, this is honestly the BEST Nigerian romantic comedy I have seen. So rich, classy and fresh. Chris and Chuks...dapper with good diction. Chris never disappoints and I'm already used to his perfect deliverance, but it was my first time hearing of or seeing Chuks and my first time watching Damilola act...and I kept being WOWED. Anyone that watches the movie will find it hard not to find Damilola adorable and the Chuks dude SMASHED it. Stella too was hilarious. Kudos to Michelle Bello for a job well done as both producer and director and the best casting ever. It was nice meeting them last night. Still waiting for the photos, Abass, so I can blog and circulate. Flower Girl is a MUST WATCH comedy and gets a 10/10 scoring from me. If you don't believe me, watch it and if you're disappointed, I will refund your money!!! 

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    • Michael Tubes Awesome. if you miss the Premiere then go and watch it at one of the 6 london cinemas from 4th oct. its a movie you shouldn't miss.
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    • Egor Efiok Best Nigerian romantic comedy I have seen, complete with cool cast. MUST WATCH
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    • Naimat Timson Whoa what to say this is so far the best romantic movie with a hint of comedy I have seen, it was we'll produced and directed the beginning of the movie bring a warm fussy feeling, which to me was a great sign the producer took her time to screen the movie before she put it out, big up to Michelle Bello. All the cast of the movie were great 2 of them are actor am familiar with their work, Chuks Chukwujekwu was excellent it was the first time I will see him in a movie, I know he will be a global household name in a matter of days. This is movie you'd want to put on replay to watch it over and over again that is how. Thumbs up
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      • Egor Efiok You echoed almost my exact words, honest you are so spot on. I've seen Damilola featured on Bella Naija a few times and have met Eku at a few events, but it was my first time seeing them act and my first time seeing the rest of the actors (except Chris Attoh and Patrick Doyle). Chris Attoh never disappoints and it was refreshing to watch him in a comedy; he made me laugh a lot. Chuks left a lasting impression on me and I have no doubt he'd be a global household name like you've predicted. Damilola too. It is hard not to find her adorable. Stella was also Hilarious. Very very beautiful movie, I even shed a tear at the end and went 'awwwwww'! Michelle Bello has proven that she really knows her onions and it makes me proud that a female producer and director can be this thorough with her work. It may sound like an exaggeration when I say I give it a 100% score, but truth is, I can't think of anything to fault about this film. Perfect acting, perfect cast, perfect production. I'm doing a post on it now on my blog and I will offer to refund the money of anyone that honestly doesn't love this film after watching it. Move over Ugly Betty 
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    • Helen Ayo Sonoiki I've been to a few Nollywood film premieres but this is the first film that I'm actually going to make sure I go and see again! As a paying cinema goer you want to make sure the £7 and 90 mins you've invested won't be a waste: defo not in this case. From the opening credits, it was obvious that attention to detail and production were important to the director/producer. Great script, beautiful scenery, realistic circumstances (NEPA!), talented cast accompanied by great Nigerian music. Although it's a rom com, it's one for both male and female lovers of good films. Highly recommended 
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    • Ade Olugbemi Fantastic script, well written, suspense well sustained, cast fitted the characters, setting, costumes and direction is miles of improvement. It was well worth watching. I will recommend this movie to anyone.

      More photos after the cut... 

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  1. "Falling for You" is the song that I liked most in Flower Girl. The film is quite romantic. Damilola Adegbite's work was quit excellent in the film.